WE WON!!!!!!!! The HST IS Toast

After two long years listening to a government lie to our faces, an initiative petition, recall (which I maintain no politician wanted to succeed) and a referendum in which a new Premier  also lied to us saying she wanted to give us a level playing field and all the spending would be equal, we won. Handily.

Many volunteers gave up personal time and suffered domestic problems yet they forged ahead. Seniors who had been die hard liberals all there lives reactivated themselves in opposition to the BC Liberals robbing them of there meager income.

The people were "mad as hell and weren't going to take it anymore."  In spite of a huge infusion of cash by the only ones to benefit from this robbery, big business. In spite of threats by politicians and in particular the bird man of the legislature, in spite of out and out lies to us, we won.

And weeks before the count was official, the government started their spin on the results. Falcon claiming that he wouldn't take the PST off restaurant food. Christ, he's got to be stupid to say that,. Why? Because the question was, are you in favor of eliminating the HST and returning to the system that was used prior to July 1 2009?

Lies like his no doubt affected the outcome. And the big bribe by the premier after saying "it might look like we were trying to bribe the people" She offered to reduce the tax to 10% from 12%. People not following the situation too close may have been appeased by this but it is a total lie. If this robbery were to pass, the Feds would have control over all our taxes and if the feds did not want to reduce them we would be shit out of luck.

So my friends as I see it our next step is to pressure the liberals as hard as we can to turn this tax around. If that means another round of recall, so be it.

After getting this done once and for all, I will be turning to pressuring the governments to step in on the gas prices. I've about had it with those guys as well. We need to have a national organization that will keep the pressure up, not just make noises once in a while. We need to target the oil companies with boycotts.

We have all witnessed what has happened in the middle east and Egypt. And I am convinced that social media was the turning point for the average person fighting the dictators.

I wish to thank all the people of my crew for the valiant effort they put into everything we worked for prior to the referendum. (after the referendum I took a smaller role) I would also like to thank all those who sacrificed time and money to make this day possible. that would be 54.7  % of the voters who voted to get rid of this Tax. It's significant and in spite of BALDREY's ranting this Tax better be gone ASAP or else.

Let's Get a Few Things Straight Here

I'm listening to Baldrey (chief lapdog for the Libs)

He seems to think that to get rid of the HST and put things back the way they were will take 1-1/2 to 2 years. So lets have a look at that. Just days before the may 2009 Election Campbell and Hansen swore that the HST was not on their horizon. In spite of the fact that they were warned by everyone that the economy was about to tank.

Then just days after the election they announced that they were going to change the tax system (without any consultation with the people) to the HST system. Not only that, they were going to further decrease taxes (which were already near zero) for big business, and dump that burden on the people who elected them and told them pretty much that they could love it or shove it. Now they want to know how they will pay the bills without the HST. For christs sakes just start making business pay their fair share of the burden. Is that so god damn hard to fathom? Take the burden off the backs of the poor and middle income folks. It's so simple. Recall the Legislature and pass legislation to fix the Liberal screwup. It didn't take them long to fuck it up. Why should it take any longer to fix it?

If CC thinks her plan B is to raise the people taxes to cover the loss instead of putting things back the way they were then she is committing political suicide. We still have the option of recall.
 If she calls an election before fixing things she will lose.

They were so arrogant they didn't even fight or register to fight the more than 700,000 people of BC who signed a petition to get rid of the money grab. After the unprecedented success of that petition in which a newly appointed TEMPORARY Chief Electoral Officer manged to cancel almost 200,000 signatures they further brought out their big guns (and big money suits) to have the results overturned. Even in the face of a probable defeat in a referendum they forged ahead. Still not listening.

Then came the recall campaign. They twisted the facts to suit their agenda, still not admitting that this was going to hurt some businesses and would not generate  jobs as they told us. In fact the jobless rate got worse but they spun that to say it was improving. And prices were going to go down because of the saving to business. What a total crock of shit. The first business owner I talked to (and every one since) said they hadn't had an increase in a while and they would be using their windfall profits on the backs of the people as a virtual increase.

They used smear tactics in the recall campaign. In the case of "How Bad Is The Record?", they pointed to my usage of sometimes fowl language in my posts. That smear went viral but the overwhelming majority of respondents said "so what? He's just voicing what most people think of the situation." They quickly shut their mouths when they saw that backfire. There were numerous requests for interviews but I just ignored them. Why? Well first off they were trying to set me up and I don't play that god damn game. Secondly, I don't believe for one second that Terry Lake happened to find my blog all by himself as he professed. I happen to have a tracker here and I know exactly when the spooks in Victoria visit my site. Most bloggers have the same.

They were wrong in everything they did. Campbell resigned over it and some people in the movement thought that was good enough. It wasn't.

Now as we await the results of the referendum Clark has a plan B and Baldrey thinks he knows all (as usual).
I believe that Baldrey should actually spend time in the trenches away from his pals in government and he may get a real perspective on matters in the province. Lets have him get in to real investigative reporting instead of pimping the party line. In fact that could go for 99.9% of the reporters in the BC mainstream Media. Stop the spin and report the facts.

We used to have a beautiful province here. In the past 10 years we have gone from real work in the leg to basically no work at all. My next cause would be to get the people together again and have legislation in place to have the Legislature sit a minimum of 70% of the working days in this province. Lets stop the photo ops and bullshit that is now spewing from Victoria. Get the fucking job done and stop pissing around.

That's my rant for today. And now I'd like to take time to thank Bill Van der Zalm , Bill Tieleman, Chris Delaney, Cheryl Baron, their crews, all the area captains and their volunteers, (that's right, volunteers not paid lackies) that brought us to today regardless of the outcome later today. They did a masterful job with the help  of the average joe. I'd especially like to thank the volunteers in the Cariboo Chilcotin without whose tireless efforts we could not have progressed as far as we did.