Iskut River Fuel Spill

Where were the Provincial Government, The Federal Government, and the Media on this spill.


This spill happened on November 16, 2011 and we are just hearing about it now. And I am willing to bet the MSM doesn't pick up on this story.

What are the two upper levels of government going to do? I predict , nothing. Not a god damn thing.

5000 litres coverts to 1l00 UK gallons which is the unit of measurement we used to have before the government converted us to metric so they could jack the price of fuel through the roof and it wouldn't look too bad a litre at a time.


Toronto-Danforth By-election

     The NDP have at preliminary results garnered 60% of the vote in the by-election in Jack Laytons riding.

     Now, the fact that the NDP won was no surprise but what I found interesting was that the Harper cons only got a few more votes than the Greens. And I'm almost sure that the Greens may surpass the Cons in the final tally.

     I wonder if there was any Robo Call Monkey business during this campaign?


Fishing on a Holiday

      I'm out on the ice today enjoying a cloudy day and catching a few fish. I notice a machine coming down the

ice and they turn towards me. As they aproach I notice it's someone from another area. Well he comes up to me

and asks why am I not wearing green on St. Patties Day.

My reply; " When was the last time you heard of a Welshman celebrating an Irishmans Holiday."


BC Mary: Simply The Best

     BC Mary has passed.
     Our hearts go out to her family and close friends.

     It is because of BC Mary that I started this blog. I had been attending the Basi-Virk trial in Vancouver whenever I was down there and I had a lot to say. Every time I read a comment of hers in the Tyee I had something to add. I was commenting on her site when I left the courthouse but there was some kind of a glitch and she wasn't getting the comments. Mary had been suggesting that I start a blog of my own as I had much to say with a different angle. It wasn't until February 2008 that I found help in setting up this blog.
The first person to welcome me was BC Mary.

     As with many others we corresponded through e-mails and she would always remember what I was working on and sent emails and attachments. I didn't post them all but I certainly saved every one of them.

     I found that Mary was as passionate about the Campbell crooks paying CN Rail to take our railway as I was. It was theft of the worst kind for the people of BC and BC Mary never let anyone forget it. Even after the payoff and quick shutting down of the court case she was relentless.Never letting us forget what the Campbell hoards did to the people of BC.

     BC Mary you may be gone but you will not be forgotten. Rest in Peace

     Gary Edwards