Even After This Campbell Pushed Ahead

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Williams Lake, November 12, 2009 – A team of mining experts reviewing Taseko Mines Ltd.’s proposed Prosperity Gold-Copper Mine Project has concluded that the information provided to date “does not permit a reasoned evaluation of potential adverse effects to water quality, water quantity, fish and wildlife under variable conditions.”

“This study raises the alarm,” says Chief Marilyn Baptiste, Xeni Gwet’in First Nation. “As the traditional caretakers of these lands and waters, we have asked the Panel reviewing this Project to demand more credible and accurate information from Taseko so that we can properly understand the environmental and human health risks that we are facing.”

The study conducted by renowned Colorado-based Stratus Consulting concludes that Taseko’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Project “vastly underestimate the uncertainties in site water balance.” The report notes that Taseko has relied on limited data to predict or prepare for extreme weather events: “After operations, they propose leaving their mine waste in place with no active controls. One extreme weather event at any point in the future could lead to an uncontrolled release of mine waste, which could have severe adverse consequences for the trout and salmon fishery of the Taseko River.” The Taseko River flows into the Chilcotin River, which empties into the Fraser River.[snip]

Can there be any doubt that this Environmental Certificate issued by the Campbell Cabal was done in the name of the almighty dollar. It sure as christ wasn't done to protect the people or environment of this province.

Campbell, I'm going to fire your ass.


Anonymous said...


Another read; another mine.

Unknown said...

Gary: Please let your readers know they should write to the CEAA panel re the following:
Dear Interested Parties:
On January 18, 2010, Taseko Mines Ltd. (Taseko) submitted its response to the questions raised by the federal Prosperity Review Panel (the Panel) with respect to the potential cumulative effects of the possible extension to the life of the mine from 20 years to 33 years. This response is available on the project’s public registry at http://www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca/050/document-eng.cfm?document=40568.
The Panel is inviting comment on Taseko’s response to the Panel’s request for information on this topic. The deadline for interested parties to provide comments to the Panel is January 29, 2010.

Note: Taseko told investors in a conference call this week that adding 13 years to the mine is a non-issue - they expect to request and receive an extension to their permit in year 15 or so of the Prosperity Mine project.

best, Susan

Leah said...

One almost gets the impression that the governments types responsible for this debacle don't plan on living in BC (or Canada for that matter) after the decimation.