Finally Someone Steps Up To Sue The Campbell Liars

And it took a pollster to do it. Go for it Glen

November 4, 2009


Glen P. Robbins private not for profit public opinion pollster “The Most Accurate Public Opinion Pollster in the World” ®, and writer under ZEUS/ROBBINS, Robbins Sce Research (1998), and www.robbinssceresearch.com, and Glen P. Robbins – is providing written legal NOTICE to commence legal action against the following persons:

1. Gordon Campbell (aka Premier of British Columbia); 2. Colin Hansen (aka Finance minister of British Columbia); 3. The British Columbia Liberal Party –
for --DAMAGES arising to him (and others) from events relating to the most recent provincial general election – May, 2009.

Robbins says “Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen and the B.C. Liberal Party purposely misled all British Columbians to win the most recent provincial election.”

“There was no discussion of the H.S.T. (Harmonized Sales Tax) and there ought to have been – voters were deprived of full and complete information – they were provided with none – when the B.C. Liberal government knew or ought to have known that the H.S.T. and their current position on it – would have had a significant impact on the outcome of that election.”

Adds Robbins “ Campbell, Hansen and the B.C. Liberal Party completely lied about the budget – with economics a primary reason for the B.C. Liberal win. Campbell, Hansen and the B.C. Liberal Party won on a gross omission and a complete lie about money – it was victory by fraud – by any reasonable standard of democratic expectation.”

Robbins states that “Neither Gordon Campbell nor Colin Hansen are protected by privilege of their Cabinet status because an election Writ had been filed and they were essentially private citizens seeking to be re-elected – and thus lied to voters as private citizens.”

“As a consequence our polling properties lost potential growth in ‘value’ ‘we have built our reputation on being deadly accurate on forecasting election outcomes long in advance of the election date – with many of these forecasts running totally against the grain of mainstream pollster predictions.”

Says Robbins “Forecasting the Obama presidential win in January 2008, when mainstream pollsters had Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton ahead by 12-20 percentage points at the same time, -- and forecasting the first Stephen Harper –Conservative Party of Canada minority government months in advance – (2006) are just two examples.”

“Our polling indicated that the B.C. New Democratic Party would edge out the B.C. Liberals – and I believe they would have –save for the deception – and lies of Campbell, Hansen, and the B.C. Liberal Party.”
“Had the B.C. NDP won the 2009 provincial general election – as we accurately predicted long in advance – against the grain of other pollsters – these intellectual properties of ours would be even more valuable than they are currently.”

Robbins notes that the statute of Limitations provides two years for filing a Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim.
Glen P. Robbins 778-385-9757 -30-

Just think, if this case actually makes it to court there may be grounds to nullify the election. Oh we can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Finally. Where do we sign up to make this a class action suit?


Gary E said...

Good question Curt.

I would say you could try:

Glen P. Robbins
(604) 942-3757

Anonymous said...

Good on you Robin,let's make it a class action,the citizens of B.C. against the liberal party of B.C.Im in too!

Leah said...

Count me IN!!

Kim said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Pfffft. This Robbins character is a well known idiot and fraudster.

He's even suing the federal government for a few billion dollars.

But he doesn't have a lawyer.

“Glen P. Robbins is smarter than the Government of Canada, The Liberal Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada”


Yep, a sucker is born every minute.

glen p robbins said...

Anonymous - you are a coward.

Anyone is permitted to call someone else an idiot - its sticks and stones.

But using the word fraudster is libelous - the recent election would in fact make me now smarter than the Liberal Party of Canada - well one down.

I would ask that you publish your name - so I can use my excellent legal skill - to remove some big cash from your pocket - and as a warm up for bigger game.

Or I can meet you in an alley - where I am also proficient.