Scott Simpson and The Sun

On October 30,2009 you ran a story on how the Liberals screwed the people of BC by directing that Hydro shut down Burrard Thermal.

In your article you state that "Hydro is now looking to add 6,000 gigawatts per year of new electricity supply -- enough power for 600,000 homes.At full operation, Burrard is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the province."

Firstly you fail to mention that Burrard Thermal is run on NATURAL GAS. Then you fail to tell your readers that the by product of this burned fuel is Hydrogen and Oxygen. Which by the way when combined as two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen the resultant is WATER.

So I really fail to see how Burrard Thermal is one of the biggest polluters in the province when it produces water as a by product. Even if it produced heavy water 2H2O which is used in nuclear reactors that wouldn't be pollutionbecause the production would need to be controlled.

Maybe you could enlighten the masses by doing further research on this puff piece and let us know just how this plant pollutes us. And if you can't find anything then please ask Campbell for me because this appears to be where the lie is coming from and his party doesn't answer my e-mails.

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scot simpson is a GOOF!