Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett Unaware ofd Harpers China Agreement

     At the 100 Mile House protest against the Enbridge Pipeline and Tanker traffic on our coast one of the people engaged Donna Barnett in a conversation about Harpers Canada/China Giveaway BC trade deal. Unbelievably, when aske what they (the Liberals were doing about it because time was running out, Donna responded that she was unaware of it. When it was explained to her basically what it was about her response was "that's not right" meaning she didn't agree with what was being done.

     Now Donna is only one MLA in this province and my first thought was "how many others are not aware of this Grave situation?". And is the Premiers inaction because she doesn't know either?

     Please folks get on the emails and phone right now and get your MLA's into action.

     I believe that the way Harper is going about this is against our constitution. He doesn't have a mandate to give away our province. And he sure as hell hasn't got a mandate to pass laws and agreements that tie our hands when it comes to stopping this Environment killer. Although Donna is on the record as a fence sitter on the Enbridge situation that should not preclude her from getting all the facts.

     This trade giveaway is to me akin to the Giveaway of our beloved BC Railway. And I am at the point right now and will go on record as saying if Harper slides his bullshit on the pipeline and China through the House I will be all for Separation from this country. I've had enough. It appears to me that the only way to protect ourselves and the environment is to get the hell out of Dodge.


Best Response I've Seen For The Liberals Lies About The NDP In The Nineties

 The Kamloops News has run an article  on Todd Stone the new Liberal candidate taking over loudmouth Kruegers' Kamloops-South Thompson Riding.
Stone appears to be following the Liberals BS on the NDP in power in the 90's. One of the comments in this article puts him and the Liberals in their place. Just by doing the math. The following comment is copied and pasted from that article.

"Mr. Stone please don't embarrass yourself by saying that "We were dead last (in job creation) in Canada” under the NDP. You know the NDP came to power in 1991 and were defeated in 2000. They were in power 9 years. In 1991 average number  British Columbians working was 1,557,500. Campbell took office in 2001. Last full year of the NDP was 2000. In 2000 the number of British Columbians working was 1,930,800. Now Mr. Stone simple subtraction. 1,930,800 - 1,557,500 = 373,300. So Mr. Stone that is how many jobs the NDP created.

In 2010 under the liberals the average number of jobs was 2,256,500. How many jobs did the Liberal create. Simple math again Mr. Stone 2,256,500  in 2010 - 1,930,800 in 2000 under the NDP = 325,700. Now Mr. Stone which number of jobs is bigger 325,700  under the liberals or 373,300 under the NDP?  Let me do the math for you 373,300 -325,700  =47,600. What do you know NDP created 47,600 more jobs  in nine years while the Liberal job creation was over 10 years. Let's do a bit more math here. Divide 373,300 by 9 = 41,500, now divide 325,700 jobs created by the liberals by 10 that =32,600. Now a bit more math 41,500 NDP - 32,600 Liberal  = 8,900 less jobs per year  under the Liberals.

Let's take this math a bit farther. "The 373,300 new jobs created under NDP governments in the 1990s represented a total increase of 24.0 per cent over nine years -- or an annual average increase of 2.7 per cent. The 325,700 new jobs created under BC Liberal governments in the 2000s represented a total increase of 16.9 per cent over 10 years -- or an annual average increase of just 1.7 per cent."

The shameful thing here Mr. Stone is your math not the NDP job record  in comparison to the Liberal record.

You also write that you are concerned about small business The 1990s under the NDP saw B.C. top Canada in the number of new small businesses created and both union and non-union workers enjoyed the highest or second highest hourly wages in the country.
Not once during the New Democrats' tenure did British Columbia record negative economic growth. That's in contrast to the sharp downturn in 1982 with Social Credit, and the current recession under the BC Liberals."

Just by doing the math this commenter has  shown readers just How Bad The Record is for the BC Liberals

.For my readers: the past two years have been very trying for myself personally. Things are beginning to smooth out and I hope to do more posting here. As I will certainly be bashing the Liberals, make no mistake, if the NDP screws up they will also feel my wrath.

My thre main areas of interest are saving our salmon, preventing the construction of the prosperity mine in it's present form, and stopping the Enbridge  pipeline as well as the Kinder Morgan expansion in our Province.

I urge everyone reading this to gather in fron of your MLA's office tomorrow at noon (Oct 24,2012)to link arms to Stop The Pipeline and Tanler shipment in BC.