Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett Unaware ofd Harpers China Agreement

     At the 100 Mile House protest against the Enbridge Pipeline and Tanker traffic on our coast one of the people engaged Donna Barnett in a conversation about Harpers Canada/China Giveaway BC trade deal. Unbelievably, when aske what they (the Liberals were doing about it because time was running out, Donna responded that she was unaware of it. When it was explained to her basically what it was about her response was "that's not right" meaning she didn't agree with what was being done.

     Now Donna is only one MLA in this province and my first thought was "how many others are not aware of this Grave situation?". And is the Premiers inaction because she doesn't know either?

     Please folks get on the emails and phone right now and get your MLA's into action.

     I believe that the way Harper is going about this is against our constitution. He doesn't have a mandate to give away our province. And he sure as hell hasn't got a mandate to pass laws and agreements that tie our hands when it comes to stopping this Environment killer. Although Donna is on the record as a fence sitter on the Enbridge situation that should not preclude her from getting all the facts.

     This trade giveaway is to me akin to the Giveaway of our beloved BC Railway. And I am at the point right now and will go on record as saying if Harper slides his bullshit on the pipeline and China through the House I will be all for Separation from this country. I've had enough. It appears to me that the only way to protect ourselves and the environment is to get the hell out of Dodge.


Hugh said...

Donna knows about the China-FIPA. But what is she going to do about it? The FIPA would constrain law-making in BC, so you'd think she would say something about it.

Gary E said...

She knows now Hugh. But on Oct 24, 2012 , standing not three feet from me, while in a conversation with another person who asked he thoughts on the matter, she said she was unaware.