Campbell Liberals Number One

I was sitting here this morning reading other blogs and some online newspapers when it occurred to me that Campbells administration was number one.

For the sixth year in a row they are number one in child poverty.

They have allowed crime to spiral out of control and we have the biggest gang war in the country.

We are number on for the poorest health care system.

We are number one in the declining hospital care.

We are number one in the escalating unemployment in Canada.

We are number one in screwing up the environment and charging a (revenue neutral) Tax for it.

We are number one in killing off our Salmon. And for that matter the food chain that follows.

We are number one in giving away our rivers (which also is killing our fish stock)

We are number one at giving away our industries. The giveaway of BC Rail tops the list. Followed closely by Hydro. And although The Ferries and ICBC haven't been completely given away watch for it to happen soon.

We are number one at giving away our private information to foreign companies. Which in turn is given to their governments.

And we are apparently as a voting public number one in not giving a crap about all that is happening around us.

And after all this Campbell thinks he is best suited to manage our economy. How? By giving it away? I can't help wondering just how far his head is up his ass. But I'll bet for distance it's number one.

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