Prosperity Mine And The Pollution Of The Environment

 Most people know I and others like Grant G are trying to keep up on the situation at the Prosperity Mine in the Cariboo. That's the mine that got a environmental rubber stamp by the Gordon Campbell administration even though the EAO had grave misgivings over the replacement of Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) with a tailings pond just to keep expenses down and get more money for their investors. All this at the expense of the environment.

Well we have a ally in Bill Layton.

 He has taken on the task of reporting on the task of reporting to us on what acid from tailings will do to the environment. It's a very good read. Even has some things that I didn't know.
Please read his blog and inform yourselves further as to what these big mining companies and the Gordon Campbell administration are doing to you and I and our children for generations.

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