Does Big Business Manipulate Your Thought Process?

Apparently it does. Or it is attempting to do so.

Long ago I learned to Cherry Pick the news papers and columns I read when it became apparent that headlines and columns were slanted, in particularly in political areas.

I have chosen two papers to read faithfully online. They are The Tyee, and the Terrace Daily Online.In these two publications I get actual news. Good investigative reporting and so far for free. (Unlike the Black Press which wants to gouge you for what I allege is their slanted news). Especially when it comes to pumping the liberals.

For the past few days the Terrace Daily has had problems with their online publication from hacking that they have sourced in some cases to China.

In the article they have Identified a problem with what I allege are threats to local businesses that advertise with the Terrace Daily. These businesses are being told  not to advertise with the Terrace Daily. It is also understood that big business in the area may boycott others if they advertise with the online news outlet.

Now I have a question. Just how much trouble is the pipeline in when actions like this are taken against, what I deem the only real source for news on the pipeline that we do not want in this Province?

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen this yet Gary?


Gary E said...

No I hadn't seen it but I ave now. Some things have already happened.

Merv Ritchie said...

Wow, thanks
Merv Terrace Daily

Gary E said...

You are most welcome Merv. Keep up the good work.
And as an aside: I am trying to start up a new company and at this time there aren't enough finances to contribute to your publications bu as soon as things begin to move here I will be contributing. In the meantime do you have ways that some of us can contribute small amounts instead of regular monthly payments.