The Great Canadian Gas Ripoff

     We all know that we are being ripped off by the gas companies. It's a given.

     But do you know why?

     First you have to listen to the Cons and their spin. Next you listen to the paid lackies on TV.

     Then you follow the dots.

It's really simple.

The dollar is in the toilet...the price of oil at the well head is in the same place.

So why are the gas companies milking the shit out of Canadian Consumers.

It's because the gas companies can't sell their gas to other countries and make a profit. So they'll sell it for whatever they can get for it, then transfer the debt to Canadians at the pump. And I allege they are doing this with the blessing of the Harper minions. Why? Because that asshole has to try to prove to us that he can balance a budget.

Except for the fact that I would NEVER vote for anyone connected to our present dictator, I have not made up my mind who will get my vote.

But I made up my mind today that I will probably vote for any person or party that makes it part of their platform to control the oil company ripoffs and also quit subsidizing them. But not the Cons.