My Appologies

I've been tagged by, I suspect a spammer from La Belle Province. It caused me to tag his daily posts as spam. So everyone was going into the spam file.
I think the problem has been corrected but regular posters will have to use "word verification"

And if there is anyone out there who knows how I could hack this a$$hole or send him/her a worm, I'd appreciate it.
Gary E

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Gary E said...

For the Anon poster that wanted me to look at Xrumer. Your comment has been deleted.
I know about this site. What in the world ever made you think that it wouldn't be researched? And further, what ever made you think that a blogger would want to download a piece that allows automatic posting opening them up to things like the problem I have now with some jerk who does automatic posting.
I will be searching out any posters adress that wants to send this crap. I have the capability here but have yet to use it. Be aware I will use it for spammers.