Its Not Campbells Olympics

      For a couple of years now I have really been bothered by Campbell basically doing nothing but Photo Ops. He only shows up when its good news never when his ass is on the line. Which these days is most of the time.But if its an Olympic Event you can bet the farm he will be there.

     Right from the start, after his party was elected in 2001, Campbell appears to have latched on to the biggest photo op event this province has or will ever see.He has been in the forefront on everything (positive) that is Olympic.

     But its not his show.

     Back in the beginning the bid was touted as Vancouver/Whistler but under Olympic rules only one city can enter the bid. Ergo it became the Vancouver Olympics. And the committee is VANOC. It's not the BC Olympics as Campbell would have you believe. This event belongs to Vancouver. And Gregor Robertson is His Worship the Mayor of Vancouver.He will be in the forefront showcasing his city. And by Olympic tradition Gregor Robertson will be passing the torch to the next cities mayor to host the event.

     So why has Campbell been working so hard to be in the forefront? I allege it is his ploy to change tradition so he can have the final spotlight. It certainly fits his personality. But alas Gordo it ain't going to happen because as we have seen you can't buck Olympic Rules and Tradition.

      Now all this came to mind only after reading a Globe and Mail article by Ian Bailey. And I read that article while searching for any reasons I might find as to why certain posters at BC Marys' blog would all of a sudden try late in the week to tie up her time? I believe that this ruse on her sight was perpetrated either to keep her from posting that there will be a court session tomorrow January 11 2010or to mask the fact that premier photo op got some press that the PAB thought was negative.

     It sure as hell is negative Gordo and I look forward to seeing how you spin this.situation.

     Just as a Post Script here: there is one particular asshole insisting on not finding his own nom de plume at Marys place . The guy (or girl) just doesn't realize that every time they post their  IQ drops. I have them pegged at 49 right now



BC Mary said...

Hi Gary,

I hope there's a Basi Virk hearing tomorrow (Jan. 11) if only to distract the miserable characters who have glommed onto my blog.

It's easy enough, I guess, to tell who is trying to add something to the conversation and who is simply looking for trouble. Like, as if we wouldn't know what camp the mischief-makers belong to, eh?

So maybe I'll wind up the old DELETE machine and shred them from now on.

Gary E said...

I think it's a good idea to weed them out Mary. I did that long ago and the nuisance and nonsense stopped.These blogs are meant for meaningful conversations not ridiculous nit picking. Of course you should watch for the people who bait you into something.
Having said all that, you sure do have a lot of comments in the past week. These numbskulls just may put you in the Guinness Book. LOL

Grant G said...

Good stuff Gary E....I didn`t know you had a site, I will visit regularly.


Gary E said...

Thanks for that Grant. Your site is fast becoming one of my most read. Your style is different but your messages are spot on.
I sometimes get busy with other things here but usually get to my messages a few times a day.