Harper and Oliver Think Northern Gateway Is A Done Deal

News coming from interviews with different MP's and Harper are suggesting that the dirty oil pipeline is a done deal.

Hinting that the pipeline would be in the National Interest they are setting the mood for civil disobedience.


This is utter bullshit. The only interest here is the lining of pockets of the oil barons and I allege some elected members pockets.

The only time this would "maybe" work is if Canada was made energy self sufficient and our fuel prices dropped to the bottom.And there was a multi-billion dollar bond for cleanup. (sorry folks what was I thinking?) There is absolutely no reason to think that a pipeline that crosses the northern part of the province and three major rivers will not ruin our ecosystem. It just won't work.

This sand is corrosive and will wear a pipe out in not time flat. The oil companies and Enbridge have admitted ther are going to be spills. Unacceptable.We demand a guarantee that there will be no spills

I want to ask the people of this province just what they plan to feed their children with when and I mean when the ecosystem is completely ruined? Food prices are already skyrocketing in this province directly because of the ridiculous increase in fuel prices.

Why, if we are a major source of oil in the world, are we still paying among the highest prices  at the pump? Trudeau the senior was going to make this country self sufficient. What are Juniors plans?

Wake up folks.They keep talking jobs and economy. Numbers and dollars are thrown out and increased by every person who quotes them without even breaking things down and showing us their reasoning behind those numbers.What an utter crock of shit.

At the present time, the only buffer we have for the coming travesty is the native population. In particular the Elders.The natives in this province have guarantees under the constitution. The Harperites are trying to circumvent  theses guarantees. They want us to believe that it is in the "National Interest"
What is in the national interest is a guarantee that our means of survival is not ruined by the 1% who, if this pipe goes through will be the only ones who can afford any food which may be left for survival.