Vote on Sea Lice Effect

A request from Alexandra Morton:


Please take time to vote on this newspaper website.

Unless government sees our numbers they will not work to resolve this issue. I was in Campbell River area yesterday viewing the sea lice infection rates on wild salmon and it is not getting any better. The majority of sockeye, pinks and chums were infected with young lice which means they got infected in the region of the fish farms. Meanwhile Greig Sea Foods has an application to put into two of the biggest fish farms in the coast in the Johnstone Strait area which means all these infected wild salmon will be exposed again on their way to sea.

From what I learned in Norway, it is virtually certain that we will see the Norwegian strain ISA epidemic that is unstoppable in Chile, and Scotland.

Please vote it is a small effort compared to where we are at with this issue



If you have trouble getting to this site just go to Courier Islander. The poll is to the right of the photo on the front page. Gary E

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