Prosperity Must Be Related to Gordon Campbell

     If ever I have seen a case of unmitigated Gall it was today when I opened http://www.bclocalnews.com/bc_cariboo/williamslaketribune/  The Lead story is about how the Prosperity mine gets the go ahead from the provincial (Gordon Campbell) government.

     As many people should know by now this is the mine owned by Taseco Mines Ltd.They also own Harmony, Gibralter and Aleva Their proposal is to use Fish Lake for a tailings pond.Fish Lake as Grant G has told you is part of the Fraser River Watershed.He also asked how it was possible to make toxic soup out of a lake then propose to build another?

My big question on this is are they going to process the ore on sight. Of course they are.And what is used in refining Gold? Why CYANIDE of course.

     Anyway I brought up the story in the Williams Lake Tribune online and what do I see right below the masthead and above the story. A god damn baldface lying advertisement by Prosperity. In the very first line they say "Protecting Fish and Water Quality"

Do these guys take lying lessons from Campbell and the Provincials? I think so.


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Grant G said...

The spin is in Gary..Outcome the PAB and ad money....

Gary,we need the public to hear both sides of the story,I have a new post of with a couple of great links that will shock you to your core.

Read the first link, Dr. Power explains how mining company promises never materialize.

Kepp on keeping on!