Message for Minister Moore

"I think it's highly inappropriate for any politician to start pointing fingers and trying to score political points, and taking jabs at other levels of government, without knowing all the facts, while the cleanup is still ongoing," in my opinion the "jabs" you speak of are completely justified.

That statement of yours actually identifies the problem. It is the fault of the Federal Government, in particular the Conservatives that this spill is turning into a disaster. All the deflection in the world cannot take away the fact that your government is irresponsible. And the main problem here is that your government does not have a plan in place to immediately identify the problem and immediately contact the levels of government that you so readily blame for singling you out. In my opinion the "jabs" of which you speak by the "other levels of government" are completely justified.

You can tell Ritford that the criticism from the west coast is completely justified.  

It boggles the mind why you shut down Kitsalano base. A place that is mere feet from this spill. You were warned of this when you arbitrarily shut the base down For christ sakes man, you live in the province. Take a walk along the beaches in English Bay. Have a look at what your governments misguided policies have brought to the most beautiful city in the world and its' pristine beaches  by the arbitrary closure of Kits Base.

Your world class spill response so far is a god damn farce. Your government has been dragging their ass on this. And you know it. All the bullshit in the world from your government can't detract from what is happening out here. What you should be telling us is that you don't have a clue.

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