Happy New Year and a bunch of other thoughts

     It's time to clear some stale air here.

     I'm tired of people who send me emails saying that if I don't forward the goddam thing to a thousand people right away I will have bad luck. Against my better judgement in 2009 I forwarded some of these. I don't have any more money in the bank, in fact I have less. And the ones that are reported to really work, never did.

     I am pissed at neighbours who play head games. They've been told to piss off.

     I am pissed at the NDP for not getting off their asses and getting some concrete evidence against Campbell. They have the means to do it. Even if the MSM doesn't help them report anything.(because they are in bed with Campbell).And so, I am told, are others. So for the NDP my well has gone dry until I see some action for my money.
     I'm tired of the PAB spinning whatever bloggers have to say. They tell half truths or turn statements completely around so that the Proven Liar and his lackies are supposed to look good. They are so bad at what they do I would suggest here that their IQ would be less than 50. But then I guess that a liar could only hire other liars.

   And I am especially tired of the people of this province who can't see this government for what it is. A Pacl Of Liars.
Now I know it isn't entirely their fault. They only believe what the newspapers and TV report to them. Which by the way is all spun to make the government look good.But then again we ae reminded to only "believe in half of what you read in the newspapers".
Just to give an example of what you have to see in the news, and I am not belittling a life here: Four soldiers and a female reporter were killed in Afghanistan the other day. It was a sad day for Canadians. It was a sad day for the media.It was a very sad day for family and friends.
But the media has turned this tragedy around to be about them. There is less and less about the soldiers and more about the reporter. This isn't right, nor is it fair news. Yes you could say the reporter gave her life doing her job. It's really sad and also heartbreaking for family and friends. But there were also FOUR SOLDIERS.
In this case four men who knew full well what they were in for and GAVE their lives. I believe they did this for my children and grandchildren. I also firmly believe they did this for the rest of the people in this country. By that I mean they gave their lives so that we should not have to put up with the lies of government or the inaction of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition. I also believe they gave their lives so that we wouldn't have to put up with the political manipulations of Harper or any other government in this country.
I am so very sad and sorry for the loss of the reporters life. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
But I am also sad for the loss of the lives of these four men (two from BC) and the 139 other soldiers who have given their lives for a cause I believe in.
I have written the last part here because I know why people join up. I am an ex-serviceman.I know that they are fully aware of what they could be in for.
God rest all five of these people.


BC Mary said...

And I've visited military cemeteries in Europe and the U.K., and truly believe that there's no rest for youngsters killed in battles like Afghanistan.

We shouldn't be sending our kids into that hopeless war. History has shown us already that bigger armies with shorter supply lines were driven off by the Afghans. It's no shame to admit that NObody wins by invading that territory.

Rupert Murdoch's father is sometimes credited with ENDING World War One because he, as foreign correspondent, went into the battlefields and then published the reports of what lousy, inhuman, degrading places they are. Then people changed their minds about the glories of war.

I'm sorry too, about that beautiful young woman who was blown to bits in Afghanistan; but with added sorrow that she never got around to telling the real story.

And there's always the final irony: that if she had written up the hopelessness of quashing the rebel elements of Afghan society (that's the latest explanation, isn't it?) then her publishers probably wouldn't have allowed it space in their news media.

Leah said...

There's a reason they call Afghanistan the "Graveyard of the Middle East."

That our politicians and military types choose to ignore that doesn't change a damn thing.

Gary E said...

What you never see in Canadian papers these days is the Fact that this is a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) led war.
Canada is signatory to NATO. Afghanistan has asked for help against these chickenshit terrorists who prey on innocent women, the elderly, children, and the mentally unstable. The debauchery has to be stopped.Having that signature to NATO and also being a member of the UN we are obligated, when asked, to send help. Which we have done.

From www.NATO.int
"NATO’s main role in Afghanistan is to assist the Afghan Government in exercising and extending its authority and influence across the country, paving the way for reconstruction and effective governance. It does this predominately through its UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force."
So if we as a country want out then we must ask NATO to REPLACE our forces. If you want that to happen then write HARPER and his minions.
Nobody ever wants war but when it appears inevitable as it did with the initial (and ensuing) Taliban murders in this case then by all means we go to war.

dumb but not stupid said...

Russia went into Afganistan,with state of the art weapons [gun ships,smart bombs etc.] and were run out by Afgans fighting with rifles from WW1....what does that tell us??..GaryE? when you state"chickenshit terroists who pray on innocent women,the elderly,children and the mentally unstable" are you talking about Afganistan? or Gordon Campbell?

Gary E said...

Well "dumb but not stupid" I'm talking about Afghanistan. But without guns you might say it fits Campbell.