BC LIBERALS Expected to table back-to-work legislation today, in paramedics strike.

That is how the headline in todays' Sun online should read. It is not the province who want this it is Gordos' big business lobby.
I predicted that this would happen after the election and I guess it wasn't the highest priority. So they finally got around to it today.

Now my bet is that the Paramedics get the shaft and shortly afterwards the executives of the BC ambulance service will get raises and bonuses and golden parachutes. Any takers?

Wake up BC these idiots in the liberal party are not looking after your best interests.


Leah said...

Not taking that bet Gary, I think you've got it exactly right. Not wishing anyone ill fortune here..but it would be justice for those who say "no" to the paramedics to suddenly need one. Mind, the Paramedics in BC are fast enough, and give such excellent care that nothing would happen to their patient - therefore; there would be no change in their situation.

Gary E said...

You know Leah, I have to say this here. People died trying to organize unions. And in this province this a--hole in Victoria has systematically stripped away hard fought for legislation that is meant to save lives.
For another take on this legislation have a look at http://www.harveyoberfeld.ca
Which by the way I totally agree with. And lets not forget the golden parachute that Campbell gave himself.

BC Mary said...

Hi Gary,

Just when I think Gordo's Gang can't get any worse (that "Torch" shuffling past the Unemployed is getting me down),

I see this:


where they're planning to sell BC's surgical treatments AT A PREMIUM, to make a little profit off their deals.

Gary E said...

What has impressed me most about this situation is that Campbells liberals have once again opened their traps and put both feet in their mouths. Saskatchewans premier has come out with the mildest form of calling their BS. And now they are squirming like the worms they are.
It seems that whatever the liberals in BC do is all about the money. And when their boasts don't pan out they squirm and downgrade.
Problem is they don't downgrade enough.