Campbell And Hansen Push Another HST Button

I woke up this morning thinking it may be a little depressing going out to canvass for Fight HST after the dictators invoked Closure last night.

The reason for my apprehension was triggered by the in-laws. You see they can be sometimes very depressing. Last night all I heard was "all is lost"

They don't read up as thoroughly on these things as you and I do and I was wondering how many others felt the same way. So you can imagine my surprise when the first three people to sign today were almost running up to me today and yelling, "these bastards just pushed me too far yesterday. Where is this god damn list we're supposed to sign?"

They were of course speaking about the Closure. They kept asking how this could be done. All I could answer is that they should write, phone, or e-mail their MLA.

One fella said that would be a waste of time because he had done that before and had never received an answer.To which I answered keep a copy of your e-mail and resend it every day. That might even get you a phone call..

In another instance, a person I know who is a liberal supporter asked what my hours were. Seems a owner of a rather large business in this area had been looking for a place to sign. He'll be around tomorrow.

And for any out there who don't know, there is a link on the fight HST Website that you can find out where to sign in your area. It also has the times that someone should be there. And don't complain if no one is there on time. All canvassers have a life and they are putting in untold hours to assist you in this Initiative.

On another note Peter Dimitrov has sent a letter to Elections BC asking that they look into the validity of the last election. That is how he responded to the bullying tactics of our finance minister. You can find the letter online at Straight.com or at the Tyee,ca

Hope you all are having a nice day. Mine is turning out great for a Friday afternoon.

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