A Sad Day For Online Media: Has The Catholic Heirarchy Waded Deeply Into The Political Scene?

     I have written a few times here about the work of Merv Ritchie and his crew at the Terrace Daily.

     For a few years now I have been reading a more balanced reporting on things in the North. And in particular the reporting of the goings on of the JRP (Joint Review Panel), the utter disdain Enbridge has shown for the natives in the North, and the exposure of corruption in the political arena in Terrace. All this, I allege, being sanctioned by the Government of BC.

     But now we have a new Devil in the mix. The Catholic Church in the form of Father Terry has apparently engineered the destruction of what I and others view as the most informative news outlet in the province if not the whole country.

     I urge you to read just what has transpired in Terrace and with the Terrace Daily here.

     Now, I am not a religious person.And this is not a personal attack on religion on my behalf. It is a piece that I believe needs to be read by all of BC. I urge all my blogger friends to forward this, or at the very least crosspost it. I believe this has to get out to all the province. Especially the young people so they can see just how corrupt this province has become. And if you are Catholic tell your church that they are meddling with Canada's Freedom Of Speech.

     I believe Merv Ritchie deserves to have this article forwarded as far as possible.

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Danneau said...

it's time that a consortium of honest bloggers set up shop on a subscription basis so that we can rechannel our media payments to real journalism. I think Norm Farrell was headed in this direction, but no concrete organization has thus far materialized. Count me in.