My Apologies

We haven't been around for the last 10 days.


Well the first day was my fault. Partly. You see we live in a trailer and are building a house. So there is a great hole in the yard and the trailer just happened to be sitting on the precipice. Not good for Mack E and the bride.
So we made a decision to move the trailer.Really a no brainer Not a big problem. Just disconnect the Hydro and phone. Not a big problem for Hydro. The trailer is plugged in.
But the phone is a different thing. When I had one installed a few years ago I bought a quick disconnect made they say specially for trailers. But it seems that TELUS doesn't know how to install them. Strange? They are after all in the business of supplying and installing phones. I bought this piece of equipment because I knew one day I would have to disconnect and reconnect the phone myself. Anyway it was never installed.
So the truck with the hitch shows up to move the trailer early, Friday. Telus can only come on Tuesday and Thursday. So I disconnect the hard wiring myself.
Now I mention Tuesday and Thursday because well I disconnected the phone (and unplugged the trailer) on Friday the 14th. Called TELUS to get it hooked up ASAP. No Problem they say "we'll be out 'Tuesday or Thursday"

But there is a problem because they don't say which Tuesday or Thursday. Well I guess it was this Tuesday (today) because more than a week later they finally hooked it up.

Oh, and they say they may want to charge me for fixing this problem that I submit they caused in the first place by not installing my quick disconnect. I don't think so.

So my apologies to you all for the delay in posting and commenting. Your comments that were in the cue have been posted. There were three comments that couldn't be posted because they came through a s gobbledy gook. And I'm not smart enough to figure out what happened so they were deleted.


North Van's Grumps said...

I'm tiring of hearing Gordon Campbell oft repeated phrase of "looking forward", 9,750 times to be exact if you use Google and the two phrases of "Looking Forward" and "Gordon Campbell". When is he going to look backwards, to the time that he and his cabinet created the BC Rail sell-off and the ensuing kickbacks that were pre-determined for those who had insider information?

In the Vancouver Sun this morning in the Issues and Ideas section (C4) Craig McInnes writes about the "Fairly smooth waters for BC Ferries"

His best of two complaints about the $133 million BC Ferries Northern Expedition is the $30 fee for passengers to use the forward lounge....... I therefore dutifully shipped off a Letter to the Editor.

His second complaint, a much valued one, strikes to the very heart of the BC Liberals killing off Tourism BC and putting it in the hands of the over paid top guns at PAB headquarters.

eg. California tourists were told that there would be a $250 fee for the canoe, on top of what they paid to get their car, and themselves on board the Northern Expedition. The visitors left the canoe behind, then they found there was ample room, no structurally restrictive height limit on the vessel. Can you imagine the publicity that will result in this back in 35 million population California?

Just wait, the PAB will be buying up advertising in every newspaper, magazine in the USA to offset this blunder on the part of the government and David Hann, President and CEO of BC Ferries..... last line bio includes this: "restructured and revitalized the Company with a strong emphasis on customer service."

"Customer Service", come on!!!!

Gary E said...

In my view NVG the old staff of BC Ferries were pretty good.And the shipbuilding wasn't contracted out.

I remember going to visit my cousin on the Island in the early 90's and was outraged when the wanted to charge me overheight with my canoe on top of my camperized van. I think they charged me $25 extra for overheight. That now seems like pennies compared to what they did to the US tourists.

As far as Campbell "looking forward" we now know that every time he uses that phrase he is going to stick it to us, big time.

I recently upgraded Rafe Mair's "terminological inexactitude" to plain liar for Campbell. And right here I am prepared to upgrade that to Pathological liar. Look up the definition folks. It fits better than OJ's glove.

North Van's Grumps said...

Actually the word you want to use is "psychopathic" liar which means Gordon Campbell has failed to learn from his own experiences and those of others...... Bill Bennett

Glen Clark was not the first Premier to introduce a "fudget budget", that honour lies at the door mat of Bill Bennett who then turned around, after winning his election on that projected budget, and introduced an austerity program that eventually forced him to resign and opened the door for Bill Vander Zalm to waltz in as the Premier.... during Expo 86.

Vander Zalm with the help of Grace McCarthy managed to sell off False Creek to an off shore developer for a mere $50 million, it took double that amount of money to clean up the Expo lands... after it had been expropriated by the government... but during the time of the BC Government taking possession they introduced and Environment law that required current owners to clean up the land before selling it......