Premiers Management of BC's Economy

"The fire had grown to 18,557 hectares, larger than the entire municipality of Whistler, as of Monday afternoon. It is so large it will burn until the winter, said fire information officer Gwen Eamer."

The Kelly Creek fire in the South Cariboo near Clinton (very close to where we live) is burning out of control.

In advance of the budget today I have been wondering how much more mismanagement of our economy will the liberals set upon us before the people wake up.

Last year when the Martin Mars bomber contract was cancelled I wondered what would happen if all hell broke loose in the forests. I need not wonder any more. Our firefighters are stretched to the limit and I submit that the firefighting budget has crumpled.

Had these bombers still been in BC we would not be in the situation we are now. And most certainly the money now being pumped into these fires would be far less than it is.

The reasoning is simple. One drop from these aircraft can extinguish about 4 acres at a time. So when the fires are discovered there is a very good possibility of getting them under control at an early stage.
Instead we are left with a couple of small craft to fight a losing battle. And now we find that the current fire at Kelly Creek will burn until winter adding more costs to the Firefighting in this province.

I fail to see, Mr Campbell, where you have managed our economy very well in this case.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the Mars' weren't around and also heard this government wouldn't sign them up. Shame on them especially with the forests the way they are. I did notice umpteen helicopters, I can imagine what that cost us? dumping one bag at a time. Yeah, that'll help. This government is a disaster,the worse this province has ever had.

BC Mary said...

Thanks for this information, Gary.