Apathy Towards Dictatorial Government

The apathetic majority of the population of British Columbia is killing us.

I never in my lifetime thought I would see such a bunch of week kneed people in one place on this earth. This is supposed to be the "best place on earth". Well, look around people. It's disappearing at the speed of light.

First you allow some schmuck politician to give away our railroad after promising he wouldn't.

Then you allow him to hide from you the (I allege) corrupt contract in the giveaway. And after he lied to you you vote him in again?

Now you allow him to illegally erase e-mails crucial to the defense of three men charged with accepting bribes and money laundering. Why is there no public outcry over this? Apathy.

Then you allow him to giveaway our rivers to big corporations so the can dam and divert them killing a major portion of our wild salmon run. After all this you still allowed him to be voted in again. He's destroying this province with less than 25% of the populations vote.

You've allowed him to privatize (outsource, their words) Hydro, so that hydro can't do anything about the rivers and further they are forced to buy hydro at grossly inflated prices. Just watch how your bill is going to rise. I suspect they are waiting untill after February 2010.

Their screwup with BC Ferries is driving the ridership down and the prices up. They haven't figured out that if they lower the prices they would get more customers thus bringing their revenues into line. And their brass is raking in the money instead of re-investing it into the company.

Don't even get me started on Health Care. I've written my new MLA Donna Barnett for answers on what is going on with our hospital. Nothing. At least with Charlie Wyse I got some kind of answer. Sounds to me like Campbell has muzzled Barnett as well.

Back to the railway. You all must know by now that July 2, or 14, or 15 2009 is the fifth annivwrsary of the giveaway of BC Rail to CN. From the absolute silence in Victoria I can only surmize that Campbell is hearing the rumblings. So I am asking here for you to stop being apathetic. Pick up a phone or a pen or get on the computer and start writing the government, especially the premier to release the contract for the giveaway of our railway. It's our right to know what "deal" he made for us. This most important date I believe is crucial to opening all the other things that are wrong in this province.

Put the pressure on. Get off your butts.

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