What Do We Owe Our Soldiers?

     At 5:30 PM tonight May10, 2012, Dawna Friesen ask the question on Global National "What do we owe our soldiers?"

     My first thought without hearing the report was EVERYTHING
     Yes Everything. We owe them our our own god damn lives

     These men and women of our armed forces put themselves in harms way for us. To protect us on the orders of our government. Our chickenshit elected officials. Some gave their lives, others were wounded and severely maimed.

     And what do they get from these chickenshits in Ottawa? They get  basically nothing. They are ignored. Unable to possibly find gainful employment. reduced or cancelled pensions and medical help. They should be paid the same amount they were earning as soldiers indexed to the cost of living with all medical bills paid by the government forever

     I'm calling here for everyone in this country to stand up and demand this government resign. Resign immediately and call an election. Never, ever in my life have I been so outraged. Demand that all the governments pay above the basic be shifted to Veterans affairs or get the hell out of government.

     I'm so upset right now I had better quit typing before I say what is really on my mind.

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Danneau said...

The saddest part is that the soldierly folk get sent off on wild goose chases that have nothing to do with protecting Canadians, other than, perhaps, Imperial Oil and the contractors that supply the toys to be blown up. I loved it when the military showed up in the Red River in 1997, Quebec/Ontario after the ice storm, Kelowna fire site in 2003, but not so much Somalia, Afchanistan, Kosovo and Libya. Stevie and Petie should go do their own fighting as mercenaries if they're that attached to the values inherent in those conflicts. Meanwhile, a Canadian who has rendered service should never want for any of the necessities of life, including health care, counselling, job help, pension, housing...and shouldn't have to engage in combat to secure his/her well-being.