Terrace Daily reporting rumors of Alcan

The Terrace Daily Online is reporting rumors that Rio Tinto will be making a major announcement on Monday November 9,2009.

The rumor says that they will be shutting down the plant at Alcan. Paving the way for them to convert strictly to Hydro Production. It goes on to say that there may be federal and provincial input into the closure. ie: for environmental reasons.

Doesn't do much for the escalating unemployment in the area either.


Anonymous said...

Does this have anything to do with their Iceland Aluminum smelter going into production????

Anonymous said...


Iceland is to 'export power' as aluminum. Whereas BC is about to export power rather than aluminum. What ever happened to the original contract that the taxpayers of BC gave Alcan?

Anonymous said...


" the company's 2007 acquisition of Canadian aluminium company Alcan burdened Rio Tinto with substantial debt.[7]"

Anonymous said...

With Dingbats like Gordo and Harper in charge of things, elections aren't enough.