Is Hansen Doing Something Illegal Here?

B.C. Finance Minster Colin Hansen takes your questions on the HST 

Globe and Mail 


The globe and mail has set up a question and answer game with Hansen answering questions on the HST.

Since his government did not register as opponents   to the Initiative then this type of advertising may well be contrary to the BC Elections Act. They have already been forbidden to send out pamphlets.

So, what is going on here. Is this action sponsored by the globe? Is BC paying for the time? If so it's against the law.

And if not then the proponents of the initiative  must get equal time. 

Time to notify Elections BC

And just as an aside here, I wonder how many of the PAB are going to monopolize the conversation.We know for a fact that has been done before.


Campbell Government 's Deceit On Lifting Farmed Salmon Moratorium in 2002

 Rafe has asked that this be forwarded to all. The best way I can supplement the forwarding is to post the letter here.

 From Rafe Mair's Blog at www.thecanadian.org

The memorandum from Alexandra Morton which I circulated last Wednesday demands a deeper look into what the Campbell government knew when, in September 2002, they lifted the moratorium on fish farms. (For convenience I have pasted the Morton article below).
These documents arose in 1995 when the NDP were in power when they placed a moratorium on new fish farms. This moratorium was lifted by the Campbell government and here is what then minister John Van Dongen had to say:
"... B.C. now has the most comprehensive regulatory framework in the world, including science-based standards to protect the environment." (Emphasis added)
"... We've worked very hard on these regulations to ensure that they do a proper job of protecting the environment in British Columbia... we are confident the regulations will do that and we are confident we have a regulation in place that is leading edge in the world."(Emphasis added.)
We must take Mr. Van Dongen at his word that "careful consideration" was given this decision and examine what even casual consideration would have disclosed.
Leaving aside questions of waste, drugged fish, coloured fish, the escape of farmed fish into the wild, and disease, what was the evidence the minister possessed on the question of sea lice?
There were, of course, the documents raised by Alexandra Morton in her memo. One would have thought that they alone would have convinced a careful minister that rather than permitting more fish farms, he should get rid of the ones that existed and at the very least force them to go to closed containment.
But, not only did Van Dongen have these remarkable memos to alert him of the sea lice issue, the facts available at that time show that the issue of sea lice from farmed fish cages destroying migrating smolts was a huge one in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and even New Brunswick. (It is important to remember that juvenile pink and chum salmon weighing less than half a gram are more than 10 times smaller than Atlantic salmon smolts, and thus much more susceptible to louse parasitism.)
What did the Campbell government know about the other jurisdictions concerning sea lice?
It can be said without fear of contradiction that even the most superficial look at the industry in Norway, Scotland and Ireland would have disclosed that the impact of sea lice from farmed fish on migrating salmonid smolts was a huge problem.
Norway had long recognized and attempted to minimize the sea lice threat enacting the Norwegian Action Plan Against Salmon Lice in 1997. Ireland and Scotland adopted similar sea lice reporting and control measures.
Ah, you say, but this is Norway, Scotland and Ireland, not BC!
Fair enough – let’s look at BC, though I don't think that this would be Premier Campbell's first choice!
In 2001, Alexandra Morton, then associated with The Raincoast Conservation Foundation (not to be confused with the Raincoast Research Society with whom Ms, Morton is now associated), identified the first epidemic of this lice species on juvenile wild Pacific salmon. Over 850 juvenile pink salmon, as well as chum, coho, and chinook salmon and adult local sea run cutthroat trout were examined in the summer of 2001. 77% of these fish were infected at or above the lethal level as defined by Norwegian scientists to be 1.6 lice/gram of fish. The epidemic's epicentre was in the midst of active salmon farms, with very few to no lice where there were no farms. Far from showing the alarm one might have expected, the DFO wanted to charge Ms. Morton with “illegal testing”!
The fact is, that by September 2002, when the Campbell government lifted the moratorium on fish farms, Alexander Morton had clear evidence that sea lice were slaughtering wild salmon smolts as they migrated out to sea and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Federal) and the provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries knew of Ms. Morton’s findings and the Minister and the Campbell Cabinet ignored this clear evidence of the horrendous impact of sea lice on wild salmon and lifted the moratorium anyway!
It’s this that takes the Campbell government’s decision out of the possibility of error and firmly into the realm of deceit.
What has happened since the Van Dongen announcement should give us all further cause for extreme concern.
When Alexandra Morton made public her findings re: sea lice and migrating smolts in the Broughton Archipelago in 2002 she was mocked, derided, and threatened with arrest. Scientific study after scientific study, all peer reviewed, supported her findings yet time after time the Campbell government ignored these findings and declared that science was on their side.
Clearly, not only did the Campbell government know the truth about the impact of sea lice from fish farms on migrating salmon smolts from the outset and chose to ignore it, they have compounded their deception by ignoring scientific study after scientific study ever since.
I suppose it would be ridiculous to think that Premier Campbell would at least now have the decency and honour to admit the truth and do everything he can to redeem his government’s disgraceful behaviour and make every possible effort to restore the fisheries it’s done so much to destroy.

Morton memo

A series of government memos reveal a heated debate in 1995 over a sea louse outbreak on a farm salmon on the Fraser sockeye migration route (Okisollo Channel). In 1995, a salmon farm requested permission to use hydrogen peroxide to treat an extremely heavy outbreak of sea lice on their fish. When the Ministry of Environment, Parks and Lands (MELP) informed the company that their drug application would have to be released to the public, the fish farmer withdrew the request. When environmental groups found out about the sea lice outbreak, the BC Salmon Farmers Association called for an investigation of MELP and a guarantee that fish farmers had a right to secrecy in the future.
September 6, 1995 Don Peterson of MELP writes, “The company has withdrawn their application (for hydrogen peroxide) because they heard there was a requirement to advertise if a pesticide was going to be applied. I guess they were either afraid of the shareholders…or the public finding out... the company has asked that this request be kept strictly confidential and that all correspondence on the subject be destroyed.”
September 28, 1995 the BC Salmon Farmers Association criticized Minister Moe Sihota (MELP): “…government has an obligation to maintain confidentiality… Government is further prevented from unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of information…. puts at risk … capital investment of private citizens and individual companies…”
However, salmon farms operate in Canada’s public waters and impact a Canadian resource - wild fish.
On October 23 Earl Warnock of MELP writes, “I find it unconscionable that they (fish farmers) are only prepared to undertake measures appropriate to protect their stock health and the environment unless they can do it in a clandestine manner.... and for them and MAFF to ask us to operate with them in this way says something about the people we are dealing with.”
“MAFF” = Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, now Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (MAL).
Either the sea lice remained on the farm fish on the Fraser sockeye migration route or they were treated without permission from MELP.
November 03, 1995, Bryan Ludwig, MELP writes: “…we are in the difficult position of being concerned about use of pesticides for treatment of sea lice, but also wanting to ensure we avoid a severe outbreak for fear of transfer to wild stocks.”
These documents reveal heroes among our MELP bureaucrats who tried to protect our wild salmon from salmon farms. Gordon Campbell disbanded MELP as soon as he took office in 2001, and he renamed MAFF, MAL and gave them control of allocation of Crown Land. The fish farm industry did not develop a sea lice action plan, the public lost their government biologist advocates, sea lice outbreaks continue with lethal infection underway today rates on wild juvenile salmon on the Fraser migration route (Okisollo Channel) (photos available) and Fraser sockeye stocks migrating through Okisollo Channel are in steep decline.
October 23, 1995 Earl Warnock MELP: “If the truth harms their integrity perhaps they need to look at themselves…”
If we cannot save wild salmon in British Columbia, we do not live in a democracy.
All documents available at www.salmonaresacred.org, “Breaking News”

 All this on top of the misrepresentation of the Mainstream Media in BC on the Crowd that gathered at the Legislature on May 8 to Save the Wild Salmon just makes me further believe that there is a lot of covering up on this matter.Gary E


Cariboo Chilcotin Have Signed 7500 On The HST Initiative

From Eric Freeston Regional Organizer
Fight HST

HST Signatures Swell to 7500 in Cariboo Chilcotin
Cariboo Chilcotin - “On a slow day canvassers gather 50 signatures while on a most days 100 signatures are collected”, says Eric Freeston, regional organizer in Cariboo Chilcotin for the Initiative to End the Harmonized Sales Tax. “Now, just seven weeks into a 90 day campaign, we have 7500 names - approximately 2000 more signatures than the number of people who voted for Donna Barnett in the 2009 Provincial Election.”
“This response shows that citizens are angry with both the tax and the way it was introduced – immediately after the Liberal election win in May. And anger towards the Liberal Government and the Harmonized Sales Tax continues to grow. We expect to exceed 8000 signatures in the next five days. As long as people want to sign the petition, we will be out on the streets taking their names.”
Following the July 6 deadline for the HST initiative, Elections BC will validate petition signatures.  Once the initiative is declared successful it will be sent to an all-party committee of the BC Legislature.  This committee will have two options: holding a province-wide referendum or turning the petition into a bill to present to the legislature. If the bill is presented in the legislature but voted down by the Liberal-majority government, the Citizen Initiative has two further options: a recall petition or a legal challenge.
A recall petition can be conducted no earlier than November 2010. This initiative requires 40% of registered voters of a particular constituency to sign a petition to recall their MLA. If the recall petition is successful, the MLA for that constituency would be recalled and Elections BC would hold a by-election.
Legal advisors believe the HST may contravene the Constitution Act 1867 that gives exclusive authority for direct taxation for provincial revenue to the provincial legislatures only.  The HST may also contravene the Excise Tax Act that forbids the federal government from implementing an “unequal” tax within the provinces. Any legal challenges to the HST would be accompanied by an application for an injunction to stop the tax until the court can determine its legality.
Freeston concluded, “During the election Liberal MLA Donna Barnett promised to represent her constituents in Cariboo Chilcotin. Now her constituents are clearly telling her they don’t want the HST. Is she listening?” end
For anyone looking for places to sign the Initiative in their area please go to www.fighthst.com 
The first Red Banner that you see is for the locations. Look up your riding then simply identify your town and a location near you.



     Damn how I used to hate that word.

     But not anymore. The revised stats for this week on the ANTI HST Initiative are just that.

     There are more than 6500 canvassers, area Captains, and Regional Organizers in this campaign, as well as the staff that run it and they are poised to pull this off
     For those who haven't read the posted stats at www.fighthst.com  this initiative now has only one riding out of 85 to go to pass the 10% required to submit this Bill. Of course like all other ridings  we are shooting for 15% to cover the margine of error.

     But for me there is an added bonus. We are within striking distance of "40% in 60 days". So close in fact that we will reach it this week. What is that number you might ask? Well that is the magic number that we can show our MLA in this riding that come November when we do a recall we have the votes. And it was done in under 60 days with a lot of people just learning the ropes. In November there will be people with experience signing others up.

     Of course we are not alone, there are three or four other ridings that are really close if not over the mark.

     Faaaaantastic? You bet your sweet bippy it is.


BC Rail Story Filing In The Sun by Accredited Reporters

Does the Sun have the same filing practices in print as they do online?

While waiting for BC Mary to post the next set of news reports on the BC Rail Trial I thought I'd go the the online MSM to see what they had.

Imagine my surprise when I highlighted  a story by nhall and when it came up it was under the SPORTS section. Not NEWS or Breaking NEWS but SPORTS.

So my conspiracy theorist mind jumped into high gear and I wondered if this was deliberate and was it happening in the print for?. You see, if it is then there are a whole raft of people (like myself) who wouldn't think of looking in the Sports section for a JURY TRIAL. What do you think of my Conspiracy Theory, Palmer and Baldry?

Now I know that somebody is going to say people make mistakes, but these people are supposed to be PROFessionals with PROFessional editors. Ha!

I'm willing to bet PROF Mathews could do a better job.


Are You Listening Yet Gordo?

 You know full well that the people don't want this rip off.

From www.fighthst.com

72 of 85 Ridings meet Elections BC threshold of 10%, with 51 Ridings exceeding 15%.
Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby numbers soar
With seven weeks to go in a 13 week campaign, organizers for the Initiative petition to repeal the HST report they have collected 500,000 signatures representing 15% of registered voters province wide.
Organizers say that 72 of 85 ridings have crossed the Elections BC 10% threshold, with 51 of those going over the Fight HST internal threshold of 15%.
“This is monumental,” said Fight HST Lead Organizer, Chris Delaney, “We are not even half way through the campaign, and we are on track to complete our 10% threshold in all 85 ridings by next week, with everyone reaching their 15% target by the first or second week of June.”

Here are the facts:
The people of this Province don't want this money grab
You and your MLA's blatantly lied to those people.
You can't lie to someones face and then steal from their pockets.
Your own supporters have turned against you. I have first hand knowledge of this.
Your ship is sinking and the rats are bailing out. But I'm betting you don't have the cajones to go down with the ship.

And I am betting that there will be more than 40% signing in more than 7 ridings which will give people an idea how easy it will be to recall more than 7 MLA"s.
So, are you listening yet Gordo? If you aren't, I sure hope that some of your MLA's are. The best thing for them to do is to get out now because by JUNE 2 it will be too late.June 2 is the 2 month mark Gordo. Watch the magic.
For the spin doctors in the PAB. We know that the fight HST petition signatures can't  be used for a recall. What we are saying is that the 40% signatures gathered in 60 days on a recall will be attainable. And we also know that any citizen who wants to initiate a recall against any sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly for any reason can do so by paying $50 and submitting their reasons in 200 words or less.We further that November 15 is the date to start a recall.
So Gordo, either rescind this money grab and set our Province back on track (prior to 2002) or take a hike.


BC Government Still Can't Tell You The Truth

From the Vander Zalm Team

Over 30 items missing that will have additional HST applied

Delta – Former BC premier, Bill Vander Zalm, says his Fight HST team has completed a thorough analysis of the BC Government’s newly provided HST “list” that supposedly shows which items will be affected by HST, and says over 30 items are “missing in action”.

“We spent some time reviewing the list and have determined it is totally bogus. The government has, once again, deliberately tried to mislead the public when it comes to the HST. They just can’t seem to ever tell the truth,’ said Vander Zalm.

Vander Zalm says the list excludes almost all "services" that will now have HST applied to them.

“They left out items such as; catering; computer repair services; consulting services; commercial leases; fishing charters; home appraisals; investment counseling; limousine rentals; skiing; and even parking fees!”

Vander Zalm says that the HST applies to virtually every service that the GST applied to, so the government has no excuse for not knowing which items should have been included.

Vander Zalm says they are also playing games with HST applying on new home construction. He says the government list indicates “no change” to new homes under $525,000, with a confusing, small print footnote indicating “embedded PST of 2%” on new homes under $525K.

“The truth is, even after HST rebates new homes under $525,000 will have approximately 2% more tax added to them in HST. That means on a new house worth $300,000, buyers will pay an additional $6,000 in HST. On a big ticket item like a new home, that is a ton of money taken from consumers.”

“They’re calling it embedded PST. That is absolute trash. They eliminated the PST. It is 2% HST,” Vander Zalm explained.

“This all just points out the shenanigans they are playing. They are deceitful and incompetent. The real “HST Hit List” can be found on our web site at www.fighthst.com. There are over 100 items where 7% more in HST will be applied than were previously under the PST. The government list has only 53 items, almost half the real number.”

“The BC Government list is bogus. The Finance Minister is bogus, and so is every MLA that supports this garbage,” concluded Vander Zalm.

(And if you live in a condo don't think your fees are not being hit. Part of your fees is in janitorial supplies and services. Some estimates say that would mean a 4% hit on fees.
So for the folks in Burnaby and Richmond in the High Dendity Condo Areas I suggest you find a signing booth near you. You are going to get hit) Gary E


Top 10 Liberal Myths About The HST

 From http://www.fighthst.com

Top 10 BC Liberal Myths about the HST:
MYTH #1 – The HST legislation cannot be undone
FALSE: Page 11, Section 42 of the Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement (CITCA) that BC signed with Ottawa to create the HST says: “The terms and conditions of this Agreement will continue in full force and effect, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this Part, until the date that is specified by a Party in written notice that is delivered to the other Party setting out the Party’s desire to terminate this Agreement.”
Other provinces have adopted and later repealed the HST. Saskatchewan adopted the HST back in 1989, and two years later, after an election, the HST was repealed by the new government.
MYTH #2 – The HST is a streamlined, more efficient tax
FALSE: The CITCA has 16 pages of formula definitions that require mathematical experts to compute how the tax sharing is to be calculated, with formulas such as:

There are hundreds of other formulas like this outlined in the revenue sharing agreement.
A simple modification of the PST to provide input tax credits to business, with a reduction to 3 or 4% to compensate for the expanded tax base would be a win-win-win: Truly revenue neutral for government, business wouldn’t pay, and it would be virtually the same cost for consumers as the current PST at 7%. BC could also collect the federal government portion, as Quebec does, to create a single tax form while maintaining provincial control of taxation.
MYTH # 3 – BC must adopt the HST to compete with Ontario
FALSE: BC’s closest trading partners are Alberta, the United States, and Asia, where there is no HST. Ontario is primarily a manufacturing province, whereas BC is a resource based province which does not directly compete with Ontario for the same goods and services.
MYTH # 4 – HST rebates will offset the extra costs to seniors
FALSE: Current rebates for GST are applied as a % of the tax. The HST rebates will also be applied as a % of the tax, but with a much larger gross tax amount (12% on HST vs. 5% on GST) it means a greater portion of senior’s incomes and pensions will be required to pay the difference between the rebates and the larger amount of overall tax paid. If you are a senior requiring home care or outside care, it will be even higher.
MYTH #5 – HST does not apply to new home construction under $520K
FALSE: All new home construction has HST applied, with some partial rebates to off-set the extra tax up to $520K, where the full HST is then applied. For example: A new home or apartment costing $300K will have an extra $6,000 of HST applied to the purchase price – approximately the cost of purchasing new appliances or furniture for that same home.
MYTH #6 – HST will not affect rents/strata fees
FALSE: Although HST will not be directly applied to home rents or strata fees, apartment buildings and home owners who rent to others will have to pay an extra 7% on all goods and services required to upkeep, maintain, renovate and manage the buildings they rent out. These ‘hidden HST costs’ will have to be applied to rents, and consumers will pay again.
MYTH #7 – HST is a federal decision
FALSE: The federal government has said adoption of the HST is a provincial decision, and the provincial government has said it is a federal initiative. While both of them are punting that political football around, British Columbians are only being kicked in the head. The truth is, according to Section 92 of the Constitution Act 1867, provincial taxes are the exclusive jurisdiction of the provincial legislature. To change that requires a constitutional amendment, so both governments are at fault for not obeying the laws they themselves made.
MYTH #8 – HST will create jobs
FALSE: Small business is the largest generator of jobs in British Columbia, employing nearly 8 in 10 British Columbians. Almost every small business, from restaurant owners, to construction companies, to tourist businesses, to retailers have said the HST will cost them business, forcing them to lay off staff. One home builder in Squamish recently cancelled an $18M housing development, laying off 100 workers directly due to the HST.
The big resource companies will not hire new workers because of a refund cheque from the government. They will expand and create jobs when the world demand for forest products, oil and gas, or minerals increases. In the north and along the Alberta border, where business must compete directly with a 5% GST, it will kill business and destroy jobs by the thousands. The restaurant industry estimates it will lose over $400M in revenues per year, and result in thousands of layoffs.
MYTH #9 – HST will lower prices
FALSE: This one almost defies comment. Anytime you add 7% to the cost of anything the price goes up. The argument the government tries to make is that because business will have a rebate on previously paid PST, they can pass these savings on to consumers in reduced prices. What they don’t say is that many businesses are already PST exempt, and therefore are not adding that cost to goods presently. But when it was pointed out the HST would save government liquor stores approximately 3% on the price of liquor, the government said it would not lower prices to compensate for the savings. They want everyone else to do it – but not them. Doesn’t that just take the cake?
MYTH #10 – HST is revenue neutral
FALSE: First the government said the HST was revenue neutral. Then they said the money raised would go to health care. Then they said there would be a first year overall loss of -$131M to implement the tax. Then they said without HST there would be cuts to health care and services. Their desperate attempt to avoid telling the truth – that the HST is a tax grab by Victoria to pay for extreme mismanagement of the economy, and a power grab by Ottawa to control BC’s tax authority, is being seen by more and more people for what it is – a dictatorial government that has lost touch with the people it was elected to serve.



     My friend passed today.

     Six years ago yesterday I answered a frantic call on what we here in the Cariboo call the " Moccasin Telegraph". It's a local radio community service advertising all sorts of things for sale.
     After living alone for 12 years and constantly thinking about my last dog I was beginning to think about getting another. My neighbor, a dog lover herself, put me onto a message on the telegraph where a young couple may be forced to destroy their dog.
     Not a chance I thought. I got in touch with the people and went to see this animal. Now I must say here that my favorite dogs are Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.My previous dog was a Siberian Husky and his name was Chinook. My friends will recognize this by the name in my email accounts.
     This was a pure bred, registered Alaskan Malamute and he was beautiful. The right size, strong as an ox and very friendly. When we first met he came right up to me, stood on his hind legs and licked my face. Right away I knew this was "my dog". He was already three and a half years old.
     But there was a small problem. The May 24th weekend was coming up and there were going to be other dogs at the lake where we usually fish that weekend. I asked the young couple if they could hold him until the end of the weekend. They agreed, and on the Tuesday following the weekend when their young son was at school I picked him up. I knew the boy would be upset to see him go and figured it wouldn't hit him as hard this way. The mother had a problem with the dog apparently growling when she came near him with their new child. That was the reason for wanting to get rid of him. But they didn't want him destroyed.
     When I arrived to pick him up I opened the door to my truck and before I could get out to help him he jumped right in. Yes! My dog. We returned to the lake to do some more fishing. I knew that the other dogs would be gone because the owners had kids in school. But my brother was still there.
     First thing my brother would say is "nice, what's his name" I answered Virgo but it needs to be changed. He said you're right, we don't need any girly-boy names. Some of my brother-in-laws were still there so we had a bit of a brain-storming. Had to be a name similar. And after about 10 minutes my brother said AMIGO
Thus the new name.
     The dog went everywhere with me. I got one of those chokes they use in trucks so the dog couldn't hop out. Safety first. His only bad habit was every time we passed a dark pickup he would lean over an bark. Drove me nuts on long drives sometimes.
     Last year he got sick and I thought we might lose him. Turns out he killed and ate a shrew. He got better and life went on.
     Three days ago he got sick again with the same symptoms. So I decided to wait it out.No such luck this time. I buried him this morning.

Be at Piece Amigo/ Virgo



Bill Vander Zalm On Campbells Spin. (with a copy of the HST Extinguishment Act)

A letter from Bill Vander Zalm

The HST is not a done deal until the people of BC decide…

Despite the government’s attempts to make it seem like the HST is a done deal, nothing could be further from the truth  (I know – you’re shocked to hear this government may not be telling the truth again)

They said the HST was a done deal when they signed the agreement with Ottawa nine months ago. Then they said it was a done deal in December when Ottawa passed the federal legislation in Parliament. Now, they’re saying it is a done deal with the legislation removing the PST this past week.

But what can be enacted by government, can be repealed. We have known that part of their ‘trick’ was to spread out the passage of this new tax as long as they could to try to thwart your efforts to stop it – that is why our petition is to REPEAL the HST. The bill you are signing when you sign the anti-HST Initiative petition is to cancel the HST Agreement BC signed with Ottawa last year.

By successfully completing the Initiative petition, we will be forcing the government to either vote to cancel the HST Agreement, thereby repealing the HST, or put the question to a province wide referendum.

And just so you know, the HST was implemented in Saskatchewan in 1989, and two years after it was in effect, it was REPEALED by a new government, and the provincial sales tax reinstated. It’s not rocket science – its called democracy. And the HST is not a “done deal” until the people decide it is.

85% of British Columbians in poll after poll have said they reject this tax. The Citizen Initiative is our only chance to stop it.

Nothing has changed. Our strategy to defeat this hated tax remains the same – complete the first successful petition in BC and Canadian history, and force the government to rescind this hated sales tax. If they vote against the people’s wishes as expressed in the legislation presented to them – then we will begin Phase II of our plan – RECALL.

Some have said it will only take the recall of 7 MLAs to bring down the government. We believe it may take the recall of only one MLA to stop this government – the premier himself. But that decision is up to Premier Campbell. He can prevent his own Recall by listening to the people, and repealing his hated tax.

Our Citizen Initiative petition will give him that chance. And even though we have already gathered over 50% of the signatures required to complete the petition in only 3 weeks, we still need to finish the job.

Don’t let this gang of undemocratic frauds take away your vote. We need to keep getting signatures for the petition until we have achieved the 15% threshold in every riding.

This has become about much more than simply defeating a Hated Sales Tax. It is a battle of the people vs. their own government.

And there can only be one winner if democracy in BC is to survive.

We are going to be that winner.

Thank you and God bless,
Bill Vander Zalm
Leader, Fight HST

For the record this is what you are signing for:

HST Extinguishment Act
Whereas a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) combining the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) with the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) as contemplated by the Governments of British Columbia and Canada contravenes Section 92, Article 2, of the Constitution Act 1867, which states:
92. In each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say,
2. Direct Taxation within the Province in order to the raising of a Revenue for Provincial Purposes.
And whereas the people of British Columbia, as expressed in the Citizen Initiative Petition against the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in British Columbia, wish to extinguish the tax, therefore;
Part I
(1) The Agreement titled “The Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement” between The Government of British Columbia and The Government of Canada establishing an HST in British Columbia is hereby extinguished and of no force or effect whatsoever.
(2) For greater clarity, the HST is hereby extinguished in British Columbia.
Part II
(1) A Provincial Sales Tax (PST) of 7% with the same applications and exemptions as at June 30th 2010 shall be reinstated as the only sales tax in British Columbia for the raising of a Revenue for Provincial Purposes.
Part III
(1) This Act shall be effective retroactively as of June 30th 2010.
(2) Any HST revenues owing to or received by the Provincial Government between the retroactive effective date of this Act and the actual date of Royal Assent, which are over and above the original PST amount as it would previously have been applied, shall be reimbursed to all British Columbians on a per capita basis.

For anyone who wants to know pretty much anything on the HST Initiative (including where they might sign} visit FightHST.com HERE