Government is setting us up for another downfall

"You agree that the Province may reformat, rearrange or otherwise modify Your Content, and you understand that the Province has no obligation to acknowledge you by name or pseudonym as the author of Your Content or to ensure that you remain anonymous. "

This excerpt is from the terms of use on the new "waterblog"  http://blog.gov.bc.ca/livingwatersmart/ of the provincial government. By all appearances this statement ensures that the PAB will twist your words or delete them to suit their needs.

This is not a blog it is a Propaganda Machine, pure and simple, and I submit here that it will be used to put misinformation out that would enable the government to charge or tax us on the use of water in this province. All the while allowing the destruction of our streams and rivers by the Ruin of River idiots.


Anonymous said...

Am I, wrong in thinking, Campbell, is his own priority, number one. He, hasn't shown any care about, the environment, salmon dying out from disease. The mess he is making concerning our rivers. Well, we will have to get used to living water smart, as, Campbell has sold our rivers. Campbell is selling all of BC's natural resources to the USA. BC will be a wasteland of disaster and ruination. However, Campbell has put thousands of dollars in his own pocket and his business friends. As long as he can, he will keep his cash cow of corruption paying him, to the max. Lying and being underhanded, is second nature to Campbell, and his henchman Hansen. Expecting any honesty from, the gruesome twosome, would be folly.

Gary E said...

Personally, I think you are correct Anon 1:37.
But the only way that we can rid ourselves of this person (I refuse to call him a man) is if we have a wildly successful recall campaign in 2010. There is no doubt that the liberals are powered by big business. Therefore the masses have to be awakened to what is happening to them. That is not happening with the lack of reporting from the Mainstream Media in this province.
I might make a request from you to start (if you haven't already) reading every blog that you can regarding the things you hear about in this province. And pass your knowledge on to your friends.