Another CN Rail Incident On Our BC Rail Line

Sources have told me of a CN train incident on the BC Rail Line at Mile 64.

CN Rail apparently has been told to use patrols in the mountainous areas of this line but have quietly removed these patrols and put more lives in jeopardy.
The reason for these patrols is mainly to advise engineers in advance of rock or other obstructions on the line. There are also electric fences in place which trip an alarm to warn of danger. These fences do not always set warnings.
Picture if you will a huge boulder careening down a mountainside. These boulders are most times very large but can still bounce as they go. CN was warned of this scenario but chose to remove the patrols anyway.
Now picture a loaded train which takes miles to stop rounding a curve and there is a house sized boulder on the track. No warning, no time to stop Crash.
Further to this incident where lives were put at risk people are put at risk of there employment by being threatened to do as they are told. This is the type of management that has been given control of our Rail Line.
Damn the lives , get the shareholders there money.

As of yesterday morning Sunday September 20, 2009 orders went out to re-introduce the manned patrols from North Van to Kelly Lake, which is just south of Clinton and is the approximate northern boundary of the mountainous area. Effective immediately.

So I see three main questions here:
1: how are these people getting away with putting peoples lives in danger?
2: where is the Transportation board on these obvious breach of rules?
3: why aren't the mainstream media publishing this story? They were certainly not lax in crucifying Glen Clark.

Does the drop in Revenue by about 1.5 Billion have anything to do with this incident?


Update: Tuesday September 22,2009. Still no reporting by the biased Mainstream Media in BC.


BC Mary said...

Gary E.,

Thanks for the tip-off on this "event" ...

sorry to hear about it, but, on the other hand, I'm absolutely sure we all should know about it, too. No cover-ups.

Thanks again, as I hurry away to re-post the news at my place.

Best wishes.

kootcoot said...

I consider myself fortunate for having had the opportunity to ride the Bud Cars of BC Rail, back in the 1980's when I was returning to East Van, from doing some work around Lilloett. The service was not fancy, but functional, economical and "on time." My only regret was that at the time of year (late autumn) the days were short so I only got to see some of the beautiful country through Seton Portage, D'arcy, Pemberton and Whistler and it was complete night by the time we were coming down the rail equivalent of the Sea to Sky, but I could still see the moonlight relflecting off Howe Sound and the dark mountainous islands and parts of the mainland across the water.

For me once I arrived at North Van Station it was simple, quick and cheap to get the rest of the way home over by Commercial using BC Transit - if I had been in more of a hurry a cab wouldn't have been that prohibitive in cost either.

At that time the daily service seemed to be used heavily by first nations youth commuting from reserves along the route to and from Lilloett for school, jobs or other activities.

My understanding is that service doesn't exist anymore and has been replaced by the Rocky Mountaineer, an overpriced entertainment for well heeled tourists rather than part of an actual transportation system for BC.

I must admit as well, that even if CN still operated the daily service between Lilloett and North Van with service every second day all the way to Prince George (as it was then) , I would be loathe to ride on it unless I was feeling suicidal as I wouldn't trust CN with my life on the BC mountainous routes. I would have no confidence that I would be riding in adequate equipment with enough power to climb the grades or strong enough brakes to stop us on the downhill - or crews with proper training (or even an engineer on the train, rather than operating from elsewher with remote control , ala the Prince George near tragedy).

In terms of public safety it is most likely a blessing that CN cancels passenger service as un-profitable at every opportunity.

I am confident that someday railroads will be back, big time, for moving freight and passengers, as if done properly it is still the most efficient and safest means and most enviromentally friendly. I just hope that a**holes like Broe, MacLean and the other current mis-managers of this valuble infrastructure are not in a postion to profit from the any future sensible allotment of resources due to their being incarcerated or deceased.

North Van's Grumps said...


Trains, Planes and Automobiles......

The link allows residents in Metro Vancouver to see where, and whom, and when a plane flew overhead or nearby. Too bad the same can't be done for trains so that enthusiasts could keep track of trains..... like just where did those Dynamic Brakes to to after CN Rai took over BC Rail.

I'm getting the point that I want to know the numbers of all the engines that were once owned, by us, BC Rail and then see where they ended up in North America.

Anonymous said...

While the BC Government, via Kevin Falcon as Minister of Transportation, and rails, was trying to come to terms with a consortium to build the new Super Port Mann Bridge, one of those involved in the process assisted the BC Liberal Party with a handsome check of $5000. Sure there was an election on the way, but the time frame when the cheque was written smacks of a kickback.


This nonsense whereby companies get to make huge payments to political parties is way out of line when it comes to democracy of one man, one vote.

The previous donation was two years earlier and the last one to be reported by Elections BC via its PCS program shows another donation of $300 on April 13, 2009.

Gary E said...

A bit off topic here anon 7:20 but I've allowed it anyway. Do you have anymore perceived kickbacks from your digging.
I'd particularly like to get something on the health system. The rush to get a building at least started before the snow comes (which means moving the present digs and adding a room) is preventing me from digging deeper for information myself. Thanks for this.

Bill T said...

Hello Gary

I have not had a chance to get to your blog yet.
It is interesting. Keep them accountable.