Where Is The $40 Coming From

Teachers in BC are in a Strike/Lockout situation in this Province.

Contract talks are going nowhere and the government appears to be sitting on their hands waiting for courts decision(s). Why? Do they think the 3rd time is lucky? I have news for those who think they will win. You only win when you are right.

Twice now the BC supreme court has shot down the Governments attempts at trampleing on the constitution.. Twice.

I don't know about you but once was enough for me. Christ, I don't know who is advising the government on these matters but if it's lawyers there should be a wholesale exodus from government. Or is it that the government just isn't listening to them.

I allege that this whole mess is being controlled by Christy. She's pulling the strings. Why? You ask. Well it was under Christies watch that this whole mess was perpetuated. That's right. Back in 2002 she and Herr Campbell decided they didn't like the education system and since then have been systematically changing it to suit their needs. And again I allege Christy is following up to save face. That's right. It appears to be her way or the highway.

Government keeps yelling about "no money". Are you ready for this. They're lying.
They have offered parents $40 per day.per child under 13.

So lets just say the class sizes are 30 students. That's $1200 per class per day.
Now there's approximately 20 School days per month. That's $24000 peer month per class.
There are 558985 students at $40 per day. That's 22,359,400
Multiply that by 20 and the government will spend 447,188,000


We haven't even talked about how much they are paying the suits to fight the losing battle in court.

What I would like to add is: whose idea was it to insert that ridiculous clause about the teachers dropping greivences? Do they not understand what that procedure is about? If not then they have no business at the bargaining table.

It sure looks  to me that the government (Christy Clark) is attempting  to save face on a wrong she created herself.