Apathy Towards Dictatorial Government

The apathetic majority of the population of British Columbia is killing us.

I never in my lifetime thought I would see such a bunch of week kneed people in one place on this earth. This is supposed to be the "best place on earth". Well, look around people. It's disappearing at the speed of light.

First you allow some schmuck politician to give away our railroad after promising he wouldn't.

Then you allow him to hide from you the (I allege) corrupt contract in the giveaway. And after he lied to you you vote him in again?

Now you allow him to illegally erase e-mails crucial to the defense of three men charged with accepting bribes and money laundering. Why is there no public outcry over this? Apathy.

Then you allow him to giveaway our rivers to big corporations so the can dam and divert them killing a major portion of our wild salmon run. After all this you still allowed him to be voted in again. He's destroying this province with less than 25% of the populations vote.

You've allowed him to privatize (outsource, their words) Hydro, so that hydro can't do anything about the rivers and further they are forced to buy hydro at grossly inflated prices. Just watch how your bill is going to rise. I suspect they are waiting untill after February 2010.

Their screwup with BC Ferries is driving the ridership down and the prices up. They haven't figured out that if they lower the prices they would get more customers thus bringing their revenues into line. And their brass is raking in the money instead of re-investing it into the company.

Don't even get me started on Health Care. I've written my new MLA Donna Barnett for answers on what is going on with our hospital. Nothing. At least with Charlie Wyse I got some kind of answer. Sounds to me like Campbell has muzzled Barnett as well.

Back to the railway. You all must know by now that July 2, or 14, or 15 2009 is the fifth annivwrsary of the giveaway of BC Rail to CN. From the absolute silence in Victoria I can only surmize that Campbell is hearing the rumblings. So I am asking here for you to stop being apathetic. Pick up a phone or a pen or get on the computer and start writing the government, especially the premier to release the contract for the giveaway of our railway. It's our right to know what "deal" he made for us. This most important date I believe is crucial to opening all the other things that are wrong in this province.

Put the pressure on. Get off your butts.


Public Documents Show Contractual Obligation

From http://www.llbc.leg.bc.ca

Investment in new rail cars

Shippers have indicated that BC Rail was unable to
provide sufficient rail cars to meet their needs. This
concern will be answered by a contractual commitment by
CN to purchase 600 centre beam cars and to upgrade
1,500 cars to ensure customers have access to rail cars
when and where they need them.

And I have it on very good authority that a contractor refused to dismantle 1500 repairable cars and thus lost the contract. It was let to another company that subsequently destroyed the cars. I am still searchung for that company.

Marine Harvest Launches Appeal, Concedes Main Issue


Marine Harvest has now filed their Appeal from the BC Supreme Court decision of Mr. Justice Hinkson and they conceded the main issues in our case – that Provincial regulation of fish farms is unconstitutional! Thank you to all who made this happen, there are not many success stories in this saga. Please go to “updates” at www.adopt-a-fry.org for more information.

The Province has no mandate to protect wild fish and this is the crux of the mismanagement that both the industry and the rest of us in BC have faced for 20 years. The farms are now sited in the wrong places, ensuring social conflict and degradation of our wild salmon. To fix this the industry will have to down-size at the very least and be removed from the crucial wild salmon migration routes. Federal Fisheries Minister, the Honourable Gail Shea, will need all the support we can give her to deal with this monumental mess that she inherited. Please do what you can to let people know about our letter in case they want to sign.

In response to all of you who have written asking “what can I do” I have posted a new page on our website “Actions.” Please go there if you can and consider the very important request by my colleague Michelle Young, who grew up in the Broughton Archipelago before fish farms and knows personally what is at stake. Two gigantic fish farms are attempting re-zoning right on Johnstone Strait, guaranteeing all wild salmon that travel that route will be traveling through fish farm effluent. Given what we know now if these two farms go in we can know wild salmon are no long a priority in BC waters.

Thank you all for your hundreds of messages and best of all your great ideas!


This is great news. Now we know that this government cannot protect the wild fish, which they haven't done anyway. It's time to get the DFO off their collective asses and get some action out here on the wild salmon stocks before we lose it like the East Coast lost the Cod Fisheries. Write your MP's Lets get going


BC Rail Day, July 14,2009

BC Mary at The Legislature Raids has suggested in a post that July 14,2009 should be designated as BC Rail Day. That is the date in 2004 that the contract was signed in what I allege was a illegal deal.

Now, we know that the Campbell Liberals will never proclaim this day because they want to keep everything about the giveaway of our railway secret. And the Mainstream Media most likely won't take up the call because I believe they just don't think that corruption is very newsworthy.

Two government employees have been charged with receiving bribes and one with money laundering after the historic Raid on the BC Legislature December 28, 2003. The raid made big news in the MSM at first but has since almost completely died. The only real news you will see on this case is in the online papers, The Tyee and 24 Hrs and of course about a dozen blogs.

Right from the get go there has been a major cover up going on here. In spite of Campbells rambling about how his government will help the investigation in every way it can. But it turns out they figured out how they can't help. Because this case from the beginning has involved this government all the way to the Premiers office.

Five years people. July 14 2009 is the fifth anniversary of the signing of this worthless piece of paper. I say worthless because any deal signed that was corrupted is null and void. And if any lawyers out there (not armchair lawyers) can show me differently I will retract that statement.

So the Gordon Campbell Liberals have managed to keep this trial under the radar for five years. How can this be done? Well if you read some of the blogs listed below you may be able to figure this out yourselves. For me I allege collusion. Collusion in very many ways.

July 14, 2004 could be for British Columbians a day that will live in infamy. I am urging you to write, phone and e-mail your elected MLA and The Premier himself to have the books opened on the BC Rail contract and to further stop the charade that is going on with case #23299 in British columbia Supreme Court.

Above is highlighted The Legislature Raids by BC blogger BCMary
Following are other blogs interested in this case:

Bill Tieleman

House of Infamy

BC Liberals Suck

Laila Yuille

The Gazetteer (Although Ross seems to be on a hiatus of sorts right now)

Vive le Canada (Where Robin Mathews contributes a column as well as reporting to The Legislature Raids)

Public Eye Online (where Sean Holman digs up the juiciest things)

That is the main list for the goods on the corruption case of BC Rail. If I have omitted anyone I apologize. If you are unfamiliar with this case just read the above blogs. You will definitely have your eyes opened.
When you have familiarized yourself I urge you to e-mail the information, or just point out the blogs as well as The Tyee and 24 hrs, to all your friends and relatives on your e-mail list. Get the word out. Lets start getting answers. Get your friends to e-mail their friends. Write or e-mail your MLA and the Premier. Put the pressure on and show them just how many people really care about this deal.



Campbell Liberals Number One

I was sitting here this morning reading other blogs and some online newspapers when it occurred to me that Campbells administration was number one.

For the sixth year in a row they are number one in child poverty.

They have allowed crime to spiral out of control and we have the biggest gang war in the country.

We are number on for the poorest health care system.

We are number one in the declining hospital care.

We are number one in the escalating unemployment in Canada.

We are number one in screwing up the environment and charging a (revenue neutral) Tax for it.

We are number one in killing off our Salmon. And for that matter the food chain that follows.

We are number one in giving away our rivers (which also is killing our fish stock)

We are number one at giving away our industries. The giveaway of BC Rail tops the list. Followed closely by Hydro. And although The Ferries and ICBC haven't been completely given away watch for it to happen soon.

We are number one at giving away our private information to foreign companies. Which in turn is given to their governments.

And we are apparently as a voting public number one in not giving a crap about all that is happening around us.

And after all this Campbell thinks he is best suited to manage our economy. How? By giving it away? I can't help wondering just how far his head is up his ass. But I'll bet for distance it's number one.


Vote on Sea Lice Effect

A request from Alexandra Morton:


Please take time to vote on this newspaper website.

Unless government sees our numbers they will not work to resolve this issue. I was in Campbell River area yesterday viewing the sea lice infection rates on wild salmon and it is not getting any better. The majority of sockeye, pinks and chums were infected with young lice which means they got infected in the region of the fish farms. Meanwhile Greig Sea Foods has an application to put into two of the biggest fish farms in the coast in the Johnstone Strait area which means all these infected wild salmon will be exposed again on their way to sea.

From what I learned in Norway, it is virtually certain that we will see the Norwegian strain ISA epidemic that is unstoppable in Chile, and Scotland.

Please vote it is a small effort compared to where we are at with this issue



If you have trouble getting to this site just go to Courier Islander. The poll is to the right of the photo on the front page. Gary E

Prince of Pot to Plead Guilty In US Court

The best thing I find with the blogosphere is that if the mainstream media (MSM) don't like your comments they don't publish them but you can do it here. That also applies to any bloggers where you may leave a comment but it doesn't get published.

So all the MSM have published an article on Mark Emery pleading guilty in a US court. Thus jeopardizing himself I figure to a minimum sentance of 5 years. As I was reading comments on the articles things jumped out like "dope smoking no mind" or "Drugs" or he should get life fo his actions. Things like that.

I wanted to set the record straight with soome facts so I commented on what was being said. But the comments were not published so I will publish them here.

Following is pretty much what I said:

Marijuana is not a drug. It is a plant. It doesn't lead to other drugs as a "gateway". And the plant is called Hemp.

What happened you see is about a hundred years ago Pancho Villa expropriated about 800,000 acres of trees owned by Randolph Hurst the media mogul of the day. So randy decided to get even. He noted that a lot of mexicans were smoking this Hemp and he dug around for an obscure slang word to make the hemp sound bad. Marijuana.

So Hurst embarks on a campaign of "yellow journalism". He notes that some African Americans are smoking the "reefer" and starts publishing lies like if your daughter smokes it she will end up sleeping with the black man. Or they go crazy when smoking it and you can be murdered.

Then he lobbies the US Government to have it made illegal. His sole purpose for doing this is because he lost a bunch of trees. The Irony here is that if he had bothered to check things out he could have planted hemp in about one quarte the area that the trees used and he would produce the same amount of paper.

Now he succeeds in his campaign and the Government of the day makes it (growing hemp) illegal. But wait.
A war comes along and they need rope to tie up the ships and make parachuted ets. So the government temporarily suspends the law. Hypocracy in the first degree.

Now they want to crucify a man because he believes as I do that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Marijuana. I fact the good far outweighs the bad that the Cops or drug companies or liberal do-gooders may falsley dig up.

For more information jus google Jack Herer. Once you have all the facts then make your decision. Don't rely on the MSM and their yellow journalism or the lack of reporting all the facts.


Smelling The Flowers and Fish Spawning

Sometimes we get so busy doing other things we forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Reading the online news I noted that there is a real scorcher happening in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. As I check my thermometer it is 24 C outside. That translates to what? 78 Fahrenheit? I'm old school so I have to do some math.

It was only a month ago I was shoveling a late snowfall and wondering if I could get the Van UP the driveway. We live at an altitude about the same as the peak on Grouse Mountain.

So I was thinking that if any of you at the coast were fed up with the heat try remembering what you went through last winter and spring.

I had heard about a spawning channel nearby that had been built by some of the locals and we decided to go look for it. The bride, Mack E, and me.

We found it near a local lodge. It is a man made creek about two hundred feet long filled with Rainbow trout. Mack was going nuts at the sight of all these fish. Water is pumped from the lake in May and June when the fish are supposed to spawn under a road, up a small hill and the Rainbows head up into the gravel to do their thing.

Now there is a very good reason for doing this. You see if the fish can't spawn the eggs rot inside them and this doesn't make for a very good meal. A bonus for doing this is the recirculating of the water adding a little extra oxygen. But the main thing that happens is that the trout have a chance to grow into Trophy sized fish. And believe me when I say these are some biiiiggg rainbows. Unlike our fast depleting salmon stock, trout return to the lake to grow larger. They don't die off afterwards.

The downside is that we apparently don't use these eggs. When spawning is over they turn off the water and clean out the creek bed.

With all the killing of our wild salmon stock, that Campbell and his business cohorts insist isn't happening, or isn't caused by whatever, it's real nice to know that some folks got together to try and improve the local stock of trout. In September we will take Mack again to see more fish spawning. This time it will be the Kokanee (land locked salmon) at the mouth of the creek emptying from our lake.

As I was writing this it occurred to me with all the cuts we know are coming (see below) I wonder if they are going to try and cut off what little funding we have for this little local creek? Stay tuned.


Forest Ministry Budget Cut

The slicing begins

The BC Forest Ministry has cut their cattle awareness information. So I will publish this article here in hopes of making travelers from the coast aware of what goes on in cattle country. We can only hope that this cut was not used to bolster Campbells fudge budget.

From the 100 Mile Free Press:

The South Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association is disappointed to discover that the Ministry of Forests won’t be advertising their springtime cattle awareness information.

For many years past, Forestry has placed an advertisement in the newspaper to remind local drivers and landowners about the responsibilities and dangers during free-range cattle season.

This year, they cancelled their annual budget for this and will no longer be advertising cattle ranging facts.

Rod Hennecker of the South Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association says the usual cautions include watching for cattle on roadways, making sure any gates opened on range land are shut immediately afterwards, and that it is the landowner’s responsibility to fence out unwanted ranging cattle — not the rancher’s to fence them in.

If you see any dogs chasing cattle or livestock, adds Hennecker, always report it to the forest service. He also reminds residents that the bulls are out, too, so precautions should be taken in that respect as well.

Cattle may be out free-ranging for the summer from as early as mid-May.

PS. we have already lost one calf in this area this year. Gary E