NDP Rebuttal to Campbells' Spin Doctors

From the NDP website

Their own plan in tatters, desperate Campbell Liberals spread misinformation about New Democrats
April 12, 2009

With thousands of job losses proving that the B.C. Liberals' plan is failing working families, the Campbell government is resorting to desperate lies about Carole James' plan. Here are the facts:

On the carbon tax - Even though his own documents show the gas tax won't do much to help the environment, Gordon Campbell will triple his gas tax. The Liberals continue to repeat the falsehood that the NDP will impose a carbon tax.

Carole James, on the other hand, is proposing a cap-and-trade system like other leaders around the world, including US President Obama. This will bring in an estimated $250 million in revenue in 2011/2012. The government's own estimates, produced by Campbell advisor Marc Jaccard, suggest a charge of $450 million in 2012 with the Liberal plan. Unlike Gordon Campbell, Carole James will work with industry, workers, and communities in an open and transparent way to find a solution that works for everyone.

Small business tax relief - In addition to the one year tax holiday to help them through the recession, small business across the province will benefit from the cancellation of the Campbell gas tax.

On the minimum wage - Gordon Campbell has refused to give our lowest-paid workers a raise, even though he gave himself and his top advisors hefty pay hikes of up to 43%. Carole James will raise the minimum wage to help the hundreds of thousands of British Columbians who earn less than $10 an hour. B.C. has the worst rate of child poverty in the country and over half of those children come from households where at least one parent works full-time.

On the Green Bond - The Green Bond is a "first-of-its-kind" initiative in North America. And the B.C. Liberals are wrong: it was the Socreds who introduced the former B.C. bond initiative.

On the numbers - Our platform is fully costed. While the Campbell Liberals continue to waste taxpayers' money on pet projects, self-promoting ads, hundreds of spin doctors, and huge pay increases for their top advisors, we say that money should be directed to the programs British Columbians need and care about - like health care, and green infrastructure projects that will generate well paying jobs.

On balanced budget - With their unfunded tax break announced Tuesday costing 210 million, the Campbell Liberals will have a deficit in 2012, breaking their promise to balance budget that year.

On jobs - The NDP Green Bonds initiative alone would help create 15,000 jobs a year. Gordon Campbell has allowed over 30,000 jobs to be lost in the forestry industry alone during his two terms in office, and almost 100,000 jobs have been lost since the start of this year. The NDP has been clear that we will not cancel the Port Mann bridge, or cancel the softwood lumber agreement. The NDP has announced new support for tourism, agriculture, forestry and mining. These industries all face cuts in support under the Campbell plan - cuts that place more jobs at risk.end...

And I personally find Carole James to be far more honest than Gordon Campbell. He has not told the people of this province one truth since first being elected in 2001. In fact , I submit that anything he says you can bet the farm he will do the opposite.


kootcoot said...

"Gordon Campbell has allowed over 30,000 jobs to be lost in the forestry industry alone during his two terms in office, and almost 100,000 jobs have been lost since the start of this year. "Just think, Gordo managed to kill off the forestry industry in BC during the biggest building boom (well bubble) in US history. And now he says he is the guy to trust in what may be bad times........right!

If we actually had a press, rather than a PR firm for the BC liaRs that pretends to be a press - Gordo would not be in office, and might actually be incarcerated.

Gary E said...

Have you noticed Koot, that the Campbell election ads are skirting all the subjects. I think he actually believes that he has run a good government. Premier Photo Op, what a joke.