Will April Fools Be the Day For Fools In BC.

     Watching with interest in what is happening with the always colorful politics in BC, it occurred to me that

(not) Premier Photo Op won't sit still for a revolt. She values her position too much. You can tell just by the way

she struts around without any knowledge of what is happening with the people. You know, the ones whose

 votes get a party into power. Not big business, multinational corporations, or the dishonest people who

manipulate the voter.

So, in about 15 minutes from this writing I expect that the (not )Premier will piss off her cabinet even more

 by not resigning her (not) Premiership. Instead she will March to the Lieutenant Governors office and drop

 the writ. Yes folks I believe she is that vindictive. And whether she knows it or not (she probably doesn't)

 that would be the best thing for this province.

And in dropping the writ so soon, that could make general voting day April 1, 2013.

Voting day is usually 28 days after the writ is dropped but that could also depend on how the Lieutenant

 Governor proceeds

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Merv Ritchie said...

Yes, this is clearly a possibility. She will not resign and will most certainly be vindictive if pushed or if someone exposes her in a lie. Your suggestion was one I had not considered.