Cariboo Chilcotin Recall Set to File Papers

The Cariboo Chilcotin Recall campaign has set a date to mail the application for recall of their MLA.And that date is February 15, 2011

The core group of people that are involved are mostly from the Initiative Petition Campaign and have worked hard since that campaign to develop a system that may help them recall their MLA.

They would also like to thank the people of Oak Bay Gordon Head, Comox Valley, Kamloops North Thompson and the many other recall people involved in Campaigns around the province for their input.

We realize that there is a lot of work to do and to that end there can never be enough canvassers. So if you'd like to help by canvassing or in any other way we will be setting up a Facebook site in the next couple of days and hope to find the means to set up a website.

And it takes money  to do these things. Unlike the present government we don't have the support of big business, and small business is hurting badly in this riding with restaurants closing almost every week and small businesses in trouble. There will be information on where to donate, should you wish, on the Facebook Site.
That site is called Recall Cariboo Chilcotin and will be run by the bride. She will feed me all the information from the site and I will give her the answers. So don't despair if we don't get back to you immediately.

The media is already aware of the date and we will see just how they treat us. One thing in our favor is this blog. I will try to get all the information out I can but I know I'm going to be real busy. You see, I am the Proponent.

We will be running a clean campaign and to that end will not confirm or deny anything that is not related to what we are doing.

Although it is between -10 an -30C in some places up here the people are raring to go. And we dress for the cold.



Comox Valley Starts Recall

There's an interesting article in this morning's Comox Valley Echo. I'd like to clarify a few errors.
Last June, when the Fight HST petition was sent to Elections BC, the local team counted 12, 051 signatures. That is the number still posted on the Fight HST website.
When the signatures were tallied in Victoria during the period after June 30, there were even more signatures than were reported - 12, 888. The difference was the number of local signatures collected outside of the Comox Valley in other ridings.
So really, Don McRae has raised an interesting fact - MORE people actually signed our petition than we even knew. That information came to us from Elections BC on Monday from Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman..
At the end of the signature verification period, Elections BC determined that 2, 673 of those signatures were not acceptable, and informed the proponent, Bill Vander Zalm, that the number of verified signatures in the Comox Valley was 10, 215. That information also came to us for the first time on Monday.
We were not allowed to have a voters list during the anti-HST campaign, so we trusted that people were registered voters if they said they were. Of the 48, 367 people who were registered to vote in the Comox Valley a year and a half ago, 12, 888 DID sign a petition protesting the implementation of the HST, more than we have ever claimed in our petition materials. Elections BC disqualified 5.5% of those signatures. When the dust settled, 21.1% of all voters were found to have officially signed the petition protesting the HST. We will ensure that all of our canvassers understand the importance of those numbers.
The question to ask Don McRae and his team is this: "Do they really think that any voter will now sign the recall petition BECAUSE we reported a lower number of signatures on a past petition than was actually counted? Or because Elections BC disallowed some of those signatures? What is he really saying?"
And the question to ask voters is: "What would you rather have your MLA spend his time on - making strange allegations about a past petition or standing up and representing his constituents rather than his party on issues like the unpopular HST?"
I look forward to hearing some answers.
Kathryn Askew
Recall Comox Valley
Kath Askew has started her Recall Campaign with a bang. And it appears her MLA isn't up to snuff on matters. 

Anyone in her riding who hasn't volunteered and would like to can contact her and apply. Anyone outside the riding who was registered to vote in the 2009 election and whose current address is up to date is encouraged to volunteer. This is our chance folks. Democracy is at stake.


Is Barnett Giving An Inch On Recall Or Just Blowing Smoke?

 Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett has come out with the following statement:

[snip]..Barnett said the public said it wanted a referendum because British Columbians didn’t have a say on the HST. “OK, now they’re having a say.”
Noting Freeston told the Free Press it doesn’t matter what [B.C. Liberal candidates say about the referendum] because it’s non-binding, Barnett said she wanted to go on the public record.
“I stand by what we said about what the referendum would do. If the people say they want to get rid of [the HST] during the referendum and the government doesn’t
abide by those wishes, I’ll become an independent MLA.”

The whole article can be found here:   

The problem with this statement is that the Liberal leadership candidates have been the usual "maybe" statements. Things like "might", "may", "possibly" or the inevitable "could". This type of statement is unacceptable. Using these words mean squat to me. Especially when remembering their past practices.

The 100 Mile Free Press has a comment section and I have left two comments there.

The Cariboo Chilcotin Recall Campaign has always, since the beginning, said we want this act repealed. Put it back the the way it was on June 29, 2009.

The present Legislation is non binding and the public is shoveling $200,000,000 per month into government coffers without ever having been consulted. In Fact when the restaurant and small business associations aske the direct question if the government was going to implement this money grab the were lied to by Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen. "it wasn't on our radar" they said.

The larger problem I see here is that with this system we have given away our right in BC to set our own tax rates . With HST the Federal government now does that and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it unless we repeal the tax. What's to say after our next election that the Feds won't increase the tax to 15%. If the Liberals are re-elected they will say it was the feds not them. Wake up people.

So in the interests of the people in the Cariboo Chilcotin unless the Act is changed to reflect a 50%+1 binding vote and moved up considerably (say to May 1 2011)  at the next sitting of the legislature February 14,2011, then recall will proceed. Negotiations are over.  We will recall our MLA then get on with our lives. GaryE

Update The following comment was just posted under the above column
If you think the tax shift created by the HST is bad its nothing compared to what the BC Chamber of Commerce wants.  At the recent Liberal leadership candidate forum it was proposed that municipal business taxes be shifted onto residential rate payers.  They even went as far as to suggest that Municipalities are a significant barrier to prosperity.  Very scary stuff.


Do We Still Have a Double Standard?

Subject: RE: Complaint re Anonymous Ad in Comox Valley Echo

Hi Colin:

Please accept this email in response to your letter dated January 3, 2011, “Unauthorized Advertisement Placed in Comox Valley Echo.”

The advertisement that you provided with your letter, headlined, “It’s Easy to See Who’s Behind The Recall Campaign,” was determined to be recall advertising in relation to the Oak Bay-Gordon Head recall petition. Our office has confirmed that this advertisement was placed by Kevin Tevington, the anti-recall campaign manager for Don McRae, MLA for Comox Valley.

As a result, our office requested that the Comox Valley Anti-Recall Campaign register as a recall advertising sponsor in relation to the Oak Bay-Gordon Head recall petition. Mr. Tevington has complied with this request and has registered the campaign.

The Comox Valley Anti-Recall Campaign will be required to file an advertising disclosure report in relation to the Oak Bay-Gordon Head recall petition. This report is in addition to any filing that may be required in relation to a Comox Valley recall petition. Our office has also instructed Mr. Tevington regarding the important requirement to include the authorization statement on all recall advertising messages.

I trust that your inquiry is satisfied.

Best regards,

Greg Macdonald
Sr. Electoral Finance Reviewer
Elections BC 1-800-661-8683

The first response I got when I sent this out in my email list was from Terry Hand. And it was the response I was looking for. 


  They pester and threaten signatories with harsh penalties under the claim of
  allegedly signing the
  initiative petition more than once, yet they allow this guy
  compliance...after the fact!
  A continued pattern of double standard and bias.


More News From Oak Bay Gordon Head


Town Hall Meeting, with Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney, this Friday, January 14th at the Gordon Head Rec Center (Bert Richman Hall) from 7:30 to 9:00.

Please plan to attend this is a major media event being held to inject energy and excitement into the final 3 weeks of the Campaign.  We need a large, enthusiastic audience, and that’s where you come in. Plan to attend and bring a friend. In fact, if you know anyone who is hesitating to sign the Petition, questions the use of Recall or doesn’t understand the link between Recall and the HST, please, encourage them to come out.

The general public has been invited to get straight answers to hard questions: Why Recall?  Why Ida?  How will Recall change our democracy?

Let’s show Ida, the Media and the rest of BC that Recall can and will work in Oak Bay-Gordon Head!

Is EBC Sabotaging the Recall Campaign?

 I read in the online news this morning that Craig James was concerned for his safety due to the recent events in the USA. While reading the article I questioned his timing and the repetition of what he perceives to be the Anti HST forces threatening him.

 The situation regarding the threats was reported I believe, Last November. Quite extensively I might add. So why is it being repeated at this time?

 I wondered if they had done a trace on any of the emails at the time to determine their source. The technology is out there. Why don't they use it?

  The following press release was delivered to my in box and after reading it I could not agree more with Mr. Hayes and his crew.

Press Release
Mike Hayes, Recall Proponent  250-507-2204
Colin Nielsen Petition Coordinator  250-812-6593

           Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recall Committee Decries Threats But Questions Timing

Oak Bay-Gordon Head Recall Proponent, Mike Hayes, issued a statement, today, in reaction to published reports by Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Craig James, that he has received threatening and abusive email.”  Hayes said that the Recall Ida Chong Committee condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the actions of anyone using threats of violence and intimidation in our open and democratic society.

“There is no place in a civilized and civil society for that kind of behavior,” said Hayes. “It is difficult to find words that express my contempt for such abusive rhetoric.”

However, Hayes said that he questions the timing of the Press Release from the Acting Chief Electoral Officer.  “Why has he waited until the closing weeks of the Recall Petition Period to make a public statement about abusive emails and threats he received in November?” Hayes asked. “It would appear that he is trying to discredit the Fight-HST Campaign and the Recall, currently underway in Oak Bay-Gordon Head.”

Hayes pointed out that the Chief Electoral Officer is supposed to be an independent office of the Legislature.  “James does his Office, and the wonderful staff at Elections BC, no favours when he appears to be meddling in the democratic processes he is responsible for overseeing,” said Hayes. “It is, quite simple, wrong.”

Hayes said that the controversy over James actions around the 200 word limit issue, as well as the timing of his announcing RCMP investigations into seven people who signed the HST Petition, just before the launch or the Recall campaign, all show a lack of understanding of his role, at best, and outright interference, at worst.

“How can the people working on Recall, and all those citizens who have signed the Petition, have confidence that this “independent” office will fairly oversee this vitally important democratic process?” Hayes asked. “I would challenge Mr. James to disclose all the emails he has received and to show how many he has received since the Recall Petition was approved and the Campaign has been underway. If the bulk of the abusive communication was a reaction to his changing the word-count rules in November, then I think it would fair to question why he has chosen to make his disclosure at this late date.”

I have no doubt that the people at elections BC are very honest  and hard working folks. But what I perceive as a attempt to sidetrack the recall campaign by of all people Mr. James doesn't bode well for the peoples belief that EBC is non-partisan today.

And why is Mr. James still the TEMPORARY CEO of EBC? This temporary position has lasted longer than any other in the history of EBC. Why is that?Gary E


If You're Against Recall, You're Against Democracy


The statement in the  title here says it all. It was stated to me by one of our steering committee in the Cariboo Chilcotin.
Just while we're her I thought it may be prudent to tell you of something else that was passed on to me.
It seems that there may be people out there that might change their minds on the HST if it was dropped to 8%.
Now, for me that was good news and bad news. The good news is there is not a government in this provinve that would drop the tax to that level. The bad news is that the person who thinks like this is not very well informed.
What they don't see is that ANY government that said they would drop the price tag, would immediately raise it after they were elected. And by government I mean Federal Government. You see these people don't know that with the HST we have lost the provinces right to set our own taxes.
And for those who want to wait for the next election to see what happens to us over this draconian Tax Grab I say, Why do you want to wait more than a year to stop this when they are stealing $200,000,000 every month from us. That's 200 MILLION folks.
They told us that this would create jobs. Did you see the news today? They told us prices would go down. Can anyone tell me which prices went down? Even food is going through the roof.
You are getting gouged every day folks. When are you going to say enough is enough.


BC Liberals Don't Want You To Have Democracy.

Neither does any other party for that matter. Nor does big money interests.

From the Province newspaper. A newspaper that appears to be balancing their reporting, finally

[snip snip snip}. The campaign¹s most recent ad has a blazing red banner that reads: "Recall rules, responsibilities and your rights." The ad warns the pubic that the sole purpose of signing the petition is to trigger an expensive $1.2 million by-election; that it's not a petition against the HST; that it is an offence to intimate or force you to sign; that canvassers cannot mislead you about the purpose of the recall; and that there are stiff penalties for contravening the Recall and Initiatives Act — including voters who sign the petition seeking her removal more than once.
Like earlier ads supporting Chong, the new ads have a threatening tone and appearance, Ruff said.
"Unless you read through them carefully you would think it's an official Elections B.C. ad," Ruff said. He described the recent ad and an earlier one, which suggested personal information given to recall canvassers could be misused, as intimidating.

Lets have a look at what Elections BC says:

Recall is a process that allows registered voters to petition for the removal of a Member of the Legislative Assembly between elections.
Any registered voter can apply to have a petition issued for the recall of their MLA (the elected Member representing their electoral district in the Legislative Assembly). A registered voter who wants to start a recall petition must obtain an application form from the Chief Electoral Officer. The completed application form must be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer with a non-refundable processing fee of $50 and include a statement of 200 words or less of why, in the opinion of the applicant, the Member should be recalled. A Member cannot be recalled during the first 18 months after their election.
If the application is complete and meets the requirements of the Recall and Initiative Act, a petition is issued to the applicant (called a “proponent”) within seven days. The proponent then has 60 days to collect signatures from more than 40% of the voters who were registered to vote in the Member’s electoral district in the last election, and who are currently registered as voters in B.C. The proponent may be helped by volunteers when canvassing for signatures.
When all the signed petition sheets are submitted, the Chief Electoral Officer has 42 days to verify that enough eligible individuals have signed the petition. If enough valid signatures are on the petition, and the financing rules have been met by the proponent, the Member ceases to hold office and a by-election must be called within 90 days. A recalled Member can run as a candidate in the by-election.
I don't see anything in the above that states that the Recall Act is done for the sole purpose of causing a $1.2 million  by-election. Do you?

As for Giving Personal Information and having it misused.
Every political Party and Every riding association has access to the same voters list that would be issued to a recall Proponent. At the same time the MLA is issued the same list.

So I'm asking here why would the MLA's supporters tell you that the information you give on the signature sheet, which is the same information that is on the voters list, is a dangerous thing? Could it be that they are covering something up like ...say...they are misusing that information?
Given the record of lies and spins by the Liberals in the last 10 years would you trust them with the same information. 

Duties of canvassers

7 (1)  A canvasser must comply with the following when canvassing for signatures on a petition:
(a) the canvasser must carry the identification issued by the chief electoral officer and, if requested to do so, must produce it;
(b) the canvasser must not knowingly make any false or misleading statements about the petition or the initiative that is the subject of the petition;
(c) the canvasser must not remove, cross out or interfere with a signature on a petition;
(d) the canvasser must not use information obtained in canvassing for signatures for a purpose other than a purpose contemplated by the Act or the regulations under the Act.
(2)  A canvasser may divide or group petition sheets for an electoral district to facilitate the collection of signatures if a copy of the cover sheet issued by the chief electoral officer accompanies the petition sheets during signature collection.
(3)  The canvasser must ensure that persons who sign the petition
(a) sign in ink on the preprinted side of the signature sheets, and
(b) sign only once.

I will be posting more on this matter just to keep the record straight. I've had enough of the lies. If you feel the same by all means pass this along to your friends or just link them to this blog. I will be happy to answer your questions. After I have researched the answers of course. Gary E


HST, Ida Chong Recall and the BC Rail Trial

This morning I forwarded an email to some friends containing some information on the upcoming (January 11,2011) court application to have all the evidence, emails and anything else you can think of that found its' way into the hands of the defense in the Legislature Raids (Basi-Virk) trial returned to the courts.

It's my understanding that this application is being initiated by the Liberal Government in BC. And the optics of that presents a huge problem in more ways than one.
Why would the Liberals want to return this evidence? Could it be that they want to get their hands on it to destroy it? Personally (and I'm not alone), I think so. They don't want a public inquiry. Ever. Why? For one thing a public inquiry would expose the whole truth on the giveaway of our railway. Giveaway you say? Yes exactly. The people of this province, I allege, have not received one dime of this Billion Dollars. In fact with all the tax exemptions, write offs, and indemnities we have most likely shelled out about $235 million of our tax (HST) dollars for CN (now a private company) to take our Railway.In other words paid them to take it.

It is also my understanding that once the trial had ended, that evidence became part of the public domain. It belongs to the public. Not the government, because as we know, this government does not act in the best interests of the people who elected them. The public.

So. Why do I connect this court case to The Recall and the HST? It's a diversion pure and simple.
Aside from the fact that the Mainstream Media in this province is trying to hide every piece of news as to what is going on in the riding of Oak Bay/Gordon Head, the Liberals and big business (headed by Phil Hochstein) have pulled out all the stops. Intimidation, completely false advertising, scare tactics, and personal attacks on Proponents, organizers, and canvassers are only part of the plan. The yellow journalism by the mainstream media is appalling. They are supposed to be reporting the news. Not copying Liberal press releases and slanting the news.
The HST and Recall Campaign are the biggest news this country has ever seen. Glen Clarks sundeck (of which he was absolved of all charges) was nothing. Nothing compared to what is going on in this province today.And Gordon Campbell had the complete backing of the Yellow Journalism in this province.
And I'll tell you here as I have said in comments on other blogs, " there are no main political parties in this province, nor in this country that want to see this recall succeed".
Why? Because the politicians will see that the voters now have something that will make them tow the line. Not do what big business or any special interest group tells them to do.

Now, for those of you who have a recall possible in your riding, just have a look at the money being poured into the riding and the Propaganda Photo Ops being done by the liberals for their MLA's.  So if there are any ridings that may be thinking about not recalling their MLA at this time I suggest that you don't give up. Just think of the money your area could get.
Let's not forget that any stalling is giving Big Business about $200,000,000 out of your pocket. Money they don't need and that you can ill afford.
The Liberals would have you believe that their problem is that they "rolled out the tax wrongly". Bullshit. Their problem is that they forced it on us at all.
Had the liberals not given away our railway, semi privatized the BC Ferries, dismantled Hydro and raped our rivers, this province would not need the taxes they have forced on us. Nor the user fees or surtaxes.

In closing folks, I implore you to not get placated, and definitely don't believe the spin from either the Liberals or the yellow journalists. Do your own DD. Ask your MLA or even Your MP what they intend to do about the HST. And regardless of what some say, fire the asses of the ones who lied in the first place.
It's time to take back our province and the only way to do that is to support the recall.

I fully expect to get attacked for this post and I will be commenting on all of it.

Have a nice day, Ice fishing
Gary E


Oak Bay Gordon Head "Burma Shave" Signing Location Tuesday Jan 4th

 From the Ida Chong Recall organizers

We want to hold a 'Burma Shave" - (lots of people with signs) on Shelbourne St (just south of Cedar Hill Cross Road - there is a McDonalds on the corner) - we need a good turnout.  For those who can make it, turn onto Church Ave (first street southwest of Cedar Hill X Road, directly across the street from the Fairway Market sign and park on Cottonwood, which is the first street off Church on the left. Start time would be 7:30 AM (make your best time, as traffic really picks up, at 07:45 AM. THIS WILL BE A "DRIVE THRU SIGNATURE MOBILE OPERATION".  The idea is to put a number of volunteers along Shelbourne to catch lots of people going back to work after the holidays, and get some signatures.  Michael Krancevic will be coordinating this and the motor home will be there(hot chocolate / apple cider /coffee) - he will bring signs, clipboards and vests.  Some may go to schools after the Burma Shave is over.   Please let us know if you can make it to join the crew.