The Great Canadian Gas Ripoff

     We all know that we are being ripped off by the gas companies. It's a given.

     But do you know why?

     First you have to listen to the Cons and their spin. Next you listen to the paid lackies on TV.

     Then you follow the dots.

It's really simple.

The dollar is in the toilet...the price of oil at the well head is in the same place.

So why are the gas companies milking the shit out of Canadian Consumers.

It's because the gas companies can't sell their gas to other countries and make a profit. So they'll sell it for whatever they can get for it, then transfer the debt to Canadians at the pump. And I allege they are doing this with the blessing of the Harper minions. Why? Because that asshole has to try to prove to us that he can balance a budget.

Except for the fact that I would NEVER vote for anyone connected to our present dictator, I have not made up my mind who will get my vote.

But I made up my mind today that I will probably vote for any person or party that makes it part of their platform to control the oil company ripoffs and also quit subsidizing them. But not the Cons.


Don't let Hydro spin the fact that they don't cut sevice in the winter.

     In early 2013 Hydro was making attempts to scare me into taking their bullshit meter. I told them to piss off. I posted notices on my property telling them that I don't want their idiot meter.

     In early 2014 they sent me a bill that was 9 times the amount I usually paid for two months. I called them and told them that it wouldn't be paid. The person I was speaking to tried to spin the situation. I told her I don't want to hear her bullshit story and that she was to correct the bill by reducing it to what I normally paid.
She agreed and send she would submit it for review. The new (and improved ) version arrived and it was half the original bulshit bill.

When I looked at the top left corner I saw that it was estimated. So I went out and checked the meter. The meter read more than 2700 Kwh lower than their estimates.

Again I phoned the spin doctors. This time I was adamant that I would not be paying this bill until the hours caught up to what my meter was reading and they were to get back to me with a proper bill.They never got back to me. I also informed them that I had joined the class action group at which time the woman said "fine" and hung up.

After talking to the class action people and on reflection it was decided that I make payments. So I began paying the normal bill and when they jacked the rates up 25% I added that.And continued to pay.

Now comes the good part. Even though I was paying what I beleived to be the equivelent of what my bill should be. And having no further action on their part to correct this attempted theft, THEY CUT OFF MY SERVICE. Not only did they cut it off but in the same week that I saw them try to spin how they don't  do it in winter months, They cut it off on January 21 2015. RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COLDEST PERIOD UP HERE. It was about -10C. What they didn't know was that I spent a lot of time in Northern BC and the Yukon and knew how to deal with cold weather.

Now these arrogant fucks haven't finished with me.

I was gone from here from May 2 to June 4 this year and while I was absent they ignored my sign, entered my property and installed a smart meter.This to me is the height of Corporate fucking Arrogance. First the wait till I'm gone so they can chickenshit their way onto my property and then to add to this insult they arbitrarily install a "stupid" meter when they had cut off my services.

So, after fighting their bullshit for two years they finally got to me. I called them up and appologized to the person on the phone for what I was about to say. I told them that my anger was not directed to them but to the arrogant fucks that don't even know how to run a business. Then I told them they had 24 hrs to get the meter off my property and to cut the fucking line where it enters my lot.And that they better get the phoney balance out of collection. The person I was talking to said they coud remove the line and the meter,but that it could take up to 10 days. The uptic here is the arrived in 2 hours.

And I'd like to say that there was a great weight traken off my shoulders..

Now I have a couple of questions for these morons that try to bully seniors into paying for something they never received. Have these assholes never heard of wood heat? Or Propane cook stoves? Or composting toilets? And finally have they never heard of SOLAR power.


Message for Minister Moore

"I think it's highly inappropriate for any politician to start pointing fingers and trying to score political points, and taking jabs at other levels of government, without knowing all the facts, while the cleanup is still ongoing," in my opinion the "jabs" you speak of are completely justified.

That statement of yours actually identifies the problem. It is the fault of the Federal Government, in particular the Conservatives that this spill is turning into a disaster. All the deflection in the world cannot take away the fact that your government is irresponsible. And the main problem here is that your government does not have a plan in place to immediately identify the problem and immediately contact the levels of government that you so readily blame for singling you out. In my opinion the "jabs" of which you speak by the "other levels of government" are completely justified.

You can tell Ritford that the criticism from the west coast is completely justified.  

It boggles the mind why you shut down Kitsalano base. A place that is mere feet from this spill. You were warned of this when you arbitrarily shut the base down For christ sakes man, you live in the province. Take a walk along the beaches in English Bay. Have a look at what your governments misguided policies have brought to the most beautiful city in the world and its' pristine beaches  by the arbitrary closure of Kits Base.

Your world class spill response so far is a god damn farce. Your government has been dragging their ass on this. And you know it. All the bullshit in the world from your government can't detract from what is happening out here. What you should be telling us is that you don't have a clue.


Oil Companies Are Ripping Us Off! What Are You Prepared To Do?

     There is a Federal Election on the horizon. Possibly sooner than we think.

     For years we have known that the oil companies have been ripping us off. And no sitting government in the country has been remotely interested in doing anything about it.

     Why? Because if they attempt to control  the prices of fuel (especially at the pump) they will lose billions in tax revenue. Pure and simple.

     Recently, the price at the well head took a huge dive and the oil barons were reluctant to lower the prices. Why? Because they had to keep showing a profit to the investors in order to keep them.

     So, how did they get around this? They artificially inflated the retail price to gouge the shit out of us. And to top it off they truly think we are morons and won't do anything about it.

      The wellhead price for cruse is still hovering around (just below) $50 per barrel.The price managed to drop a bit. But not exponentially. They still kept ripping us off. And then what did they do? They came up with some lame excuse as to why they had to re-inflate the artificial price at the pump.

     Jesus Christ these people are making us out like lame asshole. They actually think we aren't going to do anything about it. And for years we kept boycotting various gas companies. We all know that didn't work.

     Ever since the Feds gave Petrocan to private investors any control that we had over prices went out the window.

     I allege that there is collusion in the oil industry in Canada. That collusion includes all the oil and gas producers as well as the Federal and Provincial governments.

     It has been with great restraint that I have refrained from using my customary language in this post. And believe me this pisses me off more than the Recall.

So here is what I propose: I, and I hope many of you will be asking all candidates what they intend to do about this ripoff. The first candidate that proves to me that they are doing something about this ripoff will be getting my vote. And I don't mean any sitting candidate that is paying lip service. I want parties to make it part of their platform. I want guarantees. I want independats to speak out loudly. I would like to see this the number one issue in the upcoming Federal Election. I could give a rats ass about "what  do you want, liberty or security" that's a no brainer. With liberty we have security.

Harper dfoesn't want us to be liberated. Why. So he can continue to openly patronize the oil companies. The FedCons do not have my vote because they are openly supporting this ripoff. They had their chance.

Screw em.


Natural Gas Pipeline Leak In 100 MIle House Area?

I have just returned from town doing my month end business and noticed quite a lot of pipeline trucks and employees in the area. I thought this was pretty unusual and began to wonder if something was up. Like maybe surveying to add another line to the existing two we already have.

I happened to mention this to an aquaintence and to my surprise they told me that they heard there was a leak in the line in this area and it was being kept very quiet.They said a lot of people were worried.

Now, my source is very reliable and they are actually worried about this.

Being the weekend and all I may not be able to get any info until Monday. If at all. But let me assure you If this information proves to be true the shit is going to hit the fan. Can you hear me squirrel cheeks?


Where Is The $40 Coming From

Teachers in BC are in a Strike/Lockout situation in this Province.

Contract talks are going nowhere and the government appears to be sitting on their hands waiting for courts decision(s). Why? Do they think the 3rd time is lucky? I have news for those who think they will win. You only win when you are right.

Twice now the BC supreme court has shot down the Governments attempts at trampleing on the constitution.. Twice.

I don't know about you but once was enough for me. Christ, I don't know who is advising the government on these matters but if it's lawyers there should be a wholesale exodus from government. Or is it that the government just isn't listening to them.

I allege that this whole mess is being controlled by Christy. She's pulling the strings. Why? You ask. Well it was under Christies watch that this whole mess was perpetuated. That's right. Back in 2002 she and Herr Campbell decided they didn't like the education system and since then have been systematically changing it to suit their needs. And again I allege Christy is following up to save face. That's right. It appears to be her way or the highway.

Government keeps yelling about "no money". Are you ready for this. They're lying.
They have offered parents $40 per day.per child under 13.

So lets just say the class sizes are 30 students. That's $1200 per class per day.
Now there's approximately 20 School days per month. That's $24000 peer month per class.
There are 558985 students at $40 per day. That's 22,359,400
Multiply that by 20 and the government will spend 447,188,000


We haven't even talked about how much they are paying the suits to fight the losing battle in court.

What I would like to add is: whose idea was it to insert that ridiculous clause about the teachers dropping greivences? Do they not understand what that procedure is about? If not then they have no business at the bargaining table.

It sure looks  to me that the government (Christy Clark) is attempting  to save face on a wrong she created herself.