I have been sitting back watching the Idle No More movement with the jockeying of positions among others and have come to the conclusion that there are many people/groups sitting around waiting for others to do their work or them.

     First, before I start let me say that there are quite a few chicken shit redneck racists out there. By that I mean that there are a lot of fools that will hide behind "anonymous" nom de plumes and spit out racial slurs at others, in particular the natives, or "First Nation People" in North America.   Canada.These people are afraid to stand in front of a native and say the same thing to their face. One in particular in Northern BC who picks on what he believes are defenseless women and I allege, probably children.

     I was so outraged at reading about this person I almost got in my van and went looking for him myself. If I do go looking that chickenshit he had better hope the Cops get to him first. I had been witness first hand as a youth in North Vancouver to what was happening. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

      Now. The reason for the title here is that I can't sit back and read what the natives are doing without stating the following:. What is happening here is that as a citizen and a voter in this country I firmly believe that what is happening is very close to our last line of defense. Last line of defense folks.And I have watched as some of my so called friends from the past have sent me racist emails.They surely are not looking at the big picture. The natives of this country are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more.

     Harper and his regime are giving away our country. Sabotaging our Labour force, changing laws to suit their own agenda, and attempting to silence the masses by various means,.Not the least of which is intimidation, rumours, lies and deception. I must mention here that it is not only the Harper crew but the unelected premier of BC and her crew as well. All these politicians will do and say anything to get elected. And the proof is in the pudding. We won't sell BC rail. The HST isn't on the radar. Bill C27. Oh, and by the way wedon't have to listen to Colemans threats anymore.The list is endless. And they are being helped by their Big Business Friendly Media.

     What I now have to say is the rest of Canada (non natives) had better get off their collective asses and get behind the Idle No More Movement.A protest has been started. It is focused (as long as the AFN doesn't succeed in it's attempt to rise to the fore). There is no doubt in my mind that this is the way to go. Get behind them.No more of these scattered protests like we had last year.

     I will not presume to tell you who to vote for in an election but I will say that if you keep to the status quo this country will not exist in 40 years.

     And if that prediction doesn't come true then I will say that if the Feds are successful in changing the Indian Act to suit their need, there WILL BE a giant oil spill effecting this province. Whether it be in the Canals off Prince Rupert, or into the headwaters of three of our Major Salmon Spawning rivers.THERE WILL BE NO MORE FISH TO EAT EXCEPT DISEASE AND CHEMICAL RIDDEN FARMED SALMON.

     I am putting the Federal Government ad the BC provincial government of BC on notice right now. I do not support Tankers off our coast, I do not support the Northern Gateway pipeline or any other Pipeline in BC, and I don't support polluting lakes with mine tailings. I was opposed to the MacKenzie Valley pipeline in the 70's I support the Natives of this province in their current endeavors, and I will lay down in front of any machinery that attempts to destroy our beloved rivers and lakes.

I am silent no more

Gary Edwards