Vander Zalm Calls ForTotal Recall

     An independent government department is playing politics with your life.

     Elections BC has decided that we only need to know that all 85 ridings in the HST initiative acquired the 10% minimum required to pass. We don't get to see the numbers.And that goddam decision sucks. It is not in their mandate to with hold information from the public. They don't get to dictate what we hear or don't hear.

     Their reason? They apparently think that the numbers would unduly affect the court cases that are lurking in the background and they won't release the numbers until the cases are over. Horse Sh!t. We the people, those who pay their wages, don't give a rats ass for the court cases. Especially if they are initiated by Ding Dong and his buddies.T%hese cases could take years. The people have spoken and we want our results. We didn't go out and bust our asses just so some f***** bureaucrat could dictate to us what we have a right to know.

The Sun online is reporting that Vander Zalm is calling for a total recall of all Liberal MLA's in the Fall. I'm behind you Bill, 100%. I will sign up in every riding  that I can to help. I'll live out of my little travel trailer for two months anywhere I'm needed. I will not take any more shit from these little turds. Especially the little turd that is ruining this province.

If that little p***k in Victoria gets anymore brain farts on how to stop the tide I will be calling for a General Strike in this province. And it won't be like the last two. This time  everybody stays out until we get what we want. No More ifs or maybies

Go for it Bill. I'm not the only one behind you.