A New Blog By Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton has started a new blog at

For those who wish to have input on the Fish Farming practices or the demise of our wild salmon stocks this should prove to be a very informative blog.

I would encourage anyone who cares even the slightest about a diminishing food stock to follow her blog.


North Van's Grumps said...

While looking for IPP... "independent power producers" I ended up finding IPPWatch. I left this comment/link over at BC Mary's Legislative Raid on the weekend:

"As to IPP, Mary, have you seen this website run by Craig Williams, of, ahem, North Vancouver: Private Hydro Power Map http://www.ippwatch.info/gmap/map.php

His website is called Private Power Watch at: http://www.ippwatch.info/w/

Sometimes a picture is worth much more than a thousand words."

As it turned out, at the same time that I found that, I also found this over at IMapBC:

"The HabitatWizard is a tool created for government, industry, environmental professionals and interested users to create simple maps, make summary reports and access detailed fish and fish habitat information. HabitatWizard links to provincial databases, providing information on fish observations, fish ranges, stream and lake physical information, aerial photography, the watershed atlas, the Ecological Reports Catalogue (EcoCat), fish stocking records and bathymetric mapping for over 2,500 lakes."

You can selectively search for just about anything. eg a click on the word "Layer" across the top and then on the left side of the screen "Map Layers" pops up.

Topics are:
Fresh water and marine
Administrative boundaries
Fish Wildlife and Plant Species
Base Maps

The Topic contents may be rearranged to suit your search needs eg. Chum Salmon and bingo the map of BC shows off its little dots of known sources. Do you want to find a remote lake holding Rainbow trout, just go down the list and click!


Along with Layers there are several other tools like this one: "Find Location" eg. "Timber Supply Area" or UTM Coordinate or Weather Station or Lakes Rivers Streams or Lookout or Parks and Protected Areas or Radio Station or Medevac location or etc.....

BC Mary said...

N.V.G.'s Private Hydro Power Map is really a shocker of a wake-up call.

I hope everybody opens up the URL and has a look.

Vancouver Island with all those red dots looks eerily like a sockeye salmon being overwhelmed with sea lice.