Campbell And Hansen Push Another HST Button

I woke up this morning thinking it may be a little depressing going out to canvass for Fight HST after the dictators invoked Closure last night.

The reason for my apprehension was triggered by the in-laws. You see they can be sometimes very depressing. Last night all I heard was "all is lost"

They don't read up as thoroughly on these things as you and I do and I was wondering how many others felt the same way. So you can imagine my surprise when the first three people to sign today were almost running up to me today and yelling, "these bastards just pushed me too far yesterday. Where is this god damn list we're supposed to sign?"

They were of course speaking about the Closure. They kept asking how this could be done. All I could answer is that they should write, phone, or e-mail their MLA.

One fella said that would be a waste of time because he had done that before and had never received an answer.To which I answered keep a copy of your e-mail and resend it every day. That might even get you a phone call..

In another instance, a person I know who is a liberal supporter asked what my hours were. Seems a owner of a rather large business in this area had been looking for a place to sign. He'll be around tomorrow.

And for any out there who don't know, there is a link on the fight HST Website that you can find out where to sign in your area. It also has the times that someone should be there. And don't complain if no one is there on time. All canvassers have a life and they are putting in untold hours to assist you in this Initiative.

On another note Peter Dimitrov has sent a letter to Elections BC asking that they look into the validity of the last election. That is how he responded to the bullying tactics of our finance minister. You can find the letter online at Straight.com or at the Tyee,ca

Hope you all are having a nice day. Mine is turning out great for a Friday afternoon.


Campbell Government, A Government in Crisis

 The Terrace Daily has published CO&PEU Local 378 news release:

Desperation, Giveaways Illustrate a Government in Crisis Scurrying into Hiding

The “Clean” Energy Act unveiled today by the BC Liberal Government provides an illustration of a desperate government on its last legs, forcing through the remaining planks of its energy giveaway agenda before they finally crumble and cave under the weight of a public that has turned against them, says the union representing workers in BC’s energy industry.

“What we see with this Act is a cynical move by a government on its last legs, desperately trying to complete its profiteering, export-driven energy agenda in its dying days,” said Andy Ross, President of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, Local 378. “This move is reminiscent of George W Bush’s last term, where we see a government being crushed in public opinion polls desperately trying to cram in every last giveaway before they are turfed out of office, in this case over $9 billion in projects,” added Ross.

“This isn’t an energy policy; it’s a scorched-earth policy,” added Ross.

The “Clean” Energy Act, with even its deceptive name borrowed from the Bush-Rove playbook, serves as a blanket document for overruling virtually every mechanism of accountability, process, public input, safeguards, and oversight regarding energy development, like the BCUC. After consistently being forced to overturn and interfere with the very BCUC mandate that they put in place, the government is using this act to essentially get rid of the Utilities Commission, despite over $9 billion in projects planned.

The “Clean” Energy Act clearly sets out the government’s plan to fasttrack all infrastructure for mass exports of power and private energy development, stating that virtually every single energy development project in the province “will not be subject to unnecessary lengthy and costly processes before the B.C. Utilities Commission”. This includes such massive government projects as the Site C Dam, the $1 billion Smart Metering program, the Northwest Transmission Line, the Clean and Bioenergy calls, and other major infrastructure/export components of the government’s agenda.

The above statement ignores the fact that the BCUC was structured by the current government to provide a vital oversight function, and forces BC utilities to demonstrate need and demand before proceeding with energy development. Ultimately, the Act shows that the government is planning $9 billion in public projects, all without the benefit of public oversight.
“The government isn’t even trying to pretend any more that their energy agenda is about anything other than mass exports centered on profiteering for Liberal friends and insiders,” said Ross. “In the past, the government has tried to mask their gold rush drive as essential to BC’s energy needs; now, they’ve given up on this and are just powering ahead with an export agenda,” added Ross.

“What this Act really looks like is an attempt to sew the crown jewels into their clothing before the masses storm the palace walls,” concluded Ross.

Projects no longer subject to the public scrutiny of the BCUC
The Northwest Transmission Line $404 million
Mica units 5 and 6 $ $1.3 Billion
Revelstoke unit 6 $300 million
Site C Clean Energy Project $6.6 billion
The Clean Power Call $400 million
BC Hydro’s Smart Metering and Grid Program $1 billion
TOTAL $9 billion

PLUS uncalculated costs of theses Projects
The Feed-in-Tariff Program
The Bioenergy Phase 2 Call for Power estimate $100 Million
BC Hydro’s integrated power offer
The Standing Offer Program


Bogus Anti HST Website Turns Up On The Web

     A bogus HST website is being reported by CBC. It looks official but when you go to the contacts list there are no contacts and the web is distributed through one of those site sellers. This site also asks for donations and is under investigation by Elections BC. Please do not donate at this site your money will disappear.I won't link to the site but if you google HST and CBC you can find it
     The only official website for the HST Fight is http://fighthst.com. Bill Tielemans' Facebook group is
the lead group for signing up and discussing amongst ourselves just how bad this TAX GRAB is. No one who is legal will ask you to sign the Initiative online. You must sign it in person and if you are elected to sign for someone who is physically unable you will be required to fill out a form stating such.

I sincerely hope they catch these bastards. 


HST: The Straw That Broke The Camels Back

     After slightly more than a week all indications are that this Hated Sales Tax is becoming the 'straw that broke the camels back'.

      People of all political persuasions are lining up in droves all over the Province to sign this Initiative.Record numbers of canvassers are still sending in their applications to try and help in any way they can.They want to help. They say they finally feel like they can do something to stop the madness.

     Even people who volunteered to help the Provincial Liberals and the Federal Conservatives are venting their frustration over this unwanted tax shift and signing the petition. I overheard the other day a man saying that for 33 years he voted and volunteered for the Federal Conservatives but when the feds rammed this (unconstitutionally) down our throats he withdrew not only his vote but all his volunteering for them. When asked who he was going to support now he answered "I am not sure yet". When pressed further whether he would support the NDP his answer was "that is a distinct possibility, but he is looking at all Other parties".
      Another couple, apparently lifelong Provincial Lib/cons visibly upset with Campbell said "It's time to stop this madman"

     And yet another man, "It's time to stop the madness".

    So you see people, the way I figure it, everyone was just waiting for the straw. And that straw is here. Some saw that as a lie and then started wondering what else he was lying about. THEY STARTED LOOKING AND ASKING AROUND. And now they are seeing this Provincial Government for what and who they are.

     Usually when something like this crops up they do a couple of things. They send out the spies to areas where petition tables are set up. These spies will report back to their political masters. And believe me folks they are there. You can spot them easily. They may be looking at a notice board. When they can't hear the conversation too well they almost bend over backwards to hear it. And I submit they look ridiculous.

     The other thing government does is they will start handing out candies to various ridings. Usually the the more trouble the MLA is in the larger the candy box.Just have a look what Coleman announced today in Vancouver today.. What was the figure..$8 Million for emergency housing for the homeless. $66 and change over one year for 328 people. But 8 million is a good spin for the wannabee reporters in Vancouver.And of course they want to blame Mayor Robertson. WTF is that all about. The homeless are not the cities problem. It's Colemans' problem. But oh yes, lets blame the NDP or a close affiliate. Shit if the Liberals hadn't saddled the city with a billion dollar boondoggle they might have kicked in. Of course Jabba is probably telling you otherwise.

     So $66 a day. Lets see. A mere 4$ hr raise  for those on slave wages would only be less than half of what they need. And that makes 656 people that could get something better than an underground parking lot or a spot under  an overpass. But the BC Liars just don't get it. They think handing out candy is the way to go. Suffer all the masses for years and one day give them a candy. Shit.

Update April 17 2010

From The Sun
"A lot of people who are signing that petition are signing it based on false information that they are getting from the Internet and other sources," he said, adding the government is revamping its HST website and preparing to mail pamphlets to every household in the province to help extol the tax's virtues.

"I think it's important that we engage in a conversation," he said. "We're developing some print material now. Included in it will be some factual information about the HST."

I'm sorry minister. But where the hell was your "conversation" when you started ramming this through. Or for that matter a year ago when I allege you knew it was a done deal.
And where has your conversation been on anything you have done in tearing this province apart for the last nine years starting with your governments lie about not selling BC Rail.


Stop The HST In 100 Mile House

the Initiative To End The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) petition signing campaign will kick off at the Cariboo Mall in 100 Mile House on Saturday April 10 2010 (tomorrow) From 10 AM till 2PM.

I made my annual trip to the Barber Shop today and was pleasantly surprised after informing the Barber of the times and date, when he said thanks for the information. He has had people poking their heads in the door apparently antsy to sign the petition. From there the regular Barbershop discussion started. I had to end the conversation early because first of all I am a bearded "longhair" and I felt too much was being trimmed off. And secondly I had to pick up the Van from the glass shop.

Being a small town I don't think the last minute announcement will be a problem. Only one person I have spoken to was hesitant. EVERYONE else is very enthusiastic.

So for the people in the South Cariboo around 100 Mile House we'll see you at the mall (Safeway). If you don't make it don't worry we will still be knocking on doors. For all my readers, I will post again on the results either way, tomorrow.

     For those interested there is a calculator which will let you know just how much you will pay extra per year with this tax shift. Go to   http://www.bcndp.ca/?q=hst/calc

UPDATE 6PM Saturday

As previously reported we were in the Cariboo Mall from 10 AM until 2PM. There were a lot of people there but being a vacation community many of them were "weekenders"  But never fear they all wanted to know if theyt could sign the petition at our table. We explained that this isn't possible under the terms. Some were aprehensive that they would be here for two weeks and would miss the signing but when it was explained that this petition would be out there for 90 days they were visibly relieved.

     As we are in the southern and Eastern end of the Cariboo Chilcotin riding many asked where they could sign. We stated that many malls would have the petition nearby and that there were canvassers like ourselves going door to door. So there's a good chance they would get to sign.
     There are very few canvassers at this time due to an overload at Elections BC. Official status has been slow in coming. But please be patient Elections BC is working very hard to complete their task. In fact at this writing they may be done.

      So the end result today is about 170 signatures in this small community (I canvassed on the way home) with an estimated double that of enquiries that could not sign. Not bad for something that wasn't even advertised before hand.



HST Movement Gearing Up For April 6 2010

The Vancouver Media seems to think the HST Movement is fizzling. Funny, the people of BC don't seem to think it is. Maybe the MSM should get out and ask the population what they think instead of grabbing onto small situations like the restaurant industry apparently back peddling on their position. Does anyone think that they may have struck a deal with Campbells Liar Club? I Do.

Nothing short of a Revolution!

Our campaign to defeat the HST has exploded across the province. It has become a massive people’s movement that is reaching beyond the Initiative Petition to repeal the Hated Sales Tax, into a popular uprising to reclaim democracy.

Overcapacity crowds filled every town hall room we attended. Kamloops 240 + people. Vernon, 300+. Kelowna 250+ (Even with the Rockets playoff game on the same night). Penticton 510+ on a Sunday morning. Osoyoos 250 people! Trail 160. Cranbrook 300+. In some places, like Revelstoke, we had virtually no advertising, nor even an organizer in place for the meetings – and yet people came in droves to fill the hall.

In Salmon Arm, the room was set up for 200. After nearly 300 people packed the halls and walls of the venue there, the fire marshal came in and closed the doors. But rather than go home, people stood outside in the doorways to hear the presentation.

We finished our Okangan/Kootenay Tour with a final stop on the way home in Chilliwack, where 300+ people showed up, forcing the organizers to add three more rows of seats, and still it was standing room only.

Everywhere we go, people tell us they are outraged that when so many people reject a government policy -  a government policy they have no mandate for - not one of the MLAs on the government side will stand up for their constituents. Not one government MLA will represent the people who pay their salaries and pensions, and instead arrogantly plow ahead with a cruel, hurtful tax that nobody wants, and which will do massive harm to the BC economy.

They won’t listen, so we will force them to. The Citizen Initiative petition is the best tool we have ever had to make the government abide by the wishes of the people they are supposed to serve.

We will kick off our campaign for the Fight HST Citizen Initiative petition on April 6th at 7:30pm right in the premier’s own riding of Point Grey – at Kitsilano Secondary School.

Please circulate this message to everyone you know. We want  everyone to come and give the premier a message he can’t ignore.
Starting on April 6th, the people of BC are going to teach their government the biggest lesson in the history of Canadian democracy.

It’s about time – isn’t it?

Bill Vander Zalm
Fight HST