Oil Companies Are Ripping Us Off! What Are You Prepared To Do?

     There is a Federal Election on the horizon. Possibly sooner than we think.

     For years we have known that the oil companies have been ripping us off. And no sitting government in the country has been remotely interested in doing anything about it.

     Why? Because if they attempt to control  the prices of fuel (especially at the pump) they will lose billions in tax revenue. Pure and simple.

     Recently, the price at the well head took a huge dive and the oil barons were reluctant to lower the prices. Why? Because they had to keep showing a profit to the investors in order to keep them.

     So, how did they get around this? They artificially inflated the retail price to gouge the shit out of us. And to top it off they truly think we are morons and won't do anything about it.

      The wellhead price for cruse is still hovering around (just below) $50 per barrel.The price managed to drop a bit. But not exponentially. They still kept ripping us off. And then what did they do? They came up with some lame excuse as to why they had to re-inflate the artificial price at the pump.

     Jesus Christ these people are making us out like lame asshole. They actually think we aren't going to do anything about it. And for years we kept boycotting various gas companies. We all know that didn't work.

     Ever since the Feds gave Petrocan to private investors any control that we had over prices went out the window.

     I allege that there is collusion in the oil industry in Canada. That collusion includes all the oil and gas producers as well as the Federal and Provincial governments.

     It has been with great restraint that I have refrained from using my customary language in this post. And believe me this pisses me off more than the Recall.

So here is what I propose: I, and I hope many of you will be asking all candidates what they intend to do about this ripoff. The first candidate that proves to me that they are doing something about this ripoff will be getting my vote. And I don't mean any sitting candidate that is paying lip service. I want parties to make it part of their platform. I want guarantees. I want independats to speak out loudly. I would like to see this the number one issue in the upcoming Federal Election. I could give a rats ass about "what  do you want, liberty or security" that's a no brainer. With liberty we have security.

Harper dfoesn't want us to be liberated. Why. So he can continue to openly patronize the oil companies. The FedCons do not have my vote because they are openly supporting this ripoff. They had their chance.

Screw em.