Vanouver Sun Makes a Puff Piece Out of News

 Copied below are two headlines on the Liberal Governments awarding of a contraversial Environment Certificate.

  The first one is from Jan 15,2010 but the second was clearly dated January 14 2010

  Notice the headlines. On January 14 it was the "BC Government approves" but on the 15th it had been changed to read "BC approves"


B.C. approves controversial 20-year open pit mine

Prosperity project will create a new lake with loss of Fish and Little Fish lakes

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BC Mary said...

Gary E,

Would you please look in on OPINION 250, Prince George, and leave this info?

They've closed off a previous discussion on Fish Lake and Little Fish Lake.

And today there's a new story up: MINING LEADS THE WAY TO ECONOMIC RECOVERY. Yeah, right. (And if I remember correctly, they're saying that the AVERAGE mining salary is $112,000. a year) and of course the approving comments are pouring in.

To speak of the environment is to be labelled NDP doing the devil's work etc etc ...

These are NOT bad guys (and commentors seem to be guys) but they've surely missed out on a liberal education. Disagreeing with them is not an allowed option.

So OK, I teased them a bit and then spoke for our future need of clean drinking water and the food fishery, about trees, terrain ... no doubt they're mopping the floor with me even as we speak. I shoulda chosen "Big Bruiser" for my User Name, instead of BC Mary, I guess.

Anyway ... I think the issue of whether or not to put cyanide into FISH LAKE is tailor-made for bloggerdome. We can speak as truthfully as we know how. I like my job, even though the pay (-0-) is lousy.

Hope you can find a few minutes to visit OPINION 250.