Prosperity Mine And The Pollution Of The Environment

 Most people know I and others like Grant G are trying to keep up on the situation at the Prosperity Mine in the Cariboo. That's the mine that got a environmental rubber stamp by the Gordon Campbell administration even though the EAO had grave misgivings over the replacement of Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) with a tailings pond just to keep expenses down and get more money for their investors. All this at the expense of the environment.

Well we have a ally in Bill Layton.

 He has taken on the task of reporting on the task of reporting to us on what acid from tailings will do to the environment. It's a very good read. Even has some things that I didn't know.
Please read his blog and inform yourselves further as to what these big mining companies and the Gordon Campbell administration are doing to you and I and our children for generations.


A Small (or possibly huge) Victory For Our Salmon

Alexandra Morton  www.alexandramorton.typepad.com  is reporting the following:


No more new licenses or expansion for BC fish farms - 10 months

Dolphin backflip
Today BC Supreme Court ruled in our favor once again. Justice Hinkson granted the federal government a suspension order until December 18, 2010 so that Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) can further prepare to assume control of regulating salmon farms. However, Justice Hinkson forbade any expansion of aquaculture during that period. Specifically, the province cannot issue any new fish farm licences and cannot expand the size of any tenure. He recognized the First Nation interest in this matter by granting the Musgamagw-Tsawataineuk Tribal Council intervenor status, which is essential as this case is based in their territory.....[snip]

This is great news on the surface but now it depends on what happens at the DFO. For the time being and hopefully forever the Campbell minions are out.


2010 Poverty Olympics

I would like my readers (and anyone else who may stop by) to have a look at http://povertyolympics.ca and spread the word if you could.
This unique idea was mentioned to me today. There will also be a rally in 100 Mile House on Saturday for this cause.
 Most of us know by now that instead of providing low cost housing for the poor in BC the just legislated the homeless out of sight for the olympics. And most likely longer.
Its' a real travesty that a government who doubled a problem in the first place can't bring themselves to admit it and then just sweep it under the rug.

 • Homelessness: doubled in Greater Vancouver between 2002 and 2005 alone — there are now more than 2,000 people living on the streets or in shelters. Hundreds search through the garbage for food and things to sell every day.

Welfare: It’s supposed to provide a minimum amount of money for basic necessities when people go through a hard time. But our provincial government made it even harder to get, and the rates are less than half the poverty line (not enough to rent a place to live and eat nutritious food).

Disease: Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood, the Downtown Eastside, has an HIV rate of 30% — the same as Botswana’s. Other diseases like Hepatitis C are rampant.

A Gold Medal for Highest Poverty Rate: British Columbia (our province) is a gold medalist when it comes to poverty — we’ve had the highest child poverty rate in all of Canada six years in a row.

Solutions: It’s not too late to make a difference before 2010. Our governments need to invest more in things like a decent welfare program and social housing… For a fraction of what it costs to deal with disease, malnutrition, addiction, and disorder.
See World Class Poverty section for more information and sources.


Campbell Issues Certificate And Could Care Less About Historical Site Legislation

 But first A little about historical sights

 I recently received an answer to a email from Chief ?Esdilagh where I had asked if there were any archeological sights at Fish Lake. His answer in part is

  "archaeology sites are located all around
the lake where one is 7000 years old.  you can go to the Canadian
Environmental Assessment Agency registry to get more details."
So I went to the sight and looked up the following,

British Columbia’s archaeological sites are protected under the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA). This Act is the latest in a number of pieces of legislation focused on the protection of archaeological sites.   Previous legislation includes Indian Graves Ordinance Act of 1865, Historic Objects Preservation Act (1925), the Archaeological and Historic Sites Protection Act (1960 and 1977), superceded by the HCA (1994 and 1996).

Funny things are happening on my computer.
And then I tried to copy part of the Certificate BS. In it they say that they are concerned about the use of Fish Lake for tailings. I couldn't copy it so here (hopefully) is the site.


Have a look at Page 19 0f EAO findings

Conversation With A MP

A BC MP was seated next to a little girl on the airplane leaving from Ottawa when he turned to her and said, 'Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.'
The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the total stranger, 'What would you like to talk about?'
'Oh, I don't know,' said the member of parliament. 'How about global warming or universal health care', and he smiles smugly.
'OK,' she said. 'Those could be interesting topics. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?'
The BC MP, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence, thinks about it and says, 'Hmmm, I have no idea.'
To which the little girl replies, 'Do you really feel qualified to discuss global warming or universal health care when you don't know shit?'


Even After This Campbell Pushed Ahead

 From www.protectfishlake.ca

Williams Lake, November 12, 2009 – A team of mining experts reviewing Taseko Mines Ltd.’s proposed Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine Project has concluded that the information provided to date “does not permit a reasoned evaluation of potential adverse effects to water quality, water quantity, fish and wildlife under variable conditions.”

“This study raises the alarm,” says Chief Marilyn Baptiste, Xeni Gwet’in First Nation. “As the traditional caretakers of these lands and waters, we have asked the Panel reviewing this Project to demand more credible and accurate information from Taseko so that we can properly understand the environmental and human health risks that we are facing.”

The study conducted by renowned Colorado-based Stratus Consulting concludes that Taseko’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Project “vastly underestimate the uncertainties in site water balance.” The report notes that Taseko has relied on limited data to predict or prepare for extreme weather events: “After operations, they propose leaving their mine waste in place with no active controls. One extreme weather event at any point in the future could lead to an uncontrolled release of mine waste, which could have severe adverse consequences for the trout and salmon fishery of the Taseko River.” The Taseko River flows into the Chilcotin River, which empties into the Fraser River.[snip]

Can there be any doubt that this Environmental Certificate issued by the Campbell Cabal was done in the name of the almighty dollar. It sure as christ wasn't done to protect the people or environment of this province.

Campbell, I'm going to fire your ass.

Minings Pollution Legacy

The Legacy of
Acid Mine Drainage
environmental problem and its greatest liability,
especially to our waterways. An acid-generating
mine has the potential for long-term, devastating
impacts on rivers, streams and aquatic life,
becoming in effect a “perpetual pollution
At the abandoned Mount Washington mine
on Vancouver Island, open pits of sulphide bearing
pyrite ore lie exposed to the elements,
along with 130,000 tonnes of waste rock. The sulphide
sulphur in the ore continually reacts with
air and water to form sulphuric acid, which leaches
out the heavy metals, especially copper. This
toxic copper leachate passes into Pyrrhotite
Creek, then Murex Creek and from there into the
whole Tsolum river watershed.
“Copper is the dreaded enemy of young
salmonids,” says Father Brandt, a local activist,
fisherman, and director of the Steelhead
Society. “It is a scientific fact that the amount of
copper that finds its way yearly into the Tsolum
watersheds kills young salmon and deters adult
salmon escaping back to the river to spawn.”
In the US, AMD and other toxins from
abandoned mines have polluted 180,000 acres
of reservoirs and lakes and 12,000 miles of
streams and rivers.(8) It has been estimated that
cleaning up these polluted waterways will
cost US taxpayers between $32 billion and
$72 billion.(9)
In Canada, there are an estimated 351 millions
tonnes of waste rock, 510 million tonnes
of sulphide tailings, and more than 55 million
tonnes of other mining sources which have the
potential to cause AMD.(10) Cleanup at existing
acid-generating mines in Canada will cost
between $2 billion and $5 billion.(11)
Not only is AMD treatment and collection
very costly to the environment, it is a big bill for
industry. According to T.D. Pearse Resource
Consulting, “Site stabilization costs can be as high
as $410,000 per hectare.”(12) The U.S. Bureau of
Mines estimates that the US industry spends over
$1 million each day to treat acidic mine water.(13)
Unfortunately, the province of BC is prominent
on maps identifying Canada’s AMD pollution
sites. The Mount Washington mine is only
one of 25 mines (operating, closed and abandoned)
in BC that are currently acid-generating,
while at least 17 other sites have been identified
as potentially acid-generating.14 See map page 13.
By 1994, The BC State of the Environment
Report noted that there were an estimated 240
million tonnes of acid-generating waste rock
and 72 million tonnes of acid-generating mine
tailings in the province. Each year, the stockpile
of acidic and heavy metal-generating tailings
and waste rock from mining in the province
grows by 25 million tonnes.15
Based on the history of Acid Mine Drainage
conservationists fear that several new and proposed
mining developments with AMD potential
could have significant negative impacts on
BC’s waterways and fisheries, most notably

Redfern Resources’ Tulsequah Chief copper
mine on the Taku River

 Taseko Mines’ Fish Lake/Prosperity Gold
project in the Chilcotin area, ¥

Princeton Mining’s Huckleberry copper
and gold mine ¥

Royal Oak’s Kemess South copper and gold
mine near the Finlay River by Mackenzie ¥

American Bullion’s Red Chris copper mine
south of the Spatsizi River,

Manalta Coal Ltd’s proposed open-pit Telkwa
mine near Smithers’ Telkwa River and
Bulkley River. ¥

International Skyline’s Bronson Slope Mine
on the Lower Iskut River

When the mining industry argues that
new mining development is “essential” to our
way of life, it tends to understate the fact that
we could and should achieve many of our metals
needs through better re-use and recycling
of existing metal products. When it comes to
“precious metals” such as gold and diamonds,
the end use poses even more questions about
justifications for the ecological costs exacted.
Some 83 per cent of the 3,200 tonnes of gold
refined throughout the world in 1996 was used
for jewellery.16
Once it starts, AMD can effectively sterilize an
entire water system for generations to come —
turning it into a biological wasteland and a huge
economic burden.

8 Robert Kleinman, Acid Mine Drainage: US Bureau of Mines Researches
Control Methods for Coal and Metal Mines, US Bureau of Mines, July
9 Jessica Speart, “A Lust for Gold,” Mother Jones (Jan-Feb 1995), p.60
10 Government of Canada, ibid, pp. 10-11
11 Financial Post, November 17, 1994
12 T.D. Pearse Resource Consulting, Mining and the Environment,
March 1996, p. 14.
13 Robert Kleinman, ibid.

14 Bill Price and John Errington, ibid, pp. 68-69
15 BC State of the Environment Report 1993, Government of BC,
Victoria, 1994, p. 25
16 Gilles Coutrurier, Canadian Minerals Yearbook 1995, Natural
Resources Canada, Ottawa 1996 p.28.13


Water Pollution and Mining

 There are four main types of impacts on water from mining
from  www.landkeepers.ca

1. Acid Mine Drainage

Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) is a natural process
whereby sulphuric acid is produced when sulphides
in rocks are exposed to air and water.
Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is essentially the
same process, greatly magnified. When large
quantities of rock containing sulphide minerals
are excavated from an open pit or opened up in
an underground mine, it reacts with water and
oxygen to create sulphuric acid. When the water
reaches a certain level of acidity, a naturally
occurring type of bacteria called Thiobacillus ferroxidans
may kick in, accelerating the oxidation
and acidification processes, leaching even more
trace metals from the wastes.
The acid will leach from the rock as long as its
source rock is exposed to air and water and until
the sulphides are leached out – a process that
can last hundreds, even thousands of years.
Acid is carried off the minesite by rainwater or
surface drainage and deposited into nearby
streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater. AMD
severely degrades water quality, and can kill
aquatic life and make water virtually unusable.

2. Heavy Metal Contamination & Leaching

Heavy metal pollution is caused when such metals
as arsenic, cobalt, copper, cadmium, lead,
silver and zinc contained in excavated rock or
exposed in an underground mine come in contact
with water. Metals are leached out and carried
downstream as water washes over the rock
surface. Although metals can become mobile in
neutral pH conditions, leaching is particularly
accelerated in the low pH conditions such as are
created by Acid Mine Drainage.

3. Processing Chemicals Pollution

This kind of pollution occurs when chemical
agents (such as cyanide or sulphuric acid used
by mining companies to separate the target mineral
from the ore) spill, leak, or leach from the
mine site into nearby water bodies. These chemicals
can be highly toxic to humans and wildlife.

4. Erosion and Sedimentation

Mineral development disturbs soil and rock in
the course of constructing and maintaining
roads, open pits, and waste impoundments. In
the absence of adequate prevention and control
strategies, erosion of the exposed earth may
carry substantial amounts of sediment into
streams, rivers and lakes. Excessive sediment
can clog riverbeds and smother watershed vegetation,
wildlife habitat and aquatic organisms.

So you see that some commenters in online  publications have spun the fact that there is a natural eroded way of very slowly leaking some pollutants into creeksby making it seem that this is equal to what mining does. But it is the large scale mines that expose huge amounts of metals and minerals to oxygen and water that cause vast amounts of pollution in our lakes and streams.

And to Arbitrarly fill a native fish bearing lake with byproduct  pollutants is utterly assinine
There can be no other conclusion to this ruination of the Taseko, Chilco, Chilcotin, and Fraser watershed than the pursuit of the almighty dollar at the expense of your health and the loss of a pristine fish bearing and spawning area of this Province.

Vanouver Sun Makes a Puff Piece Out of News

 Copied below are two headlines on the Liberal Governments awarding of a contraversial Environment Certificate.

  The first one is from Jan 15,2010 but the second was clearly dated January 14 2010

  Notice the headlines. On January 14 it was the "BC Government approves" but on the 15th it had been changed to read "BC approves"


B.C. approves controversial 20-year open pit mine

Prosperity project will create a new lake with loss of Fish and Little Fish lakes


Campbells Rubber Stamp Decision On Fish Lake Denounced By Whites And Natives Alike

Tsilhqot'in National Government denounces "rubber stamp" of approval from BCEAO for Taseko Mines project

Monday Jan 18, 2010
January 18, 2010, Williams Lake -- The Tsilhqot'in National Government denouced the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) decision to grant an evnironmental assessment certificate (EA) to Taseko Mines Ltd. for a proposed massive mine at Teztan Biny (Fish Lake), an area where the Tsilhqot'in Nation holds proven Aboriginal hunting and trapping rights.

"We are disappointed but not surprised," said Chief Marilyn Baptiste, Xeni Gwet'in First Nation. "It has been clear from the outset that this is a rubber stamp exercise."  The Chief explained that the BCEAO has rushed to a decision based on the same record that an independent federal panel has deemed fundamentally deficient on key issues.

 One issue on which the proposed mine has been found deficient is current use of the area by First Nations for traditional purposes. The federal Panel has held that Taseko’s treatment of this issue is deficient and has extended First Nations the opportunity to provide this critical information directly at the public hearings to be held by the Panel.

“The BCEAO originally said it would attend these hearings and use the information generated there,” Chief Baptiste pointed out. “Then, over our objections, it rushes to this decision before the hearings can be held. This show how much BCEAO values First Nations concerns.”

“I find it ironic that the province claims it has done ‘due diligence’ in terms of consulting with First Nations,” stated Chief Ivor Myers, Yunesit’in (Stone) First Nation. “The Province rejected all of our efforts to meet with them to set up a consultation process that would work for our people and our communities. Despite government and company efforts to put a positive spin on this, we do not agree with the proposal. Investors should be aware that this project is not a done deal.”

Please click here for the full release, including comments by Chief Fred Sam of the Nak'azdli Nation.


Prosperity Must Be Related to Gordon Campbell

     If ever I have seen a case of unmitigated Gall it was today when I opened http://www.bclocalnews.com/bc_cariboo/williamslaketribune/  The Lead story is about how the Prosperity mine gets the go ahead from the provincial (Gordon Campbell) government.

     As many people should know by now this is the mine owned by Taseco Mines Ltd.They also own Harmony, Gibralter and Aleva Their proposal is to use Fish Lake for a tailings pond.Fish Lake as Grant G has told you is part of the Fraser River Watershed.He also asked how it was possible to make toxic soup out of a lake then propose to build another?

My big question on this is are they going to process the ore on sight. Of course they are.And what is used in refining Gold? Why CYANIDE of course.

     Anyway I brought up the story in the Williams Lake Tribune online and what do I see right below the masthead and above the story. A god damn baldface lying advertisement by Prosperity. In the very first line they say "Protecting Fish and Water Quality"

Do these guys take lying lessons from Campbell and the Provincials? I think so.



Enbridge Oil Spill

as of early 2007 Enbridge spilled more than 3.3 million gallons of crude oil into the Canadian environment since 1990.
 I've just picked this up from Terrace Daily Online

Friends of Wild Salmon have reported from an earlier spill.

Enbridge’s recent 126,000-gallon oil spill from a pipeline in North Dakota, discovered last Friday, has confirmed northern BC residents’ concerns about the company’s proposed oil pipeline through their region.

“Enbridge simply cannot prevent oil spills from its pipelines,” said Jennifer Rice, Chair of Friends of Wild Salmon. “And in our watersheds, even one oil spill of this magnitude is unacceptable.”

Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline would carry oil from the Alberta tar sands to a supertanker port at Kitimat, crossing several wild salmon watersheds.

“Had the spill occurred here in Northern B.C along Enbridge’s proposed pipeline, the effects could have been catastrophic to the Skeena’s wild salmon economy, estimated to be worth over $100 million per year,” added Rice.

“What would happen if this spill had occurred along the Morice River?” asked Rice. “Enbridge has no way to effectively deal with an oil or condensate spill into a fast flowing river.”

“The rivers along the proposed Gateway pipeline contain important salmon redds [spawning gravel] and an oil spill would inflict havoc on the incubating eggs and small fish rearing in these rivers,” explained Todd Stockner, a longtime Steelhead angling guide from the Kispiox Valley. “Salmon eggs can be found in these rivers for as much as seven months of the year and even a small amount of oil would kill them.”

In 2000, a pipeline spill in northeastern BC spilled one million liters of oil into the Pine River, spreading 20 kilometers downstream from the spill site and causing significant fish mortality. The spill contaminated the Chetwynd’s water supply, and water has been trucked in or drawn from other sources to meet the community’s drinking water needs.

“If an accident like the North Dakota spill or the Pine River spill were to occur near the Kitimat River, Kitimat residents’ drinking water source would likely be polluted,” said Margaret Ouwehand, a member of the organization Douglas Channel Watch.

According to the Enbridge website, the company had 80 pipeline spills in 2008, up from 59 pipeline spills in 2007.

This from

 February 2, 2007, Enbridge pipelines ruptured for the second time in Northern Wisconsin.  The latest spill sent approximately 126,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment.

So my thought is that anyone who says these pipelines are good for us are only looking at the cash they will have in their own pockets. Not the negative impact on the environment.


Its Not Campbells Olympics

      For a couple of years now I have really been bothered by Campbell basically doing nothing but Photo Ops. He only shows up when its good news never when his ass is on the line. Which these days is most of the time.But if its an Olympic Event you can bet the farm he will be there.

     Right from the start, after his party was elected in 2001, Campbell appears to have latched on to the biggest photo op event this province has or will ever see.He has been in the forefront on everything (positive) that is Olympic.

     But its not his show.

     Back in the beginning the bid was touted as Vancouver/Whistler but under Olympic rules only one city can enter the bid. Ergo it became the Vancouver Olympics. And the committee is VANOC. It's not the BC Olympics as Campbell would have you believe. This event belongs to Vancouver. And Gregor Robertson is His Worship the Mayor of Vancouver.He will be in the forefront showcasing his city. And by Olympic tradition Gregor Robertson will be passing the torch to the next cities mayor to host the event.

     So why has Campbell been working so hard to be in the forefront? I allege it is his ploy to change tradition so he can have the final spotlight. It certainly fits his personality. But alas Gordo it ain't going to happen because as we have seen you can't buck Olympic Rules and Tradition.

      Now all this came to mind only after reading a Globe and Mail article by Ian Bailey. And I read that article while searching for any reasons I might find as to why certain posters at BC Marys' blog would all of a sudden try late in the week to tie up her time? I believe that this ruse on her sight was perpetrated either to keep her from posting that there will be a court session tomorrow January 11 2010or to mask the fact that premier photo op got some press that the PAB thought was negative.

     It sure as hell is negative Gordo and I look forward to seeing how you spin this.situation.

     Just as a Post Script here: there is one particular asshole insisting on not finding his own nom de plume at Marys place . The guy (or girl) just doesn't realize that every time they post their  IQ drops. I have them pegged at 49 right now



Happy New Year and a bunch of other thoughts

     It's time to clear some stale air here.

     I'm tired of people who send me emails saying that if I don't forward the goddam thing to a thousand people right away I will have bad luck. Against my better judgement in 2009 I forwarded some of these. I don't have any more money in the bank, in fact I have less. And the ones that are reported to really work, never did.

     I am pissed at neighbours who play head games. They've been told to piss off.

     I am pissed at the NDP for not getting off their asses and getting some concrete evidence against Campbell. They have the means to do it. Even if the MSM doesn't help them report anything.(because they are in bed with Campbell).And so, I am told, are others. So for the NDP my well has gone dry until I see some action for my money.
     I'm tired of the PAB spinning whatever bloggers have to say. They tell half truths or turn statements completely around so that the Proven Liar and his lackies are supposed to look good. They are so bad at what they do I would suggest here that their IQ would be less than 50. But then I guess that a liar could only hire other liars.

   And I am especially tired of the people of this province who can't see this government for what it is. A Pacl Of Liars.
Now I know it isn't entirely their fault. They only believe what the newspapers and TV report to them. Which by the way is all spun to make the government look good.But then again we ae reminded to only "believe in half of what you read in the newspapers".
Just to give an example of what you have to see in the news, and I am not belittling a life here: Four soldiers and a female reporter were killed in Afghanistan the other day. It was a sad day for Canadians. It was a sad day for the media.It was a very sad day for family and friends.
But the media has turned this tragedy around to be about them. There is less and less about the soldiers and more about the reporter. This isn't right, nor is it fair news. Yes you could say the reporter gave her life doing her job. It's really sad and also heartbreaking for family and friends. But there were also FOUR SOLDIERS.
In this case four men who knew full well what they were in for and GAVE their lives. I believe they did this for my children and grandchildren. I also firmly believe they did this for the rest of the people in this country. By that I mean they gave their lives so that we should not have to put up with the lies of government or the inaction of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition. I also believe they gave their lives so that we wouldn't have to put up with the political manipulations of Harper or any other government in this country.
I am so very sad and sorry for the loss of the reporters life. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
But I am also sad for the loss of the lives of these four men (two from BC) and the 139 other soldiers who have given their lives for a cause I believe in.
I have written the last part here because I know why people join up. I am an ex-serviceman.I know that they are fully aware of what they could be in for.
God rest all five of these people.