Big Stink Over Gas Prices In Kamloops/Merritt

Let me start by saying that a few months ago, a friend of mine got tired of businesses in 100 Mile House complaining that the people here were doing their shopping in Williams Lake.

He wrote a letter to the Editor of the 100 Mile Free Press telling people that it was no wonder they were going elsewhere as the high prices (especially the gas prices) were driving people to save money by going to other places.

At the time there was a 6 cent a liter difference in gas prices between here and the "Puddle". Williams Lake being lower.

But the letter didn't have the effect he was looking for. What happened was that the prices in Williams Lake jumped by a full 10 cents while Hundred Mile remained the same.

What he didn't mention was that there was a difference of at least 15 cents a liter with Kamloops. Kamloops being lower.

Fast forward to Yesterday.

The Kamloops news is reporting that the Local Conservative MP in Merritt, Dan Albas, is filing a complaint over the difference in prices between Kamloops and Merrit to the Competition Bureau.

Now I was going to predict that the same thing would happen here as it did in the South Cariboo but it looks like the gas companies  monitor these situation fairly closely. The Gas Prices in Kamloops have already spiked up by 10 to 10.5 cents per liter. They didn't drop in Merritt. see http://www.bcgasprices.com/GasPriceSearch.aspx

Chevron is still using the standard bullshit about transportation , blah, blah, blah.

As far as the local MP goes I allege that he is only playing politics. Actions speak louder than word and the local MLA, Harry Lali, states that he tries not to buy the high prices gas in Merritt. AND HE LIVES THERE.

I believe that as with everything else that is going wrong in this province we need to flod the emails of the
Prime minister, the Energy Minister, The Opposition Leader. and all the MP's in this province objecting to this ripoff.

Don't stop there. Email the premier, all the MLA's, Mayors, Regional Districts, and News Media.

They have gone too far and with the fact that we are about to export out oil for less than we the Canadian Consumer are paying for I believe it's time to grab these elected (except in Clarks case) by the cajones and keep up the pressure until we get the prices we deserve as an Energy Producing Nation.

Time constraints for the next few days are preventing me form posting email sites for MP's and MLA's today. But I'll try to get them over the next few days.Watch for an update here.In the mean time Look in the Blue pages of your phone books. Some adresses can be found there.

Get on the emails folks it works for the likes of Alex Morton, it can work here.


My Letter to Canada Trade Agreements Secretariat

My main opposition to FIPA  is that it will hold Canadians Ransom to the bidding of foreign powers and companies. Thirty-one years is more than a generation and my descendents don't deserve this type of treatment. This Federal government has never asked for permission of the people to sell out our country in this manner (by way of a election platform or other means.


You are insuring that the environment will be destroyed. And for what? Extra money in the pockets of the already filthy rich at the expense of those who really count. The Voter.

The link for writing this type of letter can be found at Leadnow.ca  

We have until Monday Morning to again flood these idiots with letter in a  attempt to stop this madness.

Please go there and write something. Anything. \they have to be stopped.