HST: The Straw That Broke The Camels Back

     After slightly more than a week all indications are that this Hated Sales Tax is becoming the 'straw that broke the camels back'.

      People of all political persuasions are lining up in droves all over the Province to sign this Initiative.Record numbers of canvassers are still sending in their applications to try and help in any way they can.They want to help. They say they finally feel like they can do something to stop the madness.

     Even people who volunteered to help the Provincial Liberals and the Federal Conservatives are venting their frustration over this unwanted tax shift and signing the petition. I overheard the other day a man saying that for 33 years he voted and volunteered for the Federal Conservatives but when the feds rammed this (unconstitutionally) down our throats he withdrew not only his vote but all his volunteering for them. When asked who he was going to support now he answered "I am not sure yet". When pressed further whether he would support the NDP his answer was "that is a distinct possibility, but he is looking at all Other parties".
      Another couple, apparently lifelong Provincial Lib/cons visibly upset with Campbell said "It's time to stop this madman"

     And yet another man, "It's time to stop the madness".

    So you see people, the way I figure it, everyone was just waiting for the straw. And that straw is here. Some saw that as a lie and then started wondering what else he was lying about. THEY STARTED LOOKING AND ASKING AROUND. And now they are seeing this Provincial Government for what and who they are.

     Usually when something like this crops up they do a couple of things. They send out the spies to areas where petition tables are set up. These spies will report back to their political masters. And believe me folks they are there. You can spot them easily. They may be looking at a notice board. When they can't hear the conversation too well they almost bend over backwards to hear it. And I submit they look ridiculous.

     The other thing government does is they will start handing out candies to various ridings. Usually the the more trouble the MLA is in the larger the candy box.Just have a look what Coleman announced today in Vancouver today.. What was the figure..$8 Million for emergency housing for the homeless. $66 and change over one year for 328 people. But 8 million is a good spin for the wannabee reporters in Vancouver.And of course they want to blame Mayor Robertson. WTF is that all about. The homeless are not the cities problem. It's Colemans' problem. But oh yes, lets blame the NDP or a close affiliate. Shit if the Liberals hadn't saddled the city with a billion dollar boondoggle they might have kicked in. Of course Jabba is probably telling you otherwise.

     So $66 a day. Lets see. A mere 4$ hr raise  for those on slave wages would only be less than half of what they need. And that makes 656 people that could get something better than an underground parking lot or a spot under  an overpass. But the BC Liars just don't get it. They think handing out candy is the way to go. Suffer all the masses for years and one day give them a candy. Shit.

Update April 17 2010

From The Sun
"A lot of people who are signing that petition are signing it based on false information that they are getting from the Internet and other sources," he said, adding the government is revamping its HST website and preparing to mail pamphlets to every household in the province to help extol the tax's virtues.

"I think it's important that we engage in a conversation," he said. "We're developing some print material now. Included in it will be some factual information about the HST."

I'm sorry minister. But where the hell was your "conversation" when you started ramming this through. Or for that matter a year ago when I allege you knew it was a done deal.
And where has your conversation been on anything you have done in tearing this province apart for the last nine years starting with your governments lie about not selling BC Rail.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll mail my pamphlet back to Colin Hansen with exactly that sentiment attached: It's a little late for this information. Stop wasting taxpayer money trying to justify your bully government.

Gary E said...

Anon 4:13 What a great idea. Not only do we sign the initiative ut when the PAB sends out their propaganda tell them to piss off.

Grant G said...

Hello Gary...I had people lined up to sign..5 hours at our little store..150 signatures, 234 signatures so far for me, that only took 5 hours today and 3 hours on Thursday...

I have 10 weeks left, and...I live in the smallest town on the Sunshinecoast,....I haven`t even knocked on 1 door yet!


Gary E said...

Great News Grant. Make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's crossed. Wouldn't want to lose any for a technicality.
And if anyone thinks one man can't make a difference just watch BVDZ and Grant G

SharingIsGood said...

Great idea about sending the pamphlet back, anon! I think we should make this part of no HST programme. Everone can send them to their closest BC Liberal MLA or to the PAB with the words, "NOT INTERESTED" written across the front. Great Idea! I'm going to start spreading it around, and perhaps others can too.

Anonymous said...

SharingisGood, you could start already! I sent the following email to Colin Hansen on April 15:

From: Tara
Sent: April-15-10 2:15 PM
To: Hansen.MLA, Colin
Cc: James.MLA, Carole; Ralston.MLA, Bruce
Subject: Re: Question period

Hello Colin. Please don't mail me any HST propaganda/literature, or - for that matter - any information from your government. Please remove me from your mailing list. Being a "green-minded" person, I have removed myself from many a mailing list, so I hope my own government will honour my wishes.

I consider this mailout you spoke of today a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars (especially at this time). In addition, I am comfortable researching HST on my own.

I signed my full name and full address...we'll see if I get a pamphlet...

*Note: I am the same anonymous that wrote post 1 on this thread.

Gary E said...

anon 6:08/post 1, Great E-mail. Problem is that we know they don't listen to us so you'll probably get the flyer. I usually use mine in the outhouse. Maybe I'll use it first then send it back to him.

Anonymous said...

I have read, Hansen has already, introduced the HST in the House of Commons. A province, can not cancel, anything in the Federal House. Has anyone else heard of this?

My pamphlet, will be, return to sender.

Gary E said...

Anon 12:36 and others.

I'm not sure that Hansen can introduce this bill in the House Of Commons. The Commons is the Federal Government and Hansen is a provincial Minister and MLA. I may be wrong on this so I will check when I get a chance.
But I do know that the Federal Government is set to go on this Bill. The problem being that the Provincial Government is trying to Ram this bill through the Legislature in Victoria. Which in my opinion they cannot do because they do not have a mandate to surrender the right of BC (read the citizens)to set their own tax rates. Further, they are in contradiction of the Constitution. I expect that as well as this Provincial government sitting on their hands and and not repealing this Legislation there will be a recall vote in the fall. And all that is needed in a recall is to unseat 7 liberals and Campbell will not have a majority. He's out.