Federal Liberals SellOut the People of BC and Ontario

 After months of dissing the Cons on the "Harper Sales Tax" the liberals have sided with big business in this country and sold out the people who vote for them.

From The Sun Online:

On Tuesday, Ignatieff said the Liberals, who lobbied for the provinces to harmonize their sales taxes with the GST under former prime minister Jean Chretien, would not budge from their long-time support for the HST.

"Our party for 15 years has supported sales tax harmonization. This is a request from the provinces, because they believe it'll improve the competitiveness of their economy and create jobs," Ignatieff said after convening a special meeting of his caucus to discuss the tax. "We will support this legislation in Parliament."[....snip]

Iggy further states that he listened to the respective governments on how this would help their economy ans boost employment. But the funny thing is he hasn't listened to the actual voters who know they are being driven further into poverty by this draconian tax.

"No taxation without representation" Iggy. You and the baby faced fat boy are about to become history on the political scene.


Anonymous said...

I sent an email off to him. Let him know that myself and many of my friends and family who have voted liberals federally for many, many, many years have now lost that vote if and when the liberals vote to support, as Iggy said, Harper's Sales Tax.

Shame on the politicians who won't listen to the voters. Polls have this at 80% against.


Kim said...

I wrote him too! And Keith Martin.

Gary E said...

For the record I too have written my MP, Cathy McLeod, and requested her to vote against.

I have also posted above, the list of MP's in BC for anyone else reading this blog. All you have to do is click on the e-mail address and send a note.