Happy New Year 2014

This past year for me was basically wasted.

On the personal front as well as the political one.

For 2014 I plan to pull out all the stops on both fronts.

My personal life won't appear here but many are in for a big surprise.

On the political side my first post will set the pace and many here will certainly disagree with me. But the time has  come to set Harper and the political system on it's ass.

Here's hoping that all who read this, and in fact everyone, has a prosperous and fruitful new year in 2014.



Harper and Oliver Think Northern Gateway Is A Done Deal

News coming from interviews with different MP's and Harper are suggesting that the dirty oil pipeline is a done deal.

Hinting that the pipeline would be in the National Interest they are setting the mood for civil disobedience.


This is utter bullshit. The only interest here is the lining of pockets of the oil barons and I allege some elected members pockets.

The only time this would "maybe" work is if Canada was made energy self sufficient and our fuel prices dropped to the bottom.And there was a multi-billion dollar bond for cleanup. (sorry folks what was I thinking?) There is absolutely no reason to think that a pipeline that crosses the northern part of the province and three major rivers will not ruin our ecosystem. It just won't work.

This sand is corrosive and will wear a pipe out in not time flat. The oil companies and Enbridge have admitted ther are going to be spills. Unacceptable.We demand a guarantee that there will be no spills

I want to ask the people of this province just what they plan to feed their children with when and I mean when the ecosystem is completely ruined? Food prices are already skyrocketing in this province directly because of the ridiculous increase in fuel prices.

Why, if we are a major source of oil in the world, are we still paying among the highest prices  at the pump? Trudeau the senior was going to make this country self sufficient. What are Juniors plans?

Wake up folks.They keep talking jobs and economy. Numbers and dollars are thrown out and increased by every person who quotes them without even breaking things down and showing us their reasoning behind those numbers.What an utter crock of shit.

At the present time, the only buffer we have for the coming travesty is the native population. In particular the Elders.The natives in this province have guarantees under the constitution. The Harperites are trying to circumvent  theses guarantees. They want us to believe that it is in the "National Interest"
What is in the national interest is a guarantee that our means of survival is not ruined by the 1% who, if this pipe goes through will be the only ones who can afford any food which may be left for survival.



A Sad Day For Online Media: Has The Catholic Heirarchy Waded Deeply Into The Political Scene?

     I have written a few times here about the work of Merv Ritchie and his crew at the Terrace Daily.

     For a few years now I have been reading a more balanced reporting on things in the North. And in particular the reporting of the goings on of the JRP (Joint Review Panel), the utter disdain Enbridge has shown for the natives in the North, and the exposure of corruption in the political arena in Terrace. All this, I allege, being sanctioned by the Government of BC.

     But now we have a new Devil in the mix. The Catholic Church in the form of Father Terry has apparently engineered the destruction of what I and others view as the most informative news outlet in the province if not the whole country.

     I urge you to read just what has transpired in Terrace and with the Terrace Daily here.

     Now, I am not a religious person.And this is not a personal attack on religion on my behalf. It is a piece that I believe needs to be read by all of BC. I urge all my blogger friends to forward this, or at the very least crosspost it. I believe this has to get out to all the province. Especially the young people so they can see just how corrupt this province has become. And if you are Catholic tell your church that they are meddling with Canada's Freedom Of Speech.

     I believe Merv Ritchie deserves to have this article forwarded as far as possible.


Elect the Liberals and The Gateway Will Go Through

The following was posted by the Canadian.org in the Terrace Daily Online.


All the lies in the world will not make this happen.

If you love this province and it's beauty as I do then VOTE ABC (anyone but Clark)

If the Liberals form the next government I can only hope it is a Minority with Some Greens and a Few more Independents.


Christy Clark, RESIGN

I am calling here for the resignation of Christy Clark.

After watching and experiencing the way the Liberals act toward the people of this province I have concluded that there is one law for the people and one law for the Liberals.

The Liberal party has been engaging in attacks on other candidates, with the sole purpose of discrediting them and demanding there resignations.  Some of the misdeeds are from four to twelve years old. Who is paying for these investigations? The Liberals? The people of BC through the (former) Public Affairs Bureau. Was a data base amassed and given to the Liberals for such purposes?

These attacks are done on other candidates while approximately 12 Liberals in the past 12 years have committed offenses much worse than those the Liberals are claiming of others.


Recent news articles about Ms. Clarks driving habits, widely publicized, have led me to conclude the following:

1. There appears to be no investigation into the incident of her breaking the law by running a red light. Why are the police silent? What is ICBC doing about this?
2. She endangered the life of her child and a passenger in her vehicle, as well as her own.This alone would warrant a charge of reckless endangerment, driving without due care, and disobeying a traffic control.
3. Why has she not been charged?
4 Why has she not resigned as a candidate as others have done.

Do I smell two different sets of laws?

Because I know that the government watches this blog (and others) religiously I will assume they will attempt to dig more dirt up on me. Anything said about me will not be either confirmed nor denied.


Oh Happy Day

     The writ is about to be dropped. The lieberals are still running around with their heads up their asses.

Christy is cluck clucking away as if the last 10 years didn't mean a thing. They didn't ruin our forests, education, health care, livelyhoods, hard fought workers rights. They didn't defy the constitution.

What a croc of shit these fools are. They use every dirty trick in the book to smear people.who talk against them (are you reading this Terry Lake) They lie directly to your face then stab you in the back.

They haven't learned from the HST and recall campaigns. Everything is rosy to them. Right.

Now for the Happy Day part of this post.

Many regular readers will know that I come from a family of staunch liberal/socred supporters. I am the black sheep, politically. I have voted NDP in the past but when I wasn't happy with them I voted  Rhinosorus or Marijuana or whatever, But I always vote.

One of my brothers had a birthday last week and the same day. gas jumped to 128.9 in 100 mile. At the same time gas was plumeting (114.9) in Kamloops. Being on the very low end of the income (pension) scale I decided to head south for my gas and at the same time visit my brother.

As usual the conversation got around to politics.

Now for the good part.

I had to tell him his MLA.s name and all of a sudden I saw his eyes glaze over and he began a rant. He started with (not) premier photo op and ended with the Vet. The jist of the rant was he "will never vote for the liberals as long as that useles bitch and his fool of an MLA werew part of the Liberal Party"
He would rather not vote. ( I guess he's too proud to switch to another party) But I reminded him that we couldn't have our political argurements if he didn't vote. He's looking for an independent candidate in Kamloops-North Thompson.

Oh Happy Day!


Current Scandal Involving Two PG Ministers Connected to BC Rail Giveaway

 In a current piece contributed to the  Terrace Daily by the NDP They suggest that "only a thorough and independent investigation will get to the bottom of this"

Of course you and I know that the liberals will never investigate any thing that may harm their (previous) image.
Does BC Rail Ring A Bell?

So, as is my habit, I started to read the comments under this article, and the only comment was by Merv Ritchie. Merv has connected the scandal to the, I allege, illegal sale, (giveaway) of our BC Rail.

 Comment by Merv Ritchie "Yesterday · Northern Development initiative trust (NDP) was originally set up with finances provided by Gordon Campbells illegal sale of BC Rail. This deal, promoted and supported by Bell, was supposed to be a way to offset the tragic financial consequences to the North from the criminal sale of BC Rail.

Ms. North was appointed by the Campbell administration (Pat Bell?). The entire thing stinks.

Even Terrace Mayor Pernarowski, as Chair of one of the committees, approved a grant to a company he was working for.

People are so nieve to their government shenanigans"

One can only ascertain that this socalled governing party will stall, deflect and lie to us about what went on here. They are stalling for time.

Why? Because there is no way in hell they want any kind of investigation into the illegal giveaway of our railway.

I think BC Mary would be very happy with this development.


Will April Fools Be the Day For Fools In BC.

     Watching with interest in what is happening with the always colorful politics in BC, it occurred to me that

(not) Premier Photo Op won't sit still for a revolt. She values her position too much. You can tell just by the way

she struts around without any knowledge of what is happening with the people. You know, the ones whose

 votes get a party into power. Not big business, multinational corporations, or the dishonest people who

manipulate the voter.

So, in about 15 minutes from this writing I expect that the (not )Premier will piss off her cabinet even more

 by not resigning her (not) Premiership. Instead she will March to the Lieutenant Governors office and drop

 the writ. Yes folks I believe she is that vindictive. And whether she knows it or not (she probably doesn't)

 that would be the best thing for this province.

And in dropping the writ so soon, that could make general voting day April 1, 2013.

Voting day is usually 28 days after the writ is dropped but that could also depend on how the Lieutenant

 Governor proceeds


Does Big Business Manipulate Your Thought Process?

Apparently it does. Or it is attempting to do so.

Long ago I learned to Cherry Pick the news papers and columns I read when it became apparent that headlines and columns were slanted, in particularly in political areas.

I have chosen two papers to read faithfully online. They are The Tyee, and the Terrace Daily Online.In these two publications I get actual news. Good investigative reporting and so far for free. (Unlike the Black Press which wants to gouge you for what I allege is their slanted news). Especially when it comes to pumping the liberals.

For the past few days the Terrace Daily has had problems with their online publication from hacking that they have sourced in some cases to China.

In the article they have Identified a problem with what I allege are threats to local businesses that advertise with the Terrace Daily. These businesses are being told  not to advertise with the Terrace Daily. It is also understood that big business in the area may boycott others if they advertise with the online news outlet.

Now I have a question. Just how much trouble is the pipeline in when actions like this are taken against, what I deem the only real source for news on the pipeline that we do not want in this Province?

There seems to be a problem with the link. Have patience or go to Kitimat daily


Balanced Budget???

     Our friend Grant G at the Powell River Persuader has been asking where the media have been on the bullshit coming from the Liberals.

     I too have been wondering what they are up to. But then I remember that the Mainstream Media In BC is big business. So that answers my question.

     But something has been really pissing me off.

     Then present morons that are supposed to be running this province handed down a budget the other day. And they have been touting a balanced budget. WTF??

      How can a budget be balanced when it is dependent on selling off ( I maintain giving away) our assets? You know, giving them away just like they broke apart our Ferry system, emasculated Hydro (so that our hydro bills are going through the roof. And my all time favorite Giving Away BC Rail. Actually with all the tax and other exemptions I figure we paid CN $235 Million to take the railway. And I have been saying it for years with no challenges from the Liberals.

      So their balanced budget is entirely dependnet on them giving away what is left of our assets. How can that be I wonder? Because any budgets I have been involved with depend on getting the cash during that Physical year.

     Now lets look at what property sales are like in BC right now. Where I live there are properties that have been on the market for three years an more.And most of the listings are REDUCED. My property alone was devalued (under the BC Assessment by $6000. And it is a relatively inexpensive piece of land.So if they don't sell off peoperty within this budget year where the christ is the money going to come from?

     And I am getting so sick of the liberals Chief Cheerleader (the former premiers brother) pimping the situation like it was all roses.News flash Mikey. we aren't buying your bullshit. That's right, Bullshit. You haven't got a clue what you are talking about. There's a vacuum between your ears. You are so devoid of any knowledge that is relevant in this province it makes me puke. It sickens me so much that when your MSM buddies have you on I change the channel.

     So where is the MSM on this? Why aren't they asking how the government can balance a budget when there is't even a snowballs chance in hell   of coming up with the money they are telling us they are going to get.

     And while I'm here, quit asking the NDP what they will do and telling us they have a hidden agenda. You know as well as I do they can't give you anything until they see the books. And the Liberals have bankrupt this province . It's not they that have a hidden agenda. Why don't the liberals tell us right now that if they get elected they are going to re-introduce the HST?




     I have been sitting back watching the Idle No More movement with the jockeying of positions among others and have come to the conclusion that there are many people/groups sitting around waiting for others to do their work or them.

     First, before I start let me say that there are quite a few chicken shit redneck racists out there. By that I mean that there are a lot of fools that will hide behind "anonymous" nom de plumes and spit out racial slurs at others, in particular the natives, or "First Nation People" in North America.   Canada.These people are afraid to stand in front of a native and say the same thing to their face. One in particular in Northern BC who picks on what he believes are defenseless women and I allege, probably children.

     I was so outraged at reading about this person I almost got in my van and went looking for him myself. If I do go looking that chickenshit he had better hope the Cops get to him first. I had been witness first hand as a youth in North Vancouver to what was happening. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

      Now. The reason for the title here is that I can't sit back and read what the natives are doing without stating the following:. What is happening here is that as a citizen and a voter in this country I firmly believe that what is happening is very close to our last line of defense. Last line of defense folks.And I have watched as some of my so called friends from the past have sent me racist emails.They surely are not looking at the big picture. The natives of this country are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more.

     Harper and his regime are giving away our country. Sabotaging our Labour force, changing laws to suit their own agenda, and attempting to silence the masses by various means,.Not the least of which is intimidation, rumours, lies and deception. I must mention here that it is not only the Harper crew but the unelected premier of BC and her crew as well. All these politicians will do and say anything to get elected. And the proof is in the pudding. We won't sell BC rail. The HST isn't on the radar. Bill C27. Oh, and by the way wedon't have to listen to Colemans threats anymore.The list is endless. And they are being helped by their Big Business Friendly Media.

     What I now have to say is the rest of Canada (non natives) had better get off their collective asses and get behind the Idle No More Movement.A protest has been started. It is focused (as long as the AFN doesn't succeed in it's attempt to rise to the fore). There is no doubt in my mind that this is the way to go. Get behind them.No more of these scattered protests like we had last year.

     I will not presume to tell you who to vote for in an election but I will say that if you keep to the status quo this country will not exist in 40 years.

     And if that prediction doesn't come true then I will say that if the Feds are successful in changing the Indian Act to suit their need, there WILL BE a giant oil spill effecting this province. Whether it be in the Canals off Prince Rupert, or into the headwaters of three of our Major Salmon Spawning rivers.THERE WILL BE NO MORE FISH TO EAT EXCEPT DISEASE AND CHEMICAL RIDDEN FARMED SALMON.

     I am putting the Federal Government ad the BC provincial government of BC on notice right now. I do not support Tankers off our coast, I do not support the Northern Gateway pipeline or any other Pipeline in BC, and I don't support polluting lakes with mine tailings. I was opposed to the MacKenzie Valley pipeline in the 70's I support the Natives of this province in their current endeavors, and I will lay down in front of any machinery that attempts to destroy our beloved rivers and lakes.

I am silent no more

Gary Edwards