BC Rail Court Sentence

A Deuce less

That's two years less a day. This sentence effectively keeps the trial within the jurisdiction of the Province. Out of the federal realm.

By now the whole province is outraged that the defendants in the Basi-Virk Trial have plead out. Guilty. And the Judge in the case after impeding the  trial herself has taken pity on the defendants and given them house arrest. She says "because they have young families.

I allege that this presents a double standard in our system. Think about it. This excuse we call a government has robbed the people of money from their pockets. They have set up the lowest minimum wage in the country. We have the highest child poverty in the country. And these people plead guilty in a obvious plea bargain. But they have young families so they get what amounts to a slap on the wrist.

What about all those people that are driven, because of the Campbell policies, to crime. Are they let off with a slap on the wrist. I think not.

So now the people are so pissed (watch out for the language cops) that they are calling for a public Inquiry. According to the  Attorney General we aren't going to get one.

Well Mr. AG we'll just see about that. I submit that your so called government is about to fall. Your arrogance in all matters in this province are sickening to say the least. The people of this province have had it with you and they are about to speak out.

We have a democratic system unlike any other in this country and we are going to use it. We will get our Inquiry and heads will roll. Karma Mr. AG, Karma.

As for the MSM in this Province. Just look at how they are prancing around saying the government is good and there was never anything to see here. The only thing more sickening than the governments attitude is the MSM lap dog mentality. Unbelievable.


Liberals Admit HST Is Bad For Tourism

Minister Krueger Has come out and admitted The "HST Betrayal" hurtd Tourism.
For Immediate Release
Oct. 12, 2010
VANCOUVER – The B.C. Liberal Tourism Minister, Kevin Krueger, appears to now be admitting that his government’s HST betrayal is hurting the tourism industry, say New Democrats.
“After toeing the B.C. Liberal line on the HST, Minister Kevin Krueger is now admitting not only that the HST is bad for tourism, but also that the HST will not be making life cheaper in British Columbia. This is a clear back-track from everything we’ve ever heard from this government,” said Spencer Chandra Herbert, New Democrat critic for tourism.
Krueger told the media this morning that he would like to see an HST rebate for international tourists, saying that “it just seems a very unnecessary barrier to be charging our visitors sales tax when we’re trying so hard to attract them here”.
“This is a dramatic about-face from this Minister,” said Bruce Ralston, New Democrat finance critic. “The B.C. Liberal government has been saying that the HST will be good for British Columbia and good for tourism. Now he’s saying an exemption is required, which just goes to show that the B.C. Liberals should have consulted with business and consumers before flip-flopping and pushing through a significant tax change like the HST.”
In budget estimates debate last spring, Krueger stubbornly defended the tax, saying that “there’ll be tremendous savings with regard to the harmonization of the sales tax” and saying the HST will “help lead to a more robust tourism industry.”
“Clearly, if a rebate is needed, then HST savings are not being passed on to consumers, as the B.C. Liberals have repeatedly claimed,” said Chandra Herbert. “Where is the rebate for British Columbians?”
“I’ve talked to many stakeholders in the tourism industry, from all across the province, and they are clear that the best thing the B.C. Liberals can do for tourism is to scrap the HST as soon as possible,” said Chandra Herbert.
“The HST is clearly having an impact on British Columbians – this adds to the urgency of settling the HST matter. The best way to do that is for the B.C. Liberals to hold the HST referendum as soon as possible,” said Ralston. ..... end
So now let's see. We already know that the tax is bad for the people. They hand out a rebate that doesn't nearly cover what the individual taxpayer will pay out in this new tax grab.
We know that big business is getting a windfall that the government says the savings will be passed on to the consumers. And to date there are NO savings being passed on. In fact some business people are saying that any windfall they get will UNLIKELY be passed on. 
We also note that big business is helping finance the propaganda campaign by the Liberals.

We know that restaurants are hurting badly and I know of one that has gone out of business. Others are cutting staff and the remaining staff are getting reduced hours.
So they are looking at basically subsidizing  tourists. Why is this happening?? The taxpayer in BC are the ones building the province and it appears that everyone but the taxpayer gets the breaks.

Now Kreuger has as much as admitted that the double cross is hurting tourism. We happen to know here in the Cariboo that Tourism has been cut to the bone.
So now I am wondering just how long it will take the PAB  to put a spin on this so that Kreuger looks like he isn't now double crossing Campbell
This is just more fuel for the fire.
Donna Barnett will be recalled. Only the date remains open.



Acting Chief Electoral Officer

Acting chief electoral officer

Well.Well,Well What do we have here

 Vaughn Palmer reporting on Campbell
"It's time that B.C. had a government that did what people told it to do," he told reporters, the ink barely dry on the party membership card he'd signed two days earlier. "The first item on the order paper should be legislation for recall."

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Initiative+recall+haunt+premier/3566580/story.html#ixzz10NpcpvuT