Question Period For Questions and Answers?

     Or is it for manipulation by Christy Clark, our NOT Premier.

     I would expect that if a question is asked it should be answered. Christy is clucking away trying to change the question in question period. She's baiting the opposition. So far they aren't biting.

     And we all know why she wants the opposition to ask about education.

     Government is scrambling to try to turn the tables on the opposition. Nothing else has worked and now they want to control the question.

      Before Question period there were accolades for Jim Green who passed away today at the young age of 68. Most prominent among the speeches was that of Jenny Wai Cheng Kwan. Her tearful eulogy was moving even for me. RIP Jim.


Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional Votes Down Tankers

The MSM has ignored the Terrace Councillors turning down the Enbridge Pipeline. Now lets see id they can ignore what the SQCRD has done.

Merv Ritchie has the story Here

Just to let you know what damage the MSM is doing by not informing people of these rejections here's a little story.

I was on the ice this morning (caught 4) and was having a conversation with a fellow from the coast. Although our politics differed we have the same views on poisoning lakes and polluting the environment. He is dead set against the pipeline. But here's the rub. He knew absolutely nothing about Terrace Council coming out against the pipeline and is he ever pissed about them not reporting that fact.. I can hardly wait till tomorrow to tell him this great news.


Where Is This Piece In The MSM

I awoke this morning and read my primary online news at the Terrace Daily online and they had a huge item at the top of the page. Some say that Terrace council has done a 360 on their position but I believe that it is only about 90 degrees as they had not committed either way.


After searching until about 11 AM I was unable to find anything in the MSM . But remember when it took a Micro Second for them to announce the Elmer Derrick illegal signing?

Merv Ritchie remembers too. For he wrote this twelve hours later.

I am reminded by Laila Yuile that we may be a small voice in the wilderness but I believe that we can get louder.

If you are a blogger please cross post this article by Merv. If the blogosphere goes viral then the MSM may wake up.
If you are not a blogger then copy and pate the email to your emails and send it to your friends. Let's put a stop to the Big media bias in this province. Get the word out.

Gary E


(not) Premier Photo Op Has Become (not) Premier Ho Hum

     Fishing is  little slow right now, so I came in early to listen to the great news station do their pimping for the government. I took my time and didn't get back till it was over so I went to the vault.

     What I heard made me glad that I stayed on the ice longer. What I heard gave rise to the title for this piece. The (not) I believe was first coined by The Gazetteer, Ross K. Correct me if I'm wrong Ross K.

     Ho Hum is a understatement for the drivel I listened to this morning. But primary to my thoughts while listening was how The Great Ones Blatantly pimped for the liberals in that they ran the full add that the government spin doctors brought out against Dix. It was so obvious what they were doing that I actually choked on  my coffee.

     All of the first half hour was taken up by slagging the NDP and claiming the Libs had their own polls that said differently from what we now know.Then there was some more Ho Hum.

     Bring up the HST. Ho Hum laid the whole mess on the Feds. While I believe the Federal government is PART of the problem  there is no way they are all of the problem. And if you believe that Ho Hum wants the tax gone in a week then I have a new Port Mann (don't ever name it after Campbell) Bridge to sell you.

      There was a discussion about home owners not buying and She believes that as they get closer to resolving the HST issue people will have a sense as to where they are going.

     I'll tell you where they are going. When the HST was brought in this government added taxes to things that should never be taxed. Especially Perishable foods in restaurants. So now this government is trying to figure out how to keep those taxes so that we are still screwed. They still think we are bent over. The referendum SPECIFICALLY asked if we wanted to return to the way it was. They have no mandate to change it. They can only put it back the way it was in June 2009. So I don't want to here anymore god damn  rhetoric on how complicated it is. It's very simple. Return the old tax structure, and the employees and have done with it.

     Then, somehow Wannabee Bill started asking why we can't toll more bridges and the Sea to Sky. Our friend Laila Yuile will be bristling at that. After an extensive investigation she broke the story about SHADOW TOLLS ON THE SEA TO SKY. Which the MSM has conveniently hidden or glossed over since Laila broke the story. And Premier Ho Hum feigns shock and asks the tall one. If he would want tolls on the Sea to Sky. That question and answer had to be scripted. Period

I finally got fed up after  a caller asked her to give her thoughts on Enbridge which fence she appears to be straddling  Ho Hum came up with the statement to the effect that she believes in the Environmental Review Process.. OH Really. Then if that is the case then please tell us where you hid the Rubber Stamp for the Prosperity Mine. Friends have told me that the government didn't even look at their own reports on this mine.

     In summary, today was as much of a waste of time as Campbells phoney address before he finally left.


An Open Letter To Donna Barnett

Dear Donna Barnett

    After fighting the draconian HST set in place by Gordon Campbell,
for two years, at great personal and financial expense I am today
informed that your party is appointing a (political) panel to see how
you can tweak the PST.

    For starters the referendum was set in such a way as to have the
PST returned in it's original form. Not to be messed with . I see this
as a further delay in restoring our tax system the way it was. We
expect nothing less than what we fought for.

    You, yourself had misgivings about this tax in the very beginning
but within days did a complete turnaround. You said you would follow
the wishes of your constituents. You did not do that and as such set
yourself up for recall.

    Every day seniors in this province are losing much of there
disposable income and that situation is brought on by this tax. Small
Businesses and restaurants  are being affected as well as the
construction industry.

    My question to you is: "What, if anything,are you doing for the
majority of your constituents to expedite legislation to return us to
the norm?" The system wasn't complicated to change to HST and took
about three months, and therefore it can't be as complicated to
reverse it as Minister Falcon states almost daily. That is what the
referendum was for.To revers the legislation.

The answers I require will not have anything to do with your party
line. I want to know what you are doing about this. What Daily fight
are you putting up for your constituents?

    I have written a couple of emails to you with only the standard
response that you received them. So I must advise you that this
letter, which I deem as "very important" will be posted on my blog How
Bad Is The Record as an open letter.


Gary Edwards
Deka Lake