Forest Ministry Budget Cut

The slicing begins

The BC Forest Ministry has cut their cattle awareness information. So I will publish this article here in hopes of making travelers from the coast aware of what goes on in cattle country. We can only hope that this cut was not used to bolster Campbells fudge budget.

From the 100 Mile Free Press:

The South Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association is disappointed to discover that the Ministry of Forests won’t be advertising their springtime cattle awareness information.

For many years past, Forestry has placed an advertisement in the newspaper to remind local drivers and landowners about the responsibilities and dangers during free-range cattle season.

This year, they cancelled their annual budget for this and will no longer be advertising cattle ranging facts.

Rod Hennecker of the South Cariboo Cattlemen’s Association says the usual cautions include watching for cattle on roadways, making sure any gates opened on range land are shut immediately afterwards, and that it is the landowner’s responsibility to fence out unwanted ranging cattle — not the rancher’s to fence them in.

If you see any dogs chasing cattle or livestock, adds Hennecker, always report it to the forest service. He also reminds residents that the bulls are out, too, so precautions should be taken in that respect as well.

Cattle may be out free-ranging for the summer from as early as mid-May.

PS. we have already lost one calf in this area this year. Gary E

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