Liberals Not Following Letter Of The Referendum On HST

     In fact I believe they are playing more games with us. It appears that the delay was solely for the purpose of adding new taxes and not exempting others. Pure and simple.

     The referendum question reads: "Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and reinstating the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) in conjunction with the GST (Goods and Services Tax)"

     While we were conducting the waiting (during the unprecedented stalling) for Craig James to start the referendum I looked long and hard at this question and came to the conclusion that it didn't say exactly what we wanted. So I contacted Chris Delaney and had him ask James whether this wording meant that we would return EXACTLY to the way it was before Campbell and Hansen decided that they wanted to be dictators after proving themselves liars. The answer was YES. We would be returning to the old system EXACTLY the way it was.

     Now I have been following this lack of progress pretty close. Bill 54 was introduced. And all of a sudden something jumped out at me. Specifically that there was going to be a new tax on autos. That pissed me off. Not only was Phil Hochstein getting a early break after spending millions of his associations money (not sanctioned by all its' members) fighting the referendum, but now there are NEW TAXES coming and many previous exemptions will not be there.I allege this is illegal and challenge anyone to prove me wrong. I still have all my correspondence on the Recall and the Initiative Petition.Further reading shows a lack of the previous exemptions that were under the PST. As David Schreck says this leaves the government open to adding taxes whenever they want. So prove me wrong.

     Because the opposition is in a minority I believe there is nothing they can do short of stalling the vote on the budget. And if they try the government will just invoke closure.Our system sucks.

     So again it is left up to us. Write or email your MLA and ask that they vote against the budget. Especially the lapdog Liberals. The threat of recall still hangs over them if we feel they are not doing the bidding of their constituents. The upswing of the recall is that we can do it on our own and don't need to follow specific timelines. Just pay the $50 get the package, contact your crews and start collecting signatures.


It's Time To Fight Back British Columbia

  Working without a mandate the Government of BC is attempting to muzzle it's citizens. After giving away our railway illegally, butchering the Ferry system, emasculating BC Hydro, overriding the utilities commission by politicking with hydro prices, Raping our rivers, and forcing polluting mines through the environmental review system by rubber stamping, they now have put this bill (Bill 37-2012) before the legislature.


Protected information

16  Except as permitted under section 17 [duty to keep information confidential] or 18 [personal information], a person must refuse, despite the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, to disclose the following:
(a) information that would identify the person responsible for an animal or an animal product or byproduct;
(b) information that would identify an animal or an animal product or byproduct that is located at or in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle;
(c) information that would reveal that a notifiable or reportable disease is or may be present in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle;
(d) information that would reveal that an animal or an animal product or byproduct affected by a notifiable or reportable disease is
(i) located at or in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle, or
(ii) owned, or in the custody or control of, an identifiable person or body, or that an identifiable person or body is an operator in relation to the animal or the animal product or byproduct;
(e) information that is derived from a sample taken under this Act or that is submitted to the ministry of the minister or a laboratory identified in an order of the minister.

     Now, I allege that without a mandate any bills or laws put forth by the (not) Premier Photo op- Flip flop are not legal. I further allege that this particular Bill (now being called a gag law) under this regime is being put forth to protect the infected fish farms on our coast.

     For these farms, too much bad press has been given out both within and outside the Cohen Commission. It must be causing hell for their bottom line. I don't know anyone in my area who is purchasing these infected invasive fish.And if everyone stops buying their fish maybe they will listen to us. Now I am asking that everyone in the province refrain from buying farmed salmon as long as we don't get full disclosure on the health of their fish..

     If the salmon farmers can't tell us what is wrong with their product then don't buy it.

     If the government tries to muzzle us then I hope every person in this province writes their MLA (several times a day) no matter which party they support and demand they kill this legislation NOW.

     We got rid of the HST (and I'll have more on that in a  later post) and we can stop this Bill. If your MLA won't listen to you then try picking up the recall where you left off. Do it independently and do not involve any prominent party members. You are the voter. The boss. and there is no need to involve politicians. Politicians don't want recall to succeed. Once it's successful they know it can be done again. It's time to set these politicians straight. They aren't doing our bidding if they are forcing bills like this through.


What Do We Owe Our Soldiers?

     At 5:30 PM tonight May10, 2012, Dawna Friesen ask the question on Global National "What do we owe our soldiers?"

     My first thought without hearing the report was EVERYTHING
     Yes Everything. We owe them our our own god damn lives

     These men and women of our armed forces put themselves in harms way for us. To protect us on the orders of our government. Our chickenshit elected officials. Some gave their lives, others were wounded and severely maimed.

     And what do they get from these chickenshits in Ottawa? They get  basically nothing. They are ignored. Unable to possibly find gainful employment. reduced or cancelled pensions and medical help. They should be paid the same amount they were earning as soldiers indexed to the cost of living with all medical bills paid by the government forever

     I'm calling here for everyone in this country to stand up and demand this government resign. Resign immediately and call an election. Never, ever in my life have I been so outraged. Demand that all the governments pay above the basic be shifted to Veterans affairs or get the hell out of government.

     I'm so upset right now I had better quit typing before I say what is really on my mind.